Mars’ Snickers More Caramel

24 Jan

017I massively slagged off the Snickers More Nuts on Tuesday because I thought that the newly released limited edition bar from Mars UK demonstrated a real lack of originality and innovation. Well this is the other product from that same limited edition range, and I’m sincerely hoping it isn’t anywhere near as lame! Day 4 of Snickers Week sees a review of the Snickers More Caramel bar.



I’m not going to overflow with admiration for the concept of the More Caramel. That’s because it has already been released before by Mars UK but under a different name. Anybody remember the Snickers Maximus from a couple of years ago? Well this is the same product concept- Mars have removed the nougat from the bottom of the Snickers leaving a little bit of extra space to jam some more caramel in instead…hence the name More Caramel.

So whilst I laid into the Snickers More Nuts bar for effectively being just another ordinary Snickers, at least (whilst it has been released before) the More Caramel offers a twist on the Snickers in flavour terms. Whether the increased caramel portion is welcome or not, having eaten a Mars Caramel recently, is another matter. Because Mars’ Caramel in that bar was bland as cardboard!





As you can see in the photo above, the removal of the nougat does make this genuinely different to the Snickers and More Nuts. Inside is a mass of firm, golden caramel instead of the smaller amount of it in those other bars. The wrapper itself was much more attractive I thought- the caramel yellow background colour is a clear distinguishing feature from the regular Snickers as you’d hope from a limited edition product. It is immediately obvious when you see this that it is NOT a Snickers, which wasn’t the case with the More Nuts bar.

The one thing I noticed (putting my Poirot chocolate detective hat on for a second again) was that you get a little less for your money with the Snickers More Caramel. It will set you back the same amount of pennies- about 60-70p depending on where you buy the bars from…but this is 54g, a tad smaller than the Snickers and the More Nuts bars. Only a small note of course, but for those of you reading who like quantity and value for money, then this is the worst of the three products in that regard.





And that weight difference is quite apparent when you pick the More Caramel up- it’s noticeably thinner than the other two British Snickers products reviewed this week. Like they’ve taken the Snickers and put it on a diet where it has lost some nougat by eating lettuce and rice cakes.

Losing the nougat and putting in a little more caramel gives the More Caramel a different aroma to it. Not drastically by any means but it’s definitely a tad sweeter. And I found it to be very pleasant- the combination of a heightened sweetness with the same roasted and savoury notes of the usual Snickers worked very nicely with a classic sweet/salty contrast.




Starting with the positives, the More Caramel is definitely a different tasting bar to the Snickers and More Nuts. I maintain that when you buy a limited edition product from any company, you want to experience something different and this bar looks different, smells different and tastes different. So you won’t feel let down in that regard. Mars put 10% more peanuts in the More Nuts bar and it didn’t particularly change the flavour greatly. But by removing the nougat and piling in a little more caramel, the flavour emphasis in the More Caramel is altered quite substantially to the normal Snickers.

The unfortunate negative is that the caramel Mars have used just isn’t that nice. It has a cracking texture; initially quite firm but becoming gooey in the mouth when warmed up. However it lacks flavour big time. I mentioned the word bland earlier to describe another Mars product- the Mars Caramel (released last autumn), and the More Caramel carries on in the same regard. It is nicely sweet to complement the salty peanuts and milky chocolate…but it doesn’t have anything beyond that. No toffee notes, no butteriness, no flavour.

The peanuts and milk chocolate are exactly as with the Snickers and More Nuts- pleasantly dry, crispy and roasted on the peanut front and decent enough on the chocolate.




So the More Caramel is essentially the polar opposite to the More Nuts bar. By that, I mean that the More Nuts was a boring idea- basically take a normal Snickers, stick ‘limited edition’ on it and alter the nut portion by a tiny amount…but it tasted nice. Whereas the More Caramel looks different, smells different and tastes different making it a more interesting limited edition product. Yet it just doesn’t cut the mustard in flavour.

The caramel obviously became the main focus of the bar in this More Caramel, and therefore the caramel needed to be of a good quality. But whilst it wasn’t awful, it needed substantially more strength of flavour to make the More Caramel work overall.

If you want the more different bar, give it a try. If you want the tastier product, I’d lean towards the Snickers or More Nuts.

Rating- 6.6/10.


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7 responses to “Mars’ Snickers More Caramel

  1. The sparking recoverer

    January 24, 2013 at 10:41 am

    Awh, wish mars would become more creative. The Americans are sooo lucky, they’ve snickers bars like, snickers peanut butter squared, almond flavour, snickers dark…and their new one, snickers ”egg” which looks soo good if you haven’t seen it yet! Can be found here:,
    Great review though, as always! :))), Been wanting to try these, for curiosity reasons haha!

  2. TheSnackReview

    January 24, 2013 at 11:53 am

    Funny you should mention the Snickers Peanut Butter with the final day of Snickers Week tomorrow haha! *winks* I still want to try the Snickers Almond and then I think I’ve tried them all- including the Eastern European Snickers Cruncher I had a couple of months ago.

    That egg looks cool. I don’t really like Creme Eggs all that much (I don’t get them…the middle is just rank!), so if I find an import shop with either the Snickers Eggs or Reese’s Eggs at Easter time, I’m going to snap them up.

    And thanks, that’s nice of you to say!


    • The sparking recoverer

      January 24, 2013 at 12:44 pm

      Haha, awwh awesome, I’ll be looking forward to more snickers reviews then. Gotta love a good snickers bar eh :). The eggs seem to just a snickers in the shape of an egg haha…. Hope you can pick them up though!, Will look forward to the review on them, if you do find them. The almond sounds amazinggg!
      You’re very welcome 🙂

  3. Issac

    January 28, 2013 at 7:45 am

    Are you on Ebay. Chris’s american Ebay shop ‘Fun-4-all-foods’ usually does a good job of stocking seasonal products and his shipping rates are alright.

  4. TheSnackReview

    January 28, 2013 at 9:01 am

    Thanks for the tip Issac- of course I’m on Ebay…where else would I buy my second hand golf buggies and celebrity used tissues from?! I’l check it out.

  5. Hunter-m3

    March 12, 2013 at 2:24 am

    Man, I remember when we use to have the Snicker’s Cruncher in the states. That use to be one of my favorite bars as a kid.


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