Kinder Cereali Summer

14 Sep

Well I’m coming towards the end of the ‘holiday collection’ of chocolate that came from Malta about 3 months ago. I’ve tried to save some of the more interesting and odd stuff until later, and interesting and odd are definitely adjectives that can be used to describe the Kinder Cereali Summer. From the description alone, this actually sounds fairly straight forward and run of the mill- ‘A top layer of milk chocolate with creamy white chocolate and cereal pieces.’ Just sounds like a normal Kinder bar with a few cereal bits chucked in right?

In fact, this is the only chocolate product I’ve ever encountered thus far in my life which comes with a spoon. That’s right, a spoon.
Now for a little history lesson so gather rounds kids- the Kinder Cereali Summer is originally from Italy, where the parent company who owns Kinder (Ferrero) was formed and is based. Kinder chocolate was originally sold exclusively in Germany by Ferrero, however the Italian owners eventually decided to trial it in Italy. After it succeeded there as well, it was rolled out across Europe and finally across most of the globe. Now, in the present day, Kinder has become a global super brand in my opinion.
At only 23.5g, this was quite light to say the least and half of the weight that most chocolate bars are these days at 45-50g. In all honestly, it was a little too small for me, but as I’m a grown man and these are obviously aimed at children, that was probably to be expected!
Despite it being so light and small, I was still more than a little fascinated by this peculiar little package because of the shape. It was pretty much unique really- about half an inch thick, the bottom sticker on the underside of the packet peels back to reveal a spoon with which you ‘scoop’ out the contents of the Cereali Summer. I’ve never seen anything like it before on the mass market. I showed it to my little brother who dryly commented ‘why didn’t they just make it into a bar instead?’ Screw him though- I think it’s a nice idea.
The product’s USP is (I guess) that whilst it is the usual Kinder flavours with a few cereal pieces thrown in, it is a unique and child friendly product- relatively small, easy to eat with the attached spoon etc. Give a kid an ice cream and he’ll/she’ll watch it melt in his/her hands apart from smushing a little bit into their face. Give them a chocolate bar and it will end up melting in their hands. Give them the Cereali Summer with the itsy bitsy spoon however, and they can carefully and gently dig away…that’s the theory anyway, I suspect it will still end up melting in the kid’s hands somehow.
So I followed the rather wacky instructions. Taking the spoon from the underside of the packet, I peeled back the top wrapper to get to the Kindery goodness inside.
It looked as strange as it had sounded to me. Basically, as you can from the photos, like somebody had thrown some Rice Krispies into a container and then poured melted chocolate all over them. Bit weird to say the least to be honest!
Another very bizarre thing about the Cereali Summer was that it basically didn’t smell. Of anything. It was like the pot was empty! Normally Kinder chocolate is so sweet smelling that you’re in a coma, but it didn’t smell of chocolate OR cereal. I flipped it over to check the ‘best before’ date on the back thinking that maybe it was old and a bit knackered. But no, it was dated well in the future. Weird. It’s like Kinder have put some kind of very effective chocolate deodorant on it or something.
It didn’t taste remarkable, but I haven’t had as much fun doing the actual mechanical ‘eating’ of something for quite some time! I was genuinely like a little toddler digging away at the firm top layer of chocolate. It was just very appealing to all of the senses (save my nose)- it looked cool, it sounded terrific when being spooned at because the cereal pieces were really dry and crispy, and it was a nice sensation to be using cutlery to eat my chocolate fix as well! But the most important sense on this blog is obviously the taste.
Nice enough but pretty unremarkable it is how it is best described. The chocolate is actually very nice- like a firm Nutella really; very light and sweet with just a hint of nuttiness. But it’s only a small top layer, as the vast majority of the Cereali Summer is the white chocolate bottom layer.
The white chocolate is ok but nothing better. A faint creaminess but unbelievably sweet and too sweet for me really. I’ve tasted far, far worse white chocolates but also far, far better ones so it was fairly middle of the road stuff from Kinder here. One thing is for sure- kids would adore this I’m sure.
The final aspect- the cereal pieces- were basically a hybrid of Sugar Puffs and Rice Krispies. They had a mix of the sweetness of Sugar Puffs with the great crunchy texture of Rice Krispies. That crispiness was a nice ‘change-up’ for the product as it kept things interesting.
In summary, I loved trying this Cereali Summer for Kinder although I’m still more than a little bemused by it! The taste was not bad (as you can deduce from the final picture!) but more importantly, this was so fun to eat. I’d love other companies to follow suit- I’m thinking a Mars Bar in a similar style tub with a little spoon?!
Top innovation from Kinder/Ferrero in trying something new and thinking outside of the box a little… even if it won’t win any tasting awards (apart from the tots to tens age group!) anytime soon.
Rating- 7.3/10.

3 responses to “Kinder Cereali Summer

  1. Grocery Gems

    September 14, 2012 at 10:21 am

    I know my kids would LOVE this! Eating chocolate with a spoon? Crazy fun. I know I shouldn't like it because it's super sweet and barely chocolate, but I have a real soft spot for Kinder. Especially those Kinder Mini Treats bars. I buy those "for the kids" which means for me 😉

  2. Hannah thereviewaddict

    September 14, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    This looks awesome! I love Kinder products because I am a big kid and I love the spoon idea!

  3. thenaturellelife

    September 15, 2012 at 3:04 am

    Anything with a spoon is a winner in my books! This looks great, pity it didn't taste as good! I really want to try one of these now, they're so intriguing!


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