Hershey’s Payday:

29 Oct
Everybody loves payday. You get your hard earned money to go and spend on whatever you choose. But the question from today’s review is does everybody love a Payday bar? Hershey’s unusually named product is a U.S import, and it set me back about £1.20 I think. Twice what you’d pay for a British bar admittedly but- when you remember that this has travelled well over 3,000 miles from the States over the Atlantic Ocean to England- not exactly terrible value for money either I suppose.
The Payday was recommended to me by another blogger who you’ll find on my blog roll (that’s blog roll, not bog roll) the Crazy Food Dude. Whilst chatting a little about U.S products that I might like, he suggested (after I had liked Hershey’s Take 5 so much) that the Payday was worth a crack. So, after visiting the import shop up here in Norwich, I bought one of these (without even knowing exactly what it was) and took it home to review.
It was a 52g bar, which had no detailed description on the wrapper. ‘Peanut Caramel bar’ on the front was the closest Hershey’s actually came to explaining what the Payday is. At this point, I decided to have a cheeky look on Wiki (hey, it works for my university politics essays) and indeed Wikipedia was able to help me far more- the Payday is a caramel core covered with salted peanuts. Or, more importantly, a Hershey’s product without any of their pretty abysmal chocolate! Hooray.
It’s a slightly unorthodox bar, in that it doesn’t have any chocolate to it but is sold alongside regular chocolate bars. I’ve seen Mr. Tom’s peanut bars before and the Payday is a similar kind of thing. As I took it out of the wrapper, I started to get a little excited. The caramel core glistened slightly with a shiny exterior, and as I picked the bar up I was left with some salty granules on my fingers. As a lover of sweet and salty flavour combinations, seeing sticky looking caramel alongside very salty peanuts was enough to get my mouth watering.
Once the Payday was out of its outer wrapper, I was very positive about it as described above. I’l admit though, that the wrapper itself was a bit ‘tired’ looking. The colours are weak and look almost faded. The bar just doesn’t ‘sell itself’ very well at all- if I hadn’t have received the recommendation from the Crazy Food Dude, I wouldn’t have bought the Payday. It would still be sat on the shelf in Norwich. I’d be interested to hear from any Yank readers just how successful the Payday is…because I’d say the wrapper is a weakness and aesthetically very poor myself.
And much as it had lookedpretty enticing after I had ripped open the plastic wrapper, it smelt on another level altogether. The peanuts are far more prevalent than the caramel which is to be expected given that the peanuts are on the outer of a caramel centre. They are salty in the extreme and that savoury characteristic makes the slight sweetness of the golden coloured caramel seem even better.
Seriously, even people with peanut allergies would be queuing up for a bite of this after smelling it. You’d have to be a bit mad to dislike the Payday’s smell as far as I’m concerned!
What I’d compare it to is the bags of nuts (always big around Christmas time- I’ve already seen them on the shelves for the approaching festive season) which come with sweet biscuits or chocolate in the bag as well. I think K.P do a bag with caramel pieces and hobnob biscuits? Well the Payday smelt quite like those kind of products do.
The first flavour you get is the salty dusting which covers the peanuts. Then after that salty coating, I bit into the bar itself and was met with a whole plethora of tastes and textures. Big up Hershey’s- the Payday is a winner.
The peanuts have an enjoyable crunch to them as they’re dry and crispy. Their earthy, savoury flavour combines beautifully with the caramel core’s taste which is of sweetness and butteriness. The caramel centre is almost like a Werther’s Original in taste- lush and buttery. It is a classic sweet and salty combination executed fantastically well. The contrasting flavours are balanced very well and the opposing textures- crispy peanuts surrounding a very chewy caramel middle- mean that the Payday has a lovely overall ‘bite’ to it, with the initial crunch followed by the intense chewiness to give your jaw and teeth a good work out.
Hershey’s Payday is a terrific bar. The best part of it was that it was just peanuts and caramel. No lame Hershey’s milk chocolate in sight here…happy days! If the Payday had been coated in chocolate it would have weakened the bar for me, as it is they’ve created a nutty caramel delight.
The key here is the balance between the opposing and contrasting flavours and textures. The caramel is quite sweet, but the saltiness off the peanuts counters that wonderfully. The outer coating of peanuts are also dry and crispy which complements the dense and chewy caramel centre. It is two completely opposing characteristics which, mixed together, lead to a sumptuous final product.
It’s my second favourite imported product globally speaking, and definitely my favourite American bar. The only thing which beats the Payday is Cadbury’s Pretzel and Peanut Butter bar from Canada. Would I buy Hershey’s Payday again? Without a doubt. Although with the slight premium you have to pay for imported foods, I might have to wait until payday for another Payday.

Rating- 8.7/10.


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7 responses to “Hershey’s Payday:

  1. IndianapolisEater

    October 29, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    Glad to hear you like it and your point on the wrapper is an interesting one. PayDay is a hidden gem here in the U.S. and I never thought that the spartan packaging may have something to do with it. You could be right though. Regardless, if someone actually tries this bar, they always fall in love with it. Getting someone to try it though is the majority of the battle.Thanks for the mention, by the way!

  2. Hannah thereviewaddict

    October 29, 2012 at 8:39 pm

    Wow, 2nd favourite import! This is another one I am going to have to buy for my husband I think, apparently he has never tried one which I find surprising as this is the sort of thing he loves.I agree about the packaging, it does look really bland and quite old fashioned, I would probably walk right past it if I saw it in a shop, however your pictures make this bar look very tasty!

  3. The Snack Review

    October 30, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    No problem whatsoever for the mention- I wouldn't have tried this without you informing me about it so I owe you the thanks!Got any more recommendations after this one was such a hit?!

  4. The Snack Review

    October 30, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    Your husband and I seem to have similar tastes Hannah, so I think he'd love it. I think him not trying it might well be the same reason that I hadn't tried it- it isn't particularly clear from the wrapper what it actually is. You get the name Payday and a vague description written in small letters, but it isn't a brilliant job and i'm not surprised that many people don't bother picking it up and trying it.Thanks for the comments on my photography skills… I'm as much of an amateur as you can be with a camera, so a nice little confidence boost every now and again is nice!

  5. Grocery Gems

    October 30, 2012 at 10:15 pm

    This looks fantastic Dave. I'm another one who'll be tracking this down after seeing your photos! I love the thought of the sweet caramel with the saltiness of the peanuts too, it sounds delicious. It's such a bizarre name though!

  6. The Snack Review

    October 30, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    Thank you 🙂

  7. Kevs Snack Reviews

    November 3, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    This looks amazing! Definitely gonna look out for this one next time I'm in town. There's an american import store so I hope they stock this. The americans sure know how to make good peanut butter products don't they?


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