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Hammond’s PB&J Sandwich

I bought today’s review from CyberCandy, although I can’t remember how much it cost me exactly- the Covent Garden shop was overflowing with tourists so I just had to grab and run. (Well, and pay obviously.) There were actually a couple of American tourists in there (obviously tourists from the ill-fitting fanny packs around their waists!) which was a bit weird… unless they were on a long holiday and just fancied ‘a taste of home’, it seems a little strange to visit a shop which imports stuff you see every day at home. If an Eskimo went on holiday, he wouldn’t buy snow would he?

Hershey’s Payday:

Everybody loves payday. You get your hard earned money to go and spend on whatever you choose. But the question from today’s review is does everybody love a Payday bar? Hershey’s unusually named product is a U.S import, and it set me back about £1.20 I think. Twice what you’d pay for a British bar admittedly but- when you remember that this has travelled well over 3,000 miles from the States over the Atlantic Ocean to England- not exactly terrible value for money either I suppose.

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Ferrero Duplo

After reviewing the Cadbury Crispello on Monday of this week, I’ve got something today which is actually fairly similar in style to review. But unlike the Crispello, which will be (I’m sure) available in just about every shop going in a few weeks time, the Ferrero Duplo is something that I was totally unaware of until I found it and bought it. You’ve probably all gathered, from the strange foreign chocolate I occasionally review, that I like a good peruse of foreign food shops from time to time. And that was exactly how I found this 58p Ferrero Duplo bar.

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Zotter Banana Forever

It’s time for some more Zotter. They’re famed for being wacky, bonkers and a little bit crazy with their flavour combinations (I’m still a little in shock about the Bacon Bits bar I ate from them last month…) but when ordering my next bar, I plumped for a much more conventional bar, in the shape of Zotter’s Banana Forever. If you’re expecting another weird surprise here, you’ll be waiting a long time, because this is a banana flavoured bar, with a bit of honey. No meat, no cheese, no grapes. (Zotter products have contained all of those things rather amazingly.)

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Cadbury Crispello

A few weeks ago, Cadbury announced that they were releasing their first new ‘single’ chocolate bar for more than a decade. By ‘single’ of course, I mean that whilst they have released many a new large sharing bar (for instance they have recently released new 100g bars in Oreo, Toffee Popcorn, Shortcake and Toffee Nut) their permanent range of 40-60g chocolate bars has remained unchanged. Until now.

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Nestle Lion White

I’ve taken the rule book and lobbed it out of the window for today’s review. By that,  I mean that I’ve previously managed to find and review the rarer varieties from the Lion range; their Lion Peanut and Lion Pop Chocs… and to go with those I finally found and bought the Lion White which I’m reviewing today. But I STILL haven’t done a regular Lion bar yet…which is totally counter-intuitive and against ‘the rules’. So that’s me: Dave the chocolate reviewing maverick. Society (and basic logic) would have wanted me to start with the traditional Lion bar to allow for comparisons. But screw that. So here it is: the Lion White.

Milka Caramel

I barely ate any Milka chocolate growing up- it was never on sale in the UK. This was something of a minor tragedy really because the flavours that the brand is most famous for are sweetness and milkiness- which is exactly what a young boy craves. However their presence in the British market exploded about -3 years ago and now they’ve got a decent range of 5+ bars available in all major British retailers; supermarkets and the like. Which is exactly how I bought their Caramel flavoured variety, which is what I’m taking a look at today.

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