Lindt Cresta

02 Nov
Every time I begin to think I’ve finally reviewed all of the chocolate that I brought back from my summer holiday in Malta, I find another one tucked away in my house somewhere, and off I go again. This time it’s a Lindt bar that popped up from the back of a drawer in my kitchen. This Lindt Cresta bar was a standard 100g, but I’ve never seen another Lindt product packaged like this so I’m not sure if it has a whole load of brother and sister products which are out there somewhere waiting to be found.
As the name ‘Cresta’ isn’t related to the contents of the bar, I’d better enlighten you with Lindt’s description so y’all know what I’m talking about. ‘Swiss milk chocolate with a soft filling and crunchy almond brittle’ was the name of this particular game. Almond brittle is a rarity in England for some reason. Nuts are very popular here, but brittle has never caught on like it has in Europe and North America.
And as for Lindt’s ‘soft filling’… all I can say is ‘OOOOO ER MISSUS’.
Like I said a second ago, I’ve never seen a bar from Lindt packaged like this. I’ve seen their classic range and their excellence range…but never something like this. The Cresta actually doesn’t look half bad either- the gold trim on the red background is easy on the eye. I HAVE to assume that there is a whole load of other bars in Italy/Malta somewhere which are in similar wrappers. But I’ve never seen them myself. If you have- please do comment and help my chocolate education!
Whilst it looked alright, it wasn’t in the same league as the excellence range that Lindt produce. This looked cheaper and less classy to me. But looks aside, I was still looking forward to trying it; brittle (for those who haven’t come across it) is when nuts are combined with sugar to create an uber crunchy final result. You can make it with just about any nuts; I’ve tried peanut, almond, cashew and walnut brittle in the past…and it’s normally delicious. Very sweet (as it is basically just nuts in sugar with something to bind it together like butter or golden syrup) but the combination of sweetness and savoury nuttiness can be excellent.
The Cresta bar smelt very similar to the Lindt Double Milkthat I tried a while back; the traditional Lindt creaminess was most present. I always think that Lindt’s milk chocolate is almost like double cream- you know it’s bad for you, you know it’s going to be sickly…but you want to eat it none the less. I was getting a lot of that very overt creaminess, but no nuttiness from the brittle and no additional sweetness from the ‘soft filling’ whatever the soft filling actually was.
The weird thing by this point, was that I’d broken a few of the pieces up to take photos of, and I wasn’t really seeing any ‘soft filling’ at all. It was the same texture all the way through; a firm milk chocolate. I could see that there were golden little pieces buried within the chocolate too…but I had been expecting a soft filling similar to Kinder chocolate or the Lindt Double Milk I mentioned in the previous paragraph. But that wasn’t there at all.
And that observation from the look of the product carried through to the taste. Lindt- you’re normally a good company who rarely deliver a bad bar of chocolate…but where is the mother fudging soft filling you’ve promised me?!
The Milk chocolate was very standard for Lindt. A smooth melt with the traditional Lindt indulgent, creamy taste to it. It’s always of a decent quality from my experience, and it is here.
Then after that milk chocolate melts in your mouth, you get the almond brittle. The texture of the brittle pieces is absolutely tremendous- they’re extremely crispy and crunch wonderfully when bitten. The brittle is also nice too; it’s sweet but not overly so because of the nutty aftertaste from the almonds. I love a bit of nut brittle and it works nicely in this bar.
My complaint though, is that Lindt promise a soft filling and then don’t deliver it. This is just an ordinary bar of chocolate in terms of consistency. And for a decent company like Lindt who don’t miss the mark very often, it is really disappointing for them to fail on what they promise. It isn’t very often at all that Lindt’s chocolate leaves me cold, but the Cresta does purely because of the lack of ‘soft filling’. And I’m not picking on Lindt- any company which sells a product as one thing and doesn’t match up to that will get short shrift from me.
Lindt’s Cresta isn’t a horrendous bar of chocolate. If I hadn’t have read the description, I would have enjoyed the above average brittle and the nice enough milk chocolate. But my disappointment outweighs all other emotions here. The bar had been stored in a cupboard at a decent temperature, so perhaps I just got a ‘bad’ bar. But it’s a very ‘un-Lindt’ thing to do.
I like you Lindt, but this was a poor show. The brittle has saved the rating but this bad left me with a sad face.

Rating- 6.3/10.


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4 responses to “Lindt Cresta

  1. Ana

    November 2, 2012 at 10:39 am

    I haven't seen the Cresta bars for quite a while, but I remember that I've tried 4? varieties back in 2005-2006. There was also a white Cresta, a dark one and I think a milk & dark one.The wrapper I remember for this bar looked like this.

  2. Kevs Snack Reviews

    November 2, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    Oh dear this sounds a little disappointing. I find Lindt a bit hit or miss with some of their bars – the cream filled combinations seem a bit unimaginative to me, even though the quality is always good. Have you seen the new cookie crunch Lindt bars? Asda sell them but I'm not sure about other shops.

  3. Anon

    February 8, 2014 at 8:23 pm

    This is way late, but I was looking up reviews since I got a Cresta bar yesterday for the first time. The one I got definitely had a soft, hazelnut cream filling (though it wasn’t much, considering how thin the chocolate is). Judging from your pictures, it looks like your bar was put in the fridge for an extended period, so maybe that’s why yours had no soft center?

  4. mia

    July 21, 2015 at 9:38 am

    Maybe your bar is too old? It looks whitish. I actually just bought assortment bite size ones from the airport and I think the Cresta is the best tasting one. It’s soft and it has a little crunch. It’s amazing.


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