Frey Milk Hazelnut Supreme

16 Jan

001I’m reviewing the final bar from Frey’s Supreme range that they sent me a few months ago today. This is the milk chocolate version of the dark chocolate bar I took a look at just before Christmas, whilst previous to that I reviewed their White Chocolate Almond bar- which is one of my favourite EVER chocolate products. Both of the previous bars have impressed me (in particular the white chocolate one) so I was seriously looking forward to getting my teeth into this.



This is literally exactly the same bar as the Dark Hazelnut Supreme, so I’m not going to get too flowery with the introduction and product description. The salient fact is that this is ‘milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts and caramelised hazelnuts’. As with both of the other bars (Dark Hazelnut Supreme and White Almond Supreme) this came in a very beefy 180g format…it’s seriously compact and there are an awful lot of hazelnuts packed into a very ordinary looking shape.

Frey have been great with almost everything that I’ve tasted of theirs so far, and it is testament to how impressed I’ve been with their produce that even though I had already eaten the dark chocolate version of exactly the same bar as this one, I was still looking forward to trying it all the same.


This is the bottom of the bar- nuts are one of the more expensive ingredients and it would be easy to pile a load of sugar into the bar instead and save money. But as you can see, Frey don’t short-change you in the least with this bar. Instead they cram an impressive number of whole hazelnuts into the bar.





As with every other Frey product, this looked good both inside and out of its packaging. The outer appearance was neat and tidy whilst the card box feels so solid and secure that you could hit it with a hammer and the chocolate would still be fine. The picture of the bar on the box is enticing and the splashes of gold add just a little touch of class and quality. For a mass produced bar, I think the Swiss peeps at Frey do a really great job again. Then inside of the box is the classy looking foil seal, before you reach the most appealing part of the whole bar- the chocolate itself which has so many chunky hazelnuts sticking out of the bottom that it doesn’t sit flat on a table…always a great sign!




Further to that, the Milk Hazelnut Supreme smells delicious and beats its dark chocolate sister product on that front in my opinion. The milk chocolate isn’t outstanding to be fair…it’s nice enough but doesn’t have defining scent like many other milk chocolates (Lindt, Cadbury, Galaxy etc) do. But the hazelnut aspect here is…oh YES it’s good! The roasted scents from the hazelnuts just make you want to dive in. So I did.



As with Dark Hazelnut Supreme, the hazelnuts are absolutely brilliant; really flavoursome and tasty, and provide both firmness from the whole hazelnuts and crispiness from the small caramelised pieces which are dispersed throughout the bar. You couldn’t hope for a better job really on the hazelnut front- Frey have consistently excelled with their nut products and they have done it again here too.

The milk chocolate is an improvement on the dark chocolate version of this bar. It has a stronger taste, and the lighter, creamier flavour works better in combination with the hazelnuts. I’ve certainly eaten better milk chocolates but this is more than good enough.

It just works. You get the creamy chocolate, some savoury and firm hazelnuts and of course the little crispy nuggets of sweetness from the caramelised hazelnuts. Together they make quite a team.



The Milk Hazelnut Supreme edges out the Dark Hazelnut Supreme in ratings terms. The dark chocolate held the bar back a little as it was lacking in flavour and bland, and whilst Frey’s milk chocolate isn’t outstanding  it is still an improvement in that it brings a nice creaminess to proceedings.

As mentioned earlier, nuts are expensive. And as companies try to cut spending wherever possible (you might choose to market it as a ‘new shape’ Cadbury but I know you’ve just reduced the bar size!) I wouldn’t have blamed Frey for cutting back on the nuts. But you more than get your money’s worth, and as the nut element is carried out so well by Frey, it is just as well that they jam so many nuts into the bar.

It’s a very good bar of chocolate. I think if Frey added some raisins to make it a Fruit and Nut, it could become my favourite ever bar.

Rating- 8.4/10.


Posted by on January 16, 2013 in 8.4, Chocolate, Frey, Non-British, Nuts


2 responses to “Frey Milk Hazelnut Supreme

  1. Alex Britten

    January 16, 2013 at 9:07 am

    This looks so good!! Great review Paz!

  2. Kevs Snack Reviews (@kevvieguy)

    January 16, 2013 at 10:09 am

    This looks really tasty, such a shame Frey aren’t available over here. Although they actually are…but in disguise 😉 Aldi do some pretty good hazelnut chocolate bars. There’s also some similar Lindt bars that come in milk and dark (they used to do white almond too). Here’s the milk one:


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