Frey Chocobloc Orange

19 Nov

I said last week that this week would be ‘Frey Week’, and here we are! A week of daily Frey reviews, including a variety of flavours, textures and sizes. First up, we’ve got the Chocobloc Orange; a sister product of the Chocobloc Dark reviewed on here last week.  It’s exactly the same concept, but made with milk chocolate and orange instead of plain old dark chocolate.

It’s a 100g bar, so an exact mirror of the Chocobloc Dark in that regard. The difference here comes via the orange flavour of course, and a quick look at the ingredients list revealed that the orange flavour was going to be delivered from ‘orange juice powder’. I was a bit intrigued as to exactly what this was; my best guess was dried orange juice granules mixed with milk chocolate.

The exact description, which I always endeavour to provide, was ‘fine milk chocolate with orange powder and almond-honey-nougat’.  So effectively what we have is an Orange Toblerone…which is probably a fusion of two of the most Christmassy chocolate products ever: the Terry’s Chocolate Orange and the Toblerone. So this was probably a fitting time of the year to delve into the Chocobloc Orange, given how close (or so we’re told by marketers!) we are to Christmas now.

As is normally the case, the outer appearance was super here from Frey. It’s the standard look for the Chocobloc range, and looks and feels excellent as the Chocobloc Milk and Chocobloc Dark did too. The card box gives the product a feel of real quality, and the amber colour scheme for this Orange bar looks rather good against the pale coloured box itself.

Orange flavoured products tend to go one of two ways from my experience. When done correctly, the flavour combination of fresh zest and milky chocolate is wonderful. However too many lower quality companies try and do it on the cheap… usually ending up with a horribly artificial flavour closer to shampoo than orange. Not that I’ve eaten shampoo. Well, I have…but that’s another story (which doesn’t end very nicely…hey, I’m a student, it’s allowed!)

I wasn’t overly impressed with the Chocobloc Dark as you might remember, but the milk version had really done the business. Therefore my opinion of Frey’s Chocobloc range was split before trying this- one good and one not so good.

The orange flavour came through terrifically in scent. After tearing open the box and foil, I was immediately met with loads of zesty tones. Very much like a Terry’ Chocolate Orange on the fruity side of things, but with the chocolate element slightly better here because of a little more richness and cocoa to it. I was heartened by the smell straight away actually, because it was a natural.

There was an awesome initial snap and crunch when getting a piece. And the initial flavour was cracking- intense orange flavour in the form of a lovely fruity sweetness. It tasted fresh, natural and undoubtedly nicer than a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

After the strong orange came the more delicate chocolate. It’s more milky and sweet than chocolatey, but there is enough of the cocoa side of things to counter balance the jaffa-esque orange element. It’s an excellent combo and definitely works better than the Chocobloc Milk and Dark.

It isn’t done there though flavour wise, because there is still the nougat pieces tp come through. And the less bitter chocolate here means that the more delicate honey flavour can come through alongside the nougat rather than being ‘drowned out’ so to speak. The nougat pieces themselves are just little pieces of chewy and sweet goodness…you can see them (the little white pieces) in the photos.

I wasn’t impressed at all by the Chocobloc Dark which was the last Frey product I reviewed, but the Swiss company are back with a bang here. The Chocolate Orange is packed with a terrific orange flavour; probably one of the best chocolate and orange flavoured products that I can remember tasting…streets ahead of the Chocolate Orange and totally incomparable to the rubbish in Quality Street and Roses tins.

This is my favourite flavour of the Chocobloc range to date (I’ve got a few more to try though…you might see another one this week…*winks*) and a really high quality bar. I’m not sure anything will match Frey’s White Chocolate Almond bar which remains the highest rated product on TheSnackReview. But this is my second favourite Frey product I’ve reviewed.

Adios until tomorrow fools, when I’l have another Frey review for you all to read, and (hopefully!) enjoy.

Rating- 8.6/10.


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5 responses to “Frey Chocobloc Orange

  1. Kev

    November 19, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    Excellent review as always Dave. This bar sounds delicious, I love the idea of a chocolate orange Toblerone. I think I can guess what Chocobloc flavour you have lined up next 😉

    Shameless plug here, but I thought I’d join in with your Frey Week and have done a review of the Frey rhubarb & aloe vera bar:

  2. TheSnackReview

    November 20, 2012 at 9:29 am

    Thanks Kev- you might be surprised on the Chocobloc flavour though!

    • Kev

      November 20, 2012 at 2:38 pm

      Now you’ve got me thinking it’s something fancy like strawberry…


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