Lindt Sumptuous Orange

05 Oct
Having already taken a look at one bar in Lindt’s new Creation range, the Luscious Caramel bar, today I’m moving on to another- the Sumptuous Orange. It’s the only component in their new line-up which features dark chocolate as the base flavour so it is a little different to the other three flavours in the new range, all of which are sweet, sweet, sweet. I had a bit of a bad feeling about this though- chocolate and orange are a combination rarely done very well from my experiences. Normally the orange flavour is either so horrendously artificial that it’s barely edible, or at the other end of the spectrum and akin to spooning fruit sugar into your mouth.
The 100g bar might be called a ‘dark’ bar but at only 47% cocoa solids, I wasn’t expecting a particularly rich or bitter experience. Firstly because 47% cocoa and a fair bit of sugar in the bar made this impossible. And secondly because this is obviously a mass market targeted bar, and rightly or wrongly, the mass market doesn’t go for really dark chocolate by and large.
The thing which is immediately striking about Lindt’s new range is whoever was in charge of names and descriptions appears to have eaten a thesaurus. The sheer number of unnecessarily flowery and poetic adjectives is impressive. And as if to prove that point, these were described on the packaging as “An indulgent heart filled with zesty orange pieces wrapped in rich dark chocolate”. An ‘indulgent heart’? With a bit of old fashioned plain speaking, I think this translates as ‘an orange flavoured bar of dark chocolate’.
I had forgotten to keep the bar in the fridge and instead left it lying around my house which explains the odd whitish marks on the chocolate’s outer layer. This tends to come about when the bar is in a very warm environment. Even though I put it in the fridge before reviewing it, I think that the damage had already been done…but the good news is, it won’t affect the flavour in any way- just a slight aesthetical blemish which (as it’s totally my fault!) I’m not at all holding against Lindt.
I said it with the Luscious Caramel bar two weeks ago and the point still remains, that I think the entire new Creation range from Lindt is packaged exceptionally well, and is even more impressive still when you consider the £1.99 RRP. Both the packaging itself, a solid and protective outer box with a silver foil seal around the bar, and the design which portrays the flavours of the bar in a really enticing way- the swirl of brown chocolate around a luminous orange here is terrific. Then just a bit of gold to give it a classy and special feel without making it tacky and we’re there. It’s a great job by Lindt.
When I broke the bar up, I had expected there to be ‘filling’ between the pieces as well for some reason. But that isn’t the case- each individual piece has a ‘heart’ (great word Lindt, why did I ever laugh at it) of filling. So you can break to bar up without the (in this case orange) filling going everywhere. Which is handy and convevient. It does, however, make the ‘cross section’ photo of the bar a little boring to say the least. “Ooooooo look, it’s some plain looking brown chocolate. Well this is exciting…’
More exciting, albeit slightly harder to convey through the medium of words, was the smell after breaking the bar up to take photos. Initially (when the bar was fully ‘intact’) there hadn’t been a very strong smell at all. Just a bland, semi-sweet chocolatey smell. But after I cracked it in half so to speak, a really zingy orange scent seemingly ‘escaped’ the chocolate. And it smelt really, really attractive. Similar, but much more refined than, a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. The orange smelt closer to an orange juice than the nasty stuff served up in those Roses chocolates.
The initial taste was very cocoa led- not bitter but certainly richer than most other chocolate orange flavoured things I’ve eaten in the past. It was pretty much what you’d expect for a 47% cocoa solids bar- slightly more cocoa based than an ordinary milk chocolate, but this certainly wouldn’t scare away any milk chocolate lovers at all. In fact the chocolate element here is excellently balanced against the orangey centres of the pieces.
After the warming dark chocolate comes the flavour contrast of that orange. The filling to the Sumptuous Orange is like a soft, but firm paste…if that blatant contradiction in terms makes any sense to you whatsoever! What I mean is that, when in the bar, the filling seems quite firm- not to the point of being chewy or anything but it holds its own shape. However when it’s in your mouth, it melts so quickly that it fast becomes extremely soft. I really enjoyed the texture myself. Mind you, I enjoyed the texture of their Luscious Caramel bar too, and that didn’t really come up to scratch taste wise like this did.
What ‘makes’ this bar, in that it distinguishes it from most other chocolate orange products, is the quality of the orange flavouring. It has a very authentic orangey taste to it- tangy but sweet at the same time. As mentioned previously, the taste of the orange component was closer to a real orange juice flavour. Which is what you want really isn’t it- actual orange rather than chemical nastiness.
To be honest, Lindt’s Sumptuous Orange actually reminded me of something I’ve reviewed before- Hotel Chocolat’s Orange Tangs. This is in bar format and they were individual pieces, but the flavour was very similar- good quality dark chocolate offering some rich chocolatey notes, and contrasting a very credible orange flavoured filling.
The flavours used here obviously aren’t groundbreaking or amazingly original, but this bar’s success is that it is a simple concept executed to a very high standard. I wasn’t very convinced by their Luscious Caramel bar, the other new flavour I’ve reviewed from the range, but this was much more to the standard that Lindt usually produce to.
It tastes like a chocolate orange for grown-ups, and bearing in mind these are (full price, sometimes they’ll be cheaper) £1.99 a bar, versus a roughly similar price tag for a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, I’d recommend picking one of these up to try for Christmas. Yes, the Chocolate Orange I more traditionally Christmassy, but these taste nicer and are more satisfying. Or buy both. You could just buy both…and not buy something that you don’t need- like bread or milk.

Rating- 8.3/10.

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