Novipiu Milk and White Chocolate Cereal

19 Dec


I have previously reviewed the Novipiu White Chocolate and Sicilian Citrus Peel bar which I brought back from a holiday in Malta last summer. Well I remembered bringing back two bars of Novipiu’s, and after much frantic searching through all of my worldly possessions, I found their Milk and White Chocolate with Cereal bar still in the front pocket of my suitcase. Miraculously it was in perfect condition too- I had expected it to resemble a punch bag. Thankfully not.



Now the previous Novipiu review…well, it didn’t end well. The fruit peel was actually very nice, but the white chocolate was awful and one of the worst white chocolates I’ve ever eaten. Each mouthful was more of a punishment than a pleasure to eat.  (Not that I’m suggesting introducing chocolate as a punishment as part of our judicial system- I don’t think it would be the strongest deterrent…) Therefore I was more than a little apprehensive when I saw that this bar contained the white stuff again- I had been perfectly happy to never eat Novipiu’s white chocolate again after my last encounter.

But as there were a couple of different elements to try as well, in the milk chocolate and cereal, I thought I’d chance my arm with Novipiu again and hope the Italian chocolate company did a little better here. You’ve probably already deduced it, but the bar is a mixture of milk and white chocolate with a cereal based centre- which sounded very similar to the Kinder Country I’ve eaten in the past as well. I hasten to add that by ‘milk and white chocolate’ I don’t mean a marbled combination of the two, rather an outer layer of milk chocolate with a white chocolate under-layer.




The Milk and White Chocolate with Cereal bar comes shaped like a Kit Kat. And the square-ish shape, with individual fingers, is a nice idea for me- it’s a bit of a change up from the regular rectangular bar. As each bar weighs 60g, you can either have a fairly large portion for yourself or divide the bar up into a couple of portions by splitting the five fingers up with somebody else. Although if you’re reading this site, the chances are that you love your chocolate. And people who love their chocolate aren’t likely to go breaking their bars in half and sharing them out. I’d punch a puppy rather than give my last Rolo away. And I don’t even love Rolos that much. Actually I never buy Rolos so I don’t even have the last Rolo problem ever.




So I cracked the wrapper open, and a couple of things came to my attention early doors.

Firstly, the cereal pieces were so generously portioned that they made the Milk and White Chocolate Cereal bar stick up off the table by a centre-metre of two. Which is always cracking…I hate it when you buy a bar like the Yorkie Honeycomb I reviewed last week which is big and chunky and then you find out there is only 8% honeycomb in it. This is a cereal bar and Novipiu have put so many cereal pieces in it that it’s practically ready to explode.

Secondly, it smelt stupidly sweet. The white chocolate (unfortunately!) was immediately reminiscent of the previous Novipiu review…and it smells quite nice. A little creamy and slightly vanilla-y too. The milk chocolate doesn’t have a lot going on in terms of smell, whilst the cereal pieces (EXACTLY like the Kinder Country bar) smelt and looked exactly like the breakfast cereal Sugar Puffs. Which I don’t really like to be honest. They are far too sugary although you do get a bit of maltiness from them which works sometimes.




And they taste similar to Sugar Puffs too. Each cereal piece is super crispy giving even a single finger of the Milk and White Chocolate Cereal bar a really satisfying bite. The flavour isn’t up to much though- it is slightly malty and wheat dominated but definitely what I would class as ‘stale’ in flavour. Sometimes you eat something that seems so lively and vibrant…these cereal pieces are the complete opposite really.

Now, the chocolate is a real story of two halves so to speak. Remember how I said Novipiu’s white chocolate before was rank? Well it is here too- totally lacking in flavour and sweet beyond comprehension. The word sickly is perfect for it…I was queasy as anything after a few mouthfuls. It is seriously bad…and there is a LOT of it- whilst the milk chocolate is much, much nicer as it has a genuine chocolate taste to it, it is only a thin coating to the bar. The thick middle is all white chocolate and there is too simply too much of it. Well, any of it is ‘too much’ given how gross it was.



I’ve tried to capture the chocolate ratio in the above photo- it really is just a thin covering milk chocolate around a much larger amount of white chocolate.

Novipiu’s Milk and White Chocolate Cereal bar is once again near ruined by their terrible white chocolate. The sweetness is overpowering and makes the bar close to inedible- I only managed 3 fingers of it and the other two met a bin related end. Their milk chocolate was of a much better standard than I had anticipated and really impressed me, whilst the cereal pieces could have done with more flavour but were hardly a disaster. But the white chocolate….oh no.

Having tried it, I’d like to eat more of Novipiu’s milk chocolate again in the future. But (and I know I said this last time but I REALLY mean it this time) I’m not going to go near their white chocolate again.

Rating- 6.1/10.


3 responses to “Novipiu Milk and White Chocolate Cereal

  1. TheReviewAddict

    December 20, 2012 at 11:33 am

    It’s a shame about the white chocolate, especially as this bar survived it’s travels. I don’t get this whole laying of different chocolates. I like milk, dark and white chocolate but on their own, together just seems like a waste or an attempt to hide a poor quality chocolate.

  2. TheSnackReview

    December 20, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    I mostly agree Hannah, although Kinder stuff blends the two types pretty nicely. Here though, it sucked. A lot.

    I’d like to check out more of their range…but strangely, they don’t seem to have a website which is unusual.

    • TheReviewAddict

      December 20, 2012 at 2:27 pm

      Yes actually Kinder is one of the few companies that do it well!


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