The Fudge House Experience

28 Jan

032It’s new company time today! This time in the shape of The Fudge House. They are a family run business which have their base in Edinburgh, Scotland and they make…well, as you might have guessed, they make fudge. And not just one flavour like some companies. In fact they make a couple of dozen different flavours which is what attracted me to them in the first place when I originally found them on twitter.



The Fudge House of Edinburgh has been making fudge for quite some time now (they were founded shortly after the end of the 2nd World War) so you’d expect them to be pretty good at it by now. I decided to place an order for 5 different favours of fudge and to review the overall experience as much as anything, similar to how I reviewed The Gobstopper’s service and produce not so long ago.

I fancied fudge because I’ve just become a little fed up of chocolatey recently. Don’t worry, it isn’t terminal…but after Christmas I just fancied shaking things up a little and their fudge sounded like it would fit the ball. In the end, I plumped for their Rum and Raisin (I felt I had to- it’s a classic!), their Dark chocolate and Strawberry; Highland Cream; Lemon Meringue Pie and finally their Pecan Chocolate Swirl. Or in other words, I tried to get a good mix to review- from the traditional and conventional to the more wacky (I’d never seen Lemon Meringue Pie fudge before!)




Things started perfectly. I only chose their ‘standard’ delivery which was £2…about reasonable for first class postage. Yet it arrived within about 18 hours of me placing my order which was remarkably good I thought.

And then when I opened up the parcel, I was greeted with everything you see above. I found that the box was elegant and classy which is exactly what you want when you’re buying a more niche and upmarket product like The Fudge House sell. This box would make a more than adequate gift if you were struggling for a formal occasion like a dinner party etc…I would feel confident handing this to somebody as a present.

Inside of the delightful box is obvious the fudge itself. I ordered 5 pieces and they looked relatively standard although the Lemon Meringue Pie and Strawberry pieces were particularly colourful.


There is the fudge. From left to right you’ll see the Pecan Chocolate Swirl, the Rum and Raisin, the Dark Chocolate and Strawberry, the Highland Cream and then in the background is the Lemon Meringue Pie just poking out. They were appropriately sized given how sweet fudge is- there is little point in buying a block of fudge which is the size of a brick because you won’t be able to eat too much of it without it becoming sickly anyway!

The general smell was just insane sweetness. Which is what fudge is all about to be fair- if you bought a box of fudge and it didn’t punch you in the face with a big sugary boxing glove you’d be disappointed.

I’m going to sandwich each flavour review with pictures of that individual flavour, with my thoughts as the ‘filling’ inbetween. First up is the Rum and Raisin:


Rum and Raisin is a fudge classic. Well, it’s a classic flavour in general but when people think of fudge, one of the first flavours they’ll name is Rum and Raisin. Something about it just ‘works’ much like beans on toast or cheese and biscuits.

The Fudge House’s Rum and Raisin is nice and certainly doesn’t disappoint. The caramel coloured fudge itself is creamy and has a lovely melt in the mouth texture. As well as that you get a more than hearty kick of rum (what else would you expect from a Scottish company!) to take the edge off the sweet fudge before having the plump raisins to chew on at the end. A pleasant start to the box.



Next up was the Dark Chocolate and Strawberry. This was a far more unusual and unconventional flavour from The Fudge House- in fact I’m not sure I’ve encountered strawberry fudge at all before. The chunk of pinkish fudge is topped with a thin layer of firmer dark chocolate.

The strawberry element had smelt lovely but it tasted lacklustre really. There was a slight artificial fruitiness t it, but it was fairly bland and after a small piece I wanted to move onto another flavour already. Not for me at all this one, although the dark chocolate was a nice idea and certainly complemented the sugary fudge well. Nice idea, but didn’t really work overall.



After the Dark Chocolate and Strawberry was a more traditional flavour concept again- The Fudge House’s Highland Cream.

All fudge is creamy. And most fudge is smooth. But this Highland Cream was just ridiculously so. The fudge has real dairy notes to the taste- it was almost like drinking fresh milk in solid form. It was creamy, milky, sweet and had a silky smooth melt to it. Lovely.



This Lemon Meringue Pie flavoured piece was probably the most interesting concept in the box I chose. As mentioned earlier, I’ve most definitely never encountered this before…it’s totally new to me.

After The Fudge House’s disappointing strawberry fudge, I had feared the worst to be honest. But the lemon here was actually spot on- the fudge had a lovely citrusy acidity which contrasted the intense sweetness well. Throw in a handful of chewy meringue pieces which were embedded in the fudge itself and you’ve got a decent and innovative piece of fudge.



And the fifth and final flavour was the one I had most looked forward to (I normally save what I perceive to be the best until last.) Pecans are by far and away my favourite nuts so the Pecan Chocolate Swirl sounded just about perfect for me.

And this was bang on the money too. This one had initial creaminess from the smooth melting fudge, then a slight chocolatey hint before leaving the chewy pecans on your tongue to unleash some fresh nutty flavour. This was my favourite piece from the whole box.



So that was The Fudge House Experience. Did I enjoy it? Well, I’m currently feeling pretty damn sick given the quantity of fudge I’ve eaten today, but that sickness was TOTALLY worth it! Three of the flavours (Highland Cream, Lemon Meringue Pie and Pecan Chocolate Swirl) were outstanding and the Rum and Raisin piece was decent too. Had it not been for the unpalatable strawberry piece, this might have clocked up a 9.0 rating.

But I won’t let that single piece detract from what was an excellent experience from The Fudge House of Edinburgh. My order was quick to arrive, classy when it did, reasonably priced at £1.50 a piece, and (most importantly) when it was eaten it went down a storm.

These guys definitely get my recommendation and I’l hopefully review more of their flavours in the future. For the time being, I’m going to find something VERY savoury as an antidote to this fudge overdose!


Rating- 8.6/10.


2 responses to “The Fudge House Experience

  1. TheReviewAddict

    January 28, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    I love fudge, I will have to give these guys a go at some point. The Pecan Chocolate Swirl sounds amazing!

  2. TheSnackReview

    January 28, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    It’s top notch Hannah- they’ve got loads of different flavours though…I struggled to pick 5 in the end and could have easily chosen twice or three times as much!

    Strawberry fudge aside, their stuff was mother-fudging excellent.


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