Milka M-Joy Peanuts and Flakes

17 Sep

I can’t quite believe that this is my first Milka review that I’m writing. The company, owned by Kraft, have been around for more than 40 years in Europe and has managed to gain a foothold in the UK market over the past 2-3 years and become a supermarket shelf regular. Instead of one of their usual 100g bars from a supermarket though, I’ve got something a little different of theirs to review- the M-Joy Peanuts and Flakes. I found this hidden away in a weird Eastern European specialist store in Norwich and snapped it up straight away, although I did think at the time it was a bit of a weird flavour combination…I mean, Peanuts and cornflakes? Righhhhhht Milka, good one lads.

For me, it doesn’t matter how Milka choose to brand or style themselves in the future: until the day I die, they will always remain ‘THE’ duty free chocolate. Every family holiday abroad whilst growing up ended with armfuls of the stuff coming back home with us.  It’s the iconic Milka Cow which is what I think of first whenever anybody says the name Milka, rather than their chocolate. I’m not sure if this is a good sign (their marketing team have obviously done a good job- the brand is distinctive and recognisable) or a bad sign (I’m sure they’d rather my first thought was how delicious their food was!)
Back to the product in question more specifically, this is ‘milk chocolate with peanuts and cornflakes’. The bar is 60g is weight, putting it on par with even the most heavy and chunky options out there. I literally have no idea where this has been imported from- like I mentioned earlier, it came from a shop specialising Eastern European imports but there was also stuff on sale in there from Italy, Germany and Portugal so I can’t tell you specifically. And as the guy behind the till was about 6 foot 7 and glaring at me like I was about the rob his shop, I didn’t much fancy asking him about the exact location from whence this had come.
If you’re wondering what ‘M-Joy’ refers to from the product name, it is a range of chocolates similar to this one sold by Milka, but in different flavours. Other bars from the M-Joy range include whole hazelnut; crispy cereal; hazelnut cream; and caramel crunch…plus many others. Had I found more of those flavours, I would have bought them too- but this Peanuts and Flakes bar was a lone ranger on the shelf and the shop assistant I mentioned earlier was (by this point, after I’d wondered around the shop at least twice) looking like he was planning on ways he could kill me. So asking him about whether or not they could buy more of the flavours in seemed like a bad idea.
The bar itself was an odd shape compared to English stuff. It was chunkier but shorter than most chocolate bars; the pieces were very thick and probably twice the size of a Dairy Milk piece for instance. Flipping the bar upside down was encouraging- the bar was nicely packed with nuts and flakes which jutted out in an obviously totally random fashion.
Milka’s milk chocolate is pretty good from my experience, so I was surprised when the Peanuts and Flakes bar didn’t really give off the lovely milky tones that their bars normally do. The reason for that though, was that the peanuts and the cornflake elements were very powerful. There was loads of peanutty scents although they smelt a bit stale and tired being frank. When nuts are used correctly, they invigorate food products and enliven them. These just smelt knackered really…not a good sign. The cornflakes were also notable as well, with a slightly more savoury and ‘baked’ kind of smell. All in all, this wasn’t hugely appetising I have to say!
The bar had seemed to be pretty rammed with the nuts and flakes, and that proved to be the case when broken into. The sheer amount of peanuts and crispy cornflakes meant that this M-Joy bar had a fantastic texture and was a pleasure to chew. The cornflakes were almost like wafer in that they were very crispy and dry, although (obviously) the cornflake chunks were savoury as opposed to sweet wafer. That slightly savoury flavour contrasted very nicely with the Milka chocolate which was nice enough as it always is. The milkiness of the chocolate was needed because of the more savoury flavours of peanuts and cornflakes.
The peanuts themselves were a bit gash really. I have already commented that they smelt a bit ‘tired’ and they tasted it as well- there were plenty of them throughout the bar to be fair to Milka/Kraft, but each peanut was soggy and soft when chewed into which isn’t what you want really. They tasted ok though; certainly not spectacular but a lot better than I had expected after the smell and the initial bite. They may not have smelt or felt like decent peanuts, but they were distinctively peanutty in flavour.
As ever, I’m definitely glad that I braved the psychotic looking shop assistant to buy this and review the M-Joy Peanuts and Flakes, even if the flavour was nothing to write home about. The variety in textures was pleasant despite the disappointing peanuts, and the cornflakes in particular were very successful for my tastes; uber crispy against the soft milk chocolate.
As a whole though, the bar wasn’t particularly interesting or ground-breaking, The slightly unusual flavour combination of peanuts and cornflakes with milk chocolate didn’t really work as a whole- the nuttiness clashed with the cornflakes rather than combining with them. I’ve eaten far worse bars of chocolate but it was just a bit uninteresting. I obviously eat a lot of different chocolate to review, and some bars capture the imagination and stay in the mind. This was a bar which I’ve nearly already forgotten already though after eating it about 20 minutes ago which says it all!
I continue to like Milka though, and hopefully this will be the first review of many Milka bars…and hopefully some of them will be more positive than this has been as well!
Rating- 6.4/10.

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4 responses to “Milka M-Joy Peanuts and Flakes

  1. Marcus Chocitout

    September 18, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    I have never heard of the M-Joy so this review is of a great little find. It's a shame you didn't find it more thrilling because the peanuts and flakes idea sounds like a great combination. I tried a Milka raspberry jam-type bar recently. That was lovely and generally I do rate their stuff, but perhaps I won't go all out to track this down!

  2. The Snack Review

    September 19, 2012 at 8:37 am

    It wasn't absolutely awful Marcus, but it just didn't work for me. There are the two types of bad; the bad where you're like 'this is gross, I can't even eat it' and the (less) bad where you can eat it but don't really want to! This bar was the latter of the two.In the main i'm a big Milka fan, and i'd like to try some of their other M-Joy range bars if I can find them as well, especially the caramel crunch. I didn't know they had a raspberry flavoured bar out so I'd quite like to try that too if i stumble across it.

  3. Marcus Chocitout

    September 19, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    Hehehe I know what you mean Dave. Until recently I would treat white chocolate like any other chocolate; but some of it for me now has gone into the "This is gross" category and much of the rest of it is in the "I can eat it but don't really want to" category. I think it was during an intense 'must eat all the chocolate in my possession before it goes seriously out of date' phase… Overkill.I got my Milka Raspberry Cream from a local Polish shop so hopefully it will find its way to your dealer soon 🙂

  4. The Snack Review

    September 20, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    Haha, the short dated chocolate binge. I know it well!I'm tempted to go back into the shop I found this M-Joy from and ask if they'll get more varieties in from Milka. Fingers crossed the threatening shop worker has a day off when i do it!


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