Frey Chocobloc Milk

08 Oct
Long term readers might recollect me mentioning that a Swiss chocolate company called Frey generously sent me a giant care package of their chocolate range last month. Well there were a variety of intriguing and delicate flavour combinations buried in the box, but something stood out visually. There is a plethora of 100g and 50g bars in the chocolate market…they are the standard sizes. So Frey have decided to mix things up a little, and throw in a 400g behemoth- their giant Chocobloc Milk.
It doesn’t actually look that large in the photo above. Trust me- it was. Like, not just ‘oh, isn’t that a big bar of chocolate’ but more like ‘holy Moses that is a complete animal!’
I wasn’t satisfied that I’d taken a photo which represented the bar though. So I went out, bought the next biggest chocolate product that I could think of (which is also the same flavour as this Chocobloc Milk) and took some more photos of them both- to give you a better idea of scale. Maximum commitment right?
Ok, so hopefully you can see a bit better exactly how large Frey’s Chocobloc Milk is. The Toblerone, at a mere 170g, was positively dwarfed by it.
Just before I witter on more about the immense size though, I need to tell you a bit about the chocolate itself. Frey say that the Chocobloc Milk is ‘Fine milk chocolate with almond-honey-nougat’. So you can immediately draw obvious comparisons with the very same Toblerone bar that you can see in the photos above.
One thing is for sure, at over twice the weight of  Toblerone, Frey’s Chocobloc Milk, regardless of taste, wins the Snack Review’s award for heaviest ever review!
This bar eats other bars of chocolate for breakfast!
There is always a danger when making very large products like this though, that it can end up appearing as a bit cheap and novelty. I guess it’s hard to take something seriously if it abnormally large perhaps? Well anyway, I think that Frey avoid that danger here- the box looked very tidy and attractive to me.
I wouldn’t go as far as ‘classy’ purely because it’s hard to make a chocolate product this large look classy in the traditional sense. However it is eye-catching and enticing without a shadow of a doubt. The picture of the chocolate on the card outer box is most tempting, and I couldn’t wait to get at this.
So here it is, out of the box.
Impressive right?
Aha. Just kidding.
HERE it is, out of the box.
I hope I got you right?!
The Chocobloc Milk came in a card outer box and then a plastic sealed wrapper inside. After removing it from both, I was greeted with the (most welcome!) smell of very milky chocolate. Swiss milk chocolate in general tends to have a very particular milky tone to it, and Frey definitely hit that mark here. As well as the sweet milk chocolate, there was a lovely ‘after-scent’ as it were. The honey element was faintly buttery in smell and really was cracking.
Like their other bars I’ve reviewed, this gave off the initial appearance and smell of real quality. So it was with anticipation that I broke a piece of the massive bar off and popped it into my mouth.
The undoubted star of the show in this bar is the honey and almond nougat, which was delicious. The honey flavour has a pleasant caramel-esque sweetness, and a sticky texture. Alongside that, the almond element (which are the white pieces you should be able to view in the photos) is well done as well- they’re uber crispy which acts as a lovely textural contrast to the sticky honey and smooth but firm milk chocolate. The nutty flavour is subtle but enough to balance the sweetness of the honey.
The milk chocolate was quite typical Swiss chocolate in taste just as it had been in smell. It was intensely milky and reasonably sweet, but not overly so- in other words that dangerous type of milk chocolate that you can eat all day without getting bored or feeling sick.
My family loved this. Each piece is well sized for a snack on its own, and with some 20 pieces in the Chocobloc Milk, that means it’s is great to have around for everyone to pick at. My sister and Dad were particular fans- once they’d found it, the bar didn’t last longer than about 36 hours!
This is the underside of the block of chocolate- packed with the nougat which makes it taste so lush.
As mentioned at the beginning of this review that stuff like Frey’s Chocobloc Milk can become all about quantity and at the expense of quality. Instead though, Frey deliver a product of excellence, which just so happens to also be weighty ad well!
The nougat makes this bar what it is- a delectable ensemble of crispy nuts, caramel flavoured honey and luscious milk chocolate.
It’s a great bar, although not quite as exceptional as their White Almond bar which remains the highest ever scoring chocolate bar on this site.
If you see it, buy it. Simple as!
Rating- 8.4/10.

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13 responses to “Frey Chocobloc Milk

  1. PC

    October 8, 2012 at 9:11 am

    This sounds delicious, and actually better than Toblerone!I wish Frey bars were more available in the UK :(The best place to find them is Home Bargains, if at all.

  2. PC

    October 8, 2012 at 9:14 am

    Funny, I just googled the brand and apparently they *are* considering launching in the UK!

  3. The Snack Review

    October 8, 2012 at 9:15 am

    It smashes Toblerone out of the park PC- significantly better quality. And more than twice the amount as well which is always welcome.I'm currently trying to convince Frey to move over here a little more! I've been exceptionally impressed by their chocolate so far.Best wishes,Dave

  4. cybele

    October 9, 2012 at 4:56 am

    I agree, their chocolate is definitely better than Toblerone these days. The honey notes of the nougat bits is just right.

  5. Grocery Gems

    October 9, 2012 at 12:09 pm

    Looks delicious and epic! I was quite surprised to see some Frey's bars in a 99p store recently. They were basic dark and milk chocolate flavours but I regret not buying some to try after seeing your reviews. I do hope they bring this Chocobloc to the UK.

  6. The Snack Review

    October 9, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    Glad you agree Cybele!Seems like you and I are the lucky ones- nobody else can get their hands on Frey's stuff.

  7. The Snack Review

    October 9, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    I've tried quite a few bits and pieces from them now and I'm amazed at the quality- it is every bit as good as Lindt in my opinion and I'm astounded that they haven't tried the UK market yet.

  8. Toto Eats the World

    October 15, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    Dude, your review here is spot on!! I would recommend you give Marks and Spencer "Mountain Bar" a go, as the comments you made were similar to the differences I noted between ol' Toby la Rone and this Frey bar.

  9. The Snack Review

    October 15, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    Would M&S's Mountain Bar be a cheeky rip off (conceptually speaking) of the Toblerone Toto?I'l swing by Marks and Spencers tomorrow and see if they've got it if so- intrigued to see how nice theirs is.

  10. Jess Hallett

    May 26, 2017 at 6:06 am

    I popped in my local Dollar General for some essential oil candles and noticed these miniature Chocobloc Milk bars (approx. 1.5″ x 1 cm) on the candy shelf by the register. Ive had it in my house for about 2 weeks… Tonight I indulged in this amazing tasty chocolate bar. Every tiny triangle was like heaven in my mouth! Hands down, the most incredible chocolate ive had to date. I cant wait to buy another piece! Im about ready to buy the whole box of mini bars now!!😬


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