Snickers Cruncher

30 Nov

I first saw the Snickers Cruncher on ChocItOut’s video channel on Youtube. Marcus who runs ChocItOut is essentially a bit of a God at finding obscure and fantastic foreign bars of chocolate…and occasionally even sets challenges; how many of the unusual and rare bars that he has found can you match? Well watching one of those videos was the first time that I even realised the Snickers Cruncher existed…and I finally found it recently.

I was wondering around Poundland (as you do) and saw this gleaming on the shelves at me. I was a bit confused though… the shop is called Poundland so obviously you expect everything to cost £1 right? Well I was delighted to get to the checkout and find that this only set me back 50p. Although I was left doubting the ‘pound’ credentials of Poundland!

The Snickers Cruncher is originally Scandinavian I think (possibly Polish actually?) looking at the wrapper. It was only 40g in weight and actually ‘felt’ more like a cereal bar or brunch bar than an out and out chocolate bar to me…it was just so slim and light. However the description left me in no doubt that this was no cereal bar…. ‘Milk chocolate with fresh roasted peanuts and crisped rice mixed in caramel’. Not only did this sound very nice, I also thought that it sounded a lot like the Lion Peanut.

I was a little confused though. Normally with these ‘add-on bars’ where a huge brand (i.e Mars bar or Maltesers) has a novelty spin off bar using the brand name (e.g Mars Caramel and White Maltesers) there are a lot of visual similarities as the company is deliberately using the brand name/logo to push their new product. But this Snickers Cruncher bore very little resemblance to a regular Snickers bar. The rather garishly coloured wrapper was about as far away from the dark brown Snickers appearance as you can get.

I had to take the picture you see directly above this. Because you know how food adverts never accurately portray the product itself (i.e. most things from fast food restaurants look like they’ve been blown up before being served to you) well the Snickers Cruncher actually looked almost EXACTLY as it was supposed to. I mean, it wasn’t spitting bits of peanut and crispy rice at me like the wrapper would suggest…but it did look very similar to the picture which was a nice if rare occurrence!

I was initially impressed by this, because when I cut into the bar to take a cross-section photo, this thing took a lot of cutting! I could hear, as the knife went through the different layers, all manner of cracking and snapping and squidging. Which is something I like to see as single texture bars can get a little boring really. I mean Milky Ways are fun, but their novelty wears off unless you pair them up with something else like Digestive biscuits. Not that I’ve ever done that… wouldn’t dream of it.

But that early positivity was somewhat cancelled out when I cut into the bar too. Because I had expected it to smell mouth-wateringly good- I mean, there is caramel as well as roasted peanuts and milk chocolate here so it had to smell delectable right? Except it didn’t. It didn’t really smell of anything at all. I swear that a blind guy would have thought that the wrapper was empty because it wasn’t that the Snickers Cruncher smelt BAD, it was that it didn’t smell. Period. Must have been wearing a mighty fine chocolate deodorant I guess.

I’m elated to say that the Snickers Cruncher tasted much a) stronger and b) better than it had smelt though! Whilst unremarkable, the chocolate is pleasant enough and not too dominant. The thin layer is milky and fun to eat.

The rice pieces are fun to chew on given their very crunchy texture, and have a slight sweet and savoury taste to them. This combined very well with the caramel both in flavour and texture… the caramel is firm and chewy with a butterscotch and toffee kind of flavour to it. So you get the contrasting flavours and different consistencies from the chocolate, rice pieces and caramel.

As is often the case (I must have high standards!) the peanuts were my gripe. Oh, don’t think I’ve ever used the word gripe before…I sound like one of those people from BBC’s Points of View programme! They didn’t have much of a taste to them and were that awful kind of texture too; limp and unattractively soggy. Let down.

In the main though, I quite enjoyed the Snickers Cruncher. It has got a bit of a niche to it in that it offers a different combination of flavours to everything else (I think it’s a cross between a regular Snickers and a Lion bar). You genuinely get a crunch when you bite into it, but that ‘bite’ to it is also complemented by the firm but slightly sticky caramel.

This isn’t a great bar of chocolate, partly because of the frankly disappointing peanut element. But it was a good novelty bar that you won’t come across everyday (unless you LIVED in Poundland…*shudders*) and is something that I would thoroughly recommend you try if you ever come across it.

Rating- 7.3/10.


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3 responses to “Snickers Cruncher

  1. Marcus T

    December 8, 2012 at 10:27 pm

    Hey Dave, thanks so much for the mention – I’m really pleased you tracked this one down and gave it a whirl. It’s a shame the peanuts weren’t up to much, especially as it’s them which are supposed to give the bar its “Cruncher” qualities. Still, it’s a change from the regular offering which has found its way back to these shores after an unsuccessful baptism about 10 years ago. Big up yourself for ticking it off the list!

  2. Hunter-m3

    March 13, 2013 at 2:29 am

    I loved this bar as a kid. I wish they still sold it in the U.S.

  3. TheSnackReview

    March 13, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    You get about 50 other awesome bars instead though Hunter!


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