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Cadbury Caramello Roll

016After a couple of savoury crisp reviews recently, I’m back into some unusual chocolate in the form of Cadbury Australia’s Caramello Roll. Essentially these seem to be a Cadbury’s attempt at recreating the Rolo, with each packet containing about a dozen little chocolate pieces containing golden caramel. It’s bold from Cadbury Australia to try and imitate (or even beat) Nestle’s Rolo because, well, the Rolo is A) bloody good and B) bloody successful. But those crazy Aussies obviously have no fear, and they’ve taken time out from having a BBQ wearing cork-hats (well, probably- they’re Australian) to have a crack at bettering it.

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Golden Wonder HP Sauce and Heinz Ketchup Crisps

001I’ve been sat on these for a while. Not literally. But I was sent them by a PR team but have been more than a bit snowed under (once again, figuratively speaking) with university deadlines. However I’ve finally got round to eating them, which is good news because Golden Wonders’ limited edition HP sauce crisps, and their Heinz Tomato Ketchup option both ‘float my boat’ in theory. I laaaaav condiments in general, and aside from my beloved Henderson’s Relish, these two varieties come a close second as personal favourites.

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Hotel Chocolat Salted Peanut Creams

031I haven’t reviewed as much Hotel Chocolat stuff as I would have liked to since I started this site. They have a brilliant array of produce constantly on sale and they’re one of my favourite chocolate businesses anywhere…but whilst I eat plenty of their chocolate, especially the mini-slabs which they make, I normally demolish it without sitting down and writing a review. So REALLY, it’s Hotel Chocolat’s fault for making their chocolates too nice looking. But I just about managed to control myself around these Salted Peanut Creams, so I actually have written a review of them!

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Popchips’ Barbecue, and Salt and Vinegar

001I frequently get emails from readers who ask why ALL I eat is chocolate. It’s a reasonable question- I do eat a serious amount of it. But I actually prefer savoury foods in general, and in particular I’m a big fan of crisps. (Or ‘chips’ as Americans and Australians insist on calling them!) I first found Popchips on sale at Liverpool Street station in London, and have bought them whenever I’ve seen them ever since. So when Popchips offered to send me their flavours to review…I jumped at the opportunity. Today I’m looking at their Barbecue flavour as well as their Salt and Vinegar.

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Mars 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp

001I found the 3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp in an import shop in Meadowhall, Sheffield. I hadn’t seen one before although I was vaguely aware of them, and as the packaging was quite attractive I picked it up and bought it without really stopping to look at it much. Which I then briefly regretted when I got home and had a proper gander at it.

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Cadbury Wispa

016After the Butterfinger bar, which is hugely popular and a bit of an American classic, I’ve got a British equivalent today to review. It might not be as old as the Butterfinger range from Nestle, but Cadbury’s Wispa bar is massive. I worked in a newsagents for a year and I’ve no doubt that we sold far more Wispas and Wispa Golds than any other product- even the legendary Mars and Snickers bars. Cadbury (back when they really WERE Cadbury, and not Kraft) discontinued it in 2003, but when the Wispa was brought back, people just EXPLODED for it.

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Nestle Butterfinger

001The Butterfinger bar- a product which I think is synonymous with American society and culture. I’ve seen so many T.V shows, films and posters about the Butterfinger, and it just seems to come hand in hand with the U.S.A. Whether Americans actually do love the Butterfinger as the media would suggest…I don’t know…perhaps some American readers could comment on its REAL popularity in the States. But having seen so many (admittedly fictional characters) people enjoying Butterfinger bars, I thought it was time I should try one.

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