Mars’ Snickers

21 Jan

001I’ve had a few ‘themed’ weeks recently. First there was Frey Week, then Australia Week…so when I saw that Mars UK were releasing two limited edition Snickers bars, I thought I’d take the opportunity to do a Snickers Week. So every day this week, I’l review a Snickers product, starting today with the classic Snickers bar, and taking in a couple of rarer, foreign Snickers along the way. But as mentioned, today we start with the ordinary and most common regular Snickers.



This bar weighs in at 58g- which is just about average for single serving bars in the UK I reckon. I’m sure most chocolate lovers will already be well aware of what a Snickers bar is…but for any occasional chocolate eaters etc, the Snickers is ‘milk chocolate with soft nougat and a caramel centre with fresh roasted peanuts’. I think most countries have the Snickers available- if you’re reading this and you’ve never seen a Snickers, I’d genuinely love to hear where you’re from! Like the Mars Bar, the Snickers seems to me to be just about everywhere.

The most interesting thing about the UK Snickers bar is that whilst the bar concept is more than 80 years old, it has only actually been called a Snickers for about 20 years. Prior to that, it had been named the Marathon bar, and plenty of people aged 30+ still refer to it as a Marathon bar…the name change has been largely successful in Britain but there are still plenty of people who use its old title.




The Snickers is extremely popular in the UK. In fact, along with the Mars Bar, it is one of those products which is available in practically every shop and newsagents going. If you wonder into a shop which sells chocolate in England, The Snickers will more than likely be there regardless of the size of the range on offer.

The Snickers Logo is, just like the Mars Bar too, absolutely iconic of Western culture. It is instantly recognisable. The brand’s logo is actually incredibly simple really…I mean, just look at the wrapper on this Snickers Bar for a sec. The background is just a very dull brown colour all over, with the red, white and blue colours of the ‘SNICKERS’ logo the only thing to brighten the packaging up a bit. Simple sells though, and nobody can deny that the Snickers brand is a huge seller.




This regular Snickers bar smells absolutely delicious. You get Mars’ creamy milk chocolate and, as the wrapper tagline promises, you get plenty of nuts. They’re roasted and slightly savoury in smell and I found them really pleasant.

The tagline of ‘get some nuts’ that Mars use to market the Snickers brand has got me thinking a little bit. Is Snickers aimed at men? Whilst it isn’t nearly as gender specific as the Yorkie brand, the advertising around the brand seems to be more masculine than not and I probably see far more men buying Snickers bars than women. So what do you readers think? Is the Snickers a ‘man brand’?



The Snickers is a good all-round bar of chocolate in my opinion. Most importantly for its snacking credentials, the Snickers bar is definitely a satisfying eat. In fact I’d probably say that it’s the most satisfying product (in killing my hunger pangs) I’ve reviewed for quite a while.

The nuts are strong in flavour and have a nice roasted taste to them, although they could be more crispy for me as they were a little limp. The caramel’s texture is terrific- firm and incredibly chewy to contract the soft nougat…but the flavour wasn’t nearly as good and it was far too bland. I found the nougat to be very good with a light and fluffy consistency stopping the bar becoming too heavy and its slight sweetness a good balance to the nuttiness.

I really like it. It is a good combination of different flavours and textures and is (as most of the best things are) greater than the sum of its parts. The milk chocolate coating, caramel and nougat are all fairly average on their own really. But combined together here they amount to an above average product.



The Snickers bar from Mars is chewy, soft, crunchy, fluffy, sweet, salty…it has basically got a little bit of everything going on. The wrapper promises plenty of nuts and it delivers on that promise- the dominant flavour is definitely the roasted and semi-savoury peanuts which are dispersed generously throughout the bar.

It is very easy to understand why the Snickers bar is so popular and successful. The product is a powerhouse of the global chocolate market and I found it tasty enough, well-balanced enough and satisfying enough to deserve that success. So that’s the regular Snickers bar reviewed…and I liked it. Hopefully the other Snickers branded products from Mars that I review this week will be as enjoyable. See y’all tomorrow for Day 2!

Rating- 8.3/10.


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