Milka Caramel

17 Oct
I barely ate any Milka chocolate growing up- it was never on sale in the UK. This was something of a minor tragedy really because the flavours that the brand is most famous for are sweetness and milkiness- which is exactly what a young boy craves. However their presence in the British market exploded about -3 years ago and now they’ve got a decent range of 5+ bars available in all major British retailers; supermarkets and the like. Which is exactly how I bought their Caramel flavoured variety, which is what I’m taking a look at today.
I first tried Milka chocolate on a school exchange to Germany (one of my favourite countries in the world having visited there on multiple occasions to date) where I tried their standard Milka milk chocolate and discovered what I had been missing out on for the first dozen years of my life; it was excellent. Similar to Cadbury’s Dairy Milk but a little ‘lighter’. The guys at Kraft must love that kind of chocolate- because they saw fit to buy both Milka and Cadbury! Anyway, I digress. My first encounter with Milka on that school exchange left me wondering two things: 1) Why is it that all of the German kids in my language books had ‘Partykellers’ (literally translated as party cellars. Not in the Fritzl sense you must understand) and yet none of the real German kids we met even knew what they were, and 2) Why aren’t Milka big in the UK?
So when their stuff started to pop up in England, I was delighted. Alongside their regular milk chocolate is this Milka Caramel, or ‘alpine milk chocolate filled with a caramel flavoured milk filling and a caramel flavour filling.’ That’s right- TWO types of caramel in one bar. Very odd, but very interesting. Undoubtedly an unusual concept, but definitely innovative as well. Exactly the form that those two separate caramel layers take will become clear.
Sainsburys, whom I bought this bar from, must have had problems with their temperature control because the colour of the chocolate was way off. It had obviously been exposed to a little too much warmth and then cooled again because it had that patchy brown/grey look to it.
Aesthetically the chocolate was therefore a little off, but the outer appearance qwas good- I’ve always liked Milka’s brand packaging. The Milka Cow is eye catching and normally means you’re onto something tasty!
I was a bit confused after breaking the bar in half for a cross-section photo. There only appeared to be one type of caramel- a firm light brown coloured layer. I’l admit at this point that the thought that ran through my head was something like- ‘where is my second helping of Caramel Milka you bastards- you promised me two types of caramel; one will clearly not suffice.’
And again, you can see the firm ‘caramel flavoured milk filling’ a little closer in. But again, no other caramel layer.
The bar smelt terrific. Milka chocolate always smells quite attractive because it is basically just milk and sugar with enough cocoa to make it go brown! As well as the delicious milk chocolate (well, more just milk than chocolate I guess!) there was a lovely buttery caramel going on too. It was sweet, oh was it sweet…but none the less irresistible. I certainly wasn’t going to say no to it.
Look carefully, and you might just be able to see a little bit of sticky, golden caramel. Hooray Milka, you have been true to your word and given me a double caramel fix!
And now you can see it properly. To explain the caramel ‘surprise’… essential;ly, the ‘caramel milk’ firmer layer is spread throughout the entire bar but the caramel itself is only in the pieces as a ‘heart’ within each piece. So if you break the bar along the lines inbetween each piece, it would appear that there is only a single layer of firm caramel milk. However if you snap into each individual piece, you see a wonderful golden stickiness. Unfortunately I hadn’t been expecting this, so I ended up with gooey, caramel covered hands… and a gooey camera…and swore a lot. I don’t like to use too much in the way of bad language on this blog (partly in case children read it.) So I’l just use the letters as an abbreviation instead so you grownups know what I said. FFS. FFS. FFS!
Angry ranting about ruined cameras aside, this was an enjoyable chocolate bar. It wasn’t as refined and high-quality as the stuff which rates 8.5 and above on this site, but it was enjoyable none the less.
This is the perfect photo to explain the structure of the Milka Caramel. I’ve cut straight across a piece with a knife in this picture, meaning that you can see the inner design more easily- the middle layer of sticky golden caramel is thin, and sandwiched by a white-ish caramel milk filling and then the light brown chocolate.
The caramel flavoured ‘milk filling’ (the white/grey layer) is kind of like a weird fushion of caramel and Kinder chocolate. It’s light, very sweet and melts in the mouth very easily exactly like the creamy filling inside Kinder chocolate.
The ‘other’ caramel layer- the golden layer is the same consistency as a Caramel Barrel from Cadbury’s Roses. Not runny, not firm…an inbetween texture; both moist and a little sticky. It is a much more traditional caramel flavour- intensely buttery. It doesn’t have quite the same smoothness that some of the best caramels I’ve eaten had…but it tastes delicious and far better than I was expecting to be fair to Milka/Kraft.
Finally, Milka’s milk chocolate is…well, what it always is! Uber milky in taste (I guess that the brand is called MILKa!) and intensely sweet.
Overall, it makes the Milka Caramel incredibly sickly and a real challenge to eat in bulk- I had 3 pieces and was done. But those three pieces were really rather good…a variety in textures, a slight variety in flavour and the unusual twist of two types of caramel to give it a USP.
The Milka Caramel is totally different to most other caramel bars that I’ve tried and that is what makes this (a product which isn’t exactly gourmet and doesn’t really contain high quality ingredients) very interesting to eat. The caramel milk filling gives the bar an added dimension- both in flavour and texture…which raises it above the mediocre bar that it would have been had it just had the single, regulation caramel centre to it.
For the £1 that this cost me, I’d thoroughly recommend it. Whilst it’s incredibly sweet, as long as you don’t gobble it down too quickly, it isn’t as sickly as you’d expect. To conclude, I’ve definitely eaten better chocolate and I’ve definitely eaten better caramel before, but for the £1 category that this is in, there isn’t too much out there that will beat the Milka Caramel.

Rating: 8.1/10.


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6 responses to “Milka Caramel

  1. Hannah thereviewaddict

    October 17, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    I love Milka, I wish we had all of the flavours in the UK. I love the Noisette one but I have only see it in Europe. I haven't seen this caramel bar yet but I love caramel so it sounds good to me and like you say, for £1 you can't really go wrong!

  2. The Snack Review

    October 17, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    I too think that it's a shame we can't get their full range- they have 15+ flavour varieties in Germany that I know of, as well as different ranges like the M-Joy bar I reviewed on here a while ago.They seem to be gradually exporting more and more over here though so perhaps we'll see more of it in the future- it was only about 3 years ago that they didn't have any British presence whatsoever I think so Milka are definitely expanding over here.

  3. Ana

    October 18, 2012 at 6:31 am

    I like the texture of Milka chocolates, but I'm not a fan of the taste of most of their bars. They're too sweet and too milky for me. The Alpine Milk chocolate itself is hazelnutty and I don't appreciate that either. I like more cocoa-oriented milk chocolates (Zotter have some lovely 50% and 60% ones; Rausch and Lauenstein also make some > 40% nice ones).That's why I was delighted to discover (about four years ago, I think) that Milka have marzipan bars with another kind of chocolate, one with extra cocoa. I was even happier at the beginning of 2010, when they released a simple bar made just with that extra cocoa chocolate.Recently (I first saw them this September), they've put out an entirely new caramel range (no milk layer, which for me is a good thing, since I find the chocolate more than milky enough on its own). This new range includes 45g/ 100g regular & aerated (though I haven't seen the aerated one in stores so far)/ 300g bars plus small/big bags of chocolate buttons with caramel filling.

  4. Grocery Gems

    October 18, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    Hi Dave,Thanks for this review, I've been wondering whether the Milka Caramel Cream was worth a try. I'm not hugely fond of caramel & chocolate but I am becoming quite obsessed with Milka! Katherine

  5. The Snack Review

    October 19, 2012 at 9:43 am

    I've only once eaten their aerated stuff- I think it was called a Luft bar. That was a while ago though and if i remember correctly it was made with poor quality white chocolate.The new caramel range sounds like it might be worth a try though- especially chocolate caramel buttons. I agree with you on the whole regarding milk chocolate- I like it to be a little richer and more chocolatey than sugary/milky. Although the 60% cocoa bar from Zotter you mention would probably be a little too dark for my tastes for a milk bar- 50% is about the cross over point for me.

  6. The Snack Review

    October 19, 2012 at 9:47 am

    Katherine, it's £1. If you find the Milka Caramel, then think of all the boring, mundane things that you could spend that same £1 on (washing up liquid, milk, baked beans etc) and you'll know what to do.


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