Hershey’s Pumpkin Spice Kisses

03 Oct
I’ve said on here before how much I love getting free stuff to try. In fact I think everybody loves a good freebie! The old saying goes ‘money won is a lot sweeter than money earned’ and I guess that is pretty much the case here…except it’s a slightly less dignified and refined sounding ‘free sweets are a lot sweeter than sweets bought’. (Not literally sweeter you’ll understand!) Well, after that little ramble, I’l get onto the review. You’ll have read how many of my reviews have been on foreign import products from Cybercandy. Well, after spending about half of my life’s savings in their Covent Garden store up until now, they (kindly, and out of the blue) have rewarded my loyalty and sent me something to sample. Horray!
From their Halloween/autumn range, these are Hershey’s Pumpkin Spice Kisses. Normally, I’d offer you an exact product description of what these bad boys are, but as Hershey’s didn’t elaborate on exactly what these are, both you and I will be finding out precisely what these ‘Kisses’ are as I work my week through this review. Normally I’m one step ahead of you but I have no idea what these are as I currently type!
First and foremost, I’m aware that Hershey’s Kisses are actually a range of which these Pumpkin Spice flavoured sweets are a (I suspect) limited edition flavour for the Autumn. Other flavours include milk chocolate, cookies and cream, and caramel  that I know of. They are essentially little dome shaped sweets, roughly the size of a marble. Well, marbles come in different sizes so that isn’t a great example…but you know what I mean. An AVERAGE sized, regular marble! Now stop asking questions- this is why I do photos so there are less questions!
There we go. Look at the photos!
In my opinion, these visually fitted my stereotype of what Americans eat at Halloween. You know in films and stuff, you see little children trick or treating and getting their sweets? Well they tend to look similar to these Kisses- extremely colourful, fun-sized sweets.
Now, anyone who has a gander through this site’s previous reviews will know that I’ve never done anything quite as strange as Pumpkin Spice sweets before. I’ve seen pepper, custard and bacon flavoured snacks but this is my first pumpkin experience. In fact I’l admit that I don’t even know what pumpkin tastes like! I’ve never eaten pumpkin pie, and I’ve never eaten pumpkin seeds. The closest I’ve come to a pumpkin is cutting the middle of it out and filling it with candles to make it look spooky, hopefully scaring away any trick or treaters from my house meaning I don’t have to give them anything. Damn freeloading kids. *Suddenly remembers how I got these Hershey’s Kisses. Ah!*
These sweets came in a 283g, orange coloured outer bag. However inside that, were 63 individually foil wrapped ‘Kisses’. I’m not sure why they’re called Kisses myself. As far as I’m concerned, they look more like wigwams. But I guess that’s a bit of a rubbish name. Although, in my defence, I’d eat something called a wigwam. I think. They didn’t look particularly classy or clever, but they did look ‘fun’ and quirky, which is obviously what they’re intended to be.
You might well be wondering why I know there were precisely 63 Kisses in the bag. The reason for that is that I had a bit of trouble opening the outer bag, and then, after much struggling (I’m bad with plastic bags) they exploded all over my floor. You know the scene- everyone has seen somebody do it, and it’s hilarious…so long as it doesn’t happen to you! So after picking up each Kiss from around my bedroom, I finally got as far as ripping open the foil and seeing, smelling and tasting these Pumpkin Spice Kisses for the first time.
These are what they look like up close. And, because I’m a 21 year old boy…I HAD to take the photo you’ll see below. My immature boy-ish brain just wouldn’t let me not.
They smelt intensely of cinnamon, with a bit of generic autumn spice. Nutmeg and that kind of shebang. It was quite an emotive smell- it immediately made me think of ‘those’ autumny things- longer, darker nights. Warm fires. Brown leaves all around. And for me, Halloween and Bonfire Night (which might just be a British thing- as far as I’m aware, Guy Fawkes never planned anything crazy for any other country’s national parliament?) Alongside the warming spicy notes there was a little sweetness too: a toned down white chocolate I guess. Nothing strong, just a bit of sweetness and creaminess, although (as I didn’t even know what a Hershey’s Kiss was, I wasn’t sure exactly what was giving off what smell!)
I don’t think there was any smell of pumpkin. But, then again, I’m not entirely sure what a pumpkin smells like. So maybe there was pumpkin. But regardless, the only dominant scent here was the cinnamon element.
Taste wise, I don’t remember ever eating anything quite like these. The outside, as you can see, are orange coloured and of a firmer texture. Out of the fridge, the external layer is exactly that of chocolate, whilst at room temperature they were a tad softer. The flavour was a slight sweetness with a bit of a spicy kick- white chocolate with a boot up the arse I guess. The spice was cinnamon, as the smell had suggested would be prevalent, but wasn’t overbearing at all which was nice. Too much cinnamon can be really unpleasant in my experience (I’m looking at you Germans with your Apfelstrudel, which often tastes of nothing but cinnamon!) but this was on the money for me.
The unusual part is the centre of these Kisses. The texture is relatively normal- a soft cream like substance. However the flavour was deliciously odd. Cream like in texture, it was equally creamy in flavour, but also both sweet and spicy. The white ‘paste’ could have been a bit smoother for my taste, but these aren’t about cultured quality so I’l forgive them for not delivering a flawless truffle centre! The flavour was a nicely balanced hit of sweetness and autumnal spiciness, with cinnamon and what I suspect was pumpkin both present.
I can safely say that I’ve never eaten a sweet quite like this. But they were good, and best described as I’ve said already, as ‘deliciously odd’. Or ‘oddly delicious’ I guess!
Hershey’s Pumpkin Spice Kisses are basically nice tasting little pieces of fun. They’re a brilliant little novelty sweet, and are radically different to anything available on regular British shelves this Halloween.
The size of the bag is perfect too, at more than 60 ‘Kisses’, for sharing out amongst kids or (in particular) maybe even trick or treaters if you’re generous. Not that I’l be doing that though- the only way these are leaving my kitchen is when they’ve already been eaten and all that remains is a handful of garish coloured orange foil wrappers.
They’re fun, weird, crazy but most of all tasty nubbins of fun. Curses to you Americans for getting exciting seasonal products, and well done to Cybercandy for making these available for us Brits.

Rating- 7.7/10.  


6 responses to “Hershey’s Pumpkin Spice Kisses

  1. thenaturellelife

    October 3, 2012 at 10:34 am

    I'v never tried Hershey's chocolate, but I have heard the plain kisses aren't all that great. Every blog I read at the moment seems to have something 'pumpkin' themed. I've seen pumpkin-spice bagels, lattes, anti-bacterial gel, everything! It's rubbing off on me and I keep craving pumpkin!I'd be interested to try these, they look really interesting. Did they melt easily in the mouth? Random question, but they just look like they'd melt in the mouth.By the way, I love your writing style, always manages to make me laugh!

  2. Hannah thereviewaddict

    October 3, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    I actually looked at these on Saturday when I went to Cyber Candy but I bottled it. I have never tried pumpkin and have never wanted to if I am honest. I imagine it to taste like butternut squash which I love but not as a dessert/chocolate.Does it taste like butternut squash? Perhaps I should have been more adventurous and bought these!

  3. The Snack Review

    October 3, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    Pumpkin anti-bacterial gel? Probably nicer tasting than the M&S bar I reviewed the other day…only half joking!Yes, they do indeed melt in the mouth- even more so if you eat them at room temperature. The outer layer is slightly firmer than the middle, but has a damn low melting point so as soon as it's in the mouth, it melts quickly- much quicker than with regular chocolate.And i'm delighted to hear that my reviews can crack a smile. Here's one back at you. 🙂

  4. The Snack Review

    October 3, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    Well, I've never eaten butternut squash either. So maybe it does. Or maybe it doesn't!As far as the flavours go, I gave it my best shot describing them but essentially the best description I can give is that they really did just taste 'like autumn'!

  5. Grocery Gems

    October 4, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    I've never tried pumpkin in chocolate either, not sure I would want to, but I do like some pumpkin spice products. It doesn't usually taste of the vegetable pumpkin but just seems to mean "autumn spice", so cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice etc. The actual vegetable pumpkin does taste similar to butternut squash but it does work well in cakes!Oh and Dave, that boy-ish brain will probably be working in the same way even if you were 31 or 41. My husband would also take the same photo of these chocolates and he's not 21 anymore lol. Brilliant review 🙂


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