Lucky’s Toffee Groove Tweedle Twins

12 Sep

After reviewing the Dreamy Lemon flavour from Lucky’s new Tweedle Twins range last week, I’ve got a different flavour from the same Tweedle Twins range- in the form of the ‘Toffee Groove’. The concept is identical- a ‘cake in a jar’, but the flavours here have moved away from the light and very ‘summery’ lemon and white chocolate combination. Instead, fittingly as the temperatures drop and the nights begin to draw it, the Toffee Groove is more of a heavy and warming product.

The description alone had me salivating when they arrived through the post. ‘Sea salted milk caramel topping 70% cocoa dark chocolate and toffee cake.’ Hopefully the combination of the pictures and description will mean you understand what I mean when I comment above on this being more of an autumnal product- Lucky’s have moved out of the ‘delicate’ category and into the ‘bold and dark’ one with this Toffee Groove.
It sounded lush- salted caramel is one of those things which started off as more of a niche, then went very mainstream a few years ago, and is now back to where it started…as slightly out of fashion again. However, when salted caramel is done well (i.e. the balance of flavours is reached) the flavour is one of my favourite of all time. The contrast and yet combination just works…like Yin and Yang, Holmes and Watson or Bert & Ernie.
I waxed lyrical about the look with the Dreamy Lemon flavour last week, and I’m going to do exactly the same again with the Toffee Groove- these, as Harry Redknapp would say, are ‘top’.  The general theme and style is really cool, and although I have to admit that I’ve never really been into Alice and Wonderland myself, you don’t need to be a big fan to appreciate the look of these Tweedle Twins.
They somehow manage to make a cake in a jar look suave, classy and sophisticated which is an achievement really when you think about it. I still don’t understand how these Tweedle Twins are actually created to be honest- the base layer here is a sort of toffee brownie/chocolate cake which obviously needs to be baked. But the cake is perfectly formed in the jar, meaning (I assume) it must have been baked in a tray and then transferred to the jar and compacted/pressed down by hand, unless Lucky’s have baked them in the glass itself which is notoriously difficult on a small-scale never mind if you’re making hundreds of them. Either way, the cake layer isn’t crumbly and ‘bitty’, rather a flawless, well-formed cake.
Thus the only logical conclusion is that somebody at Lucky’s is a literal wizard/magician.
Given everything I have said up to this point, you’re probably anticipating me commenting on some really powerful, strong smells from this. Well you’d be wrong.
The caramel layer looked so thick from the outside of the jar that I assumed it had to be immensely sweet. It didn’t smell it at all though. In fact the Toffee Groove’s scent as a whole was much more subtle and toned down than the Dreamy Lemon flavour from Lucky’s which was so almighty that I think I can still smell lemon now.
It just wasn’t what I had expected at all- the caramel wasn’t particularly sweet but was faintly buttery, and there was none of the rich looking dark chocolate and toffee cake base present whatsoever. It didn’t make sense to me, how the Toffee Groove could look so thick and indulgent but smell slightly ‘weedy’.
As far as the taste of the Toffee Groove went, it’s a first for The Snack Review. The highest rating out of 10 on the site has been stuck at 8.9 for a long time and I wondered if I’d ever find anything to break that. Well I have.
 These were mind blowingly, jaw-droppingly good in my opinion. Beyond good, beyond even great… and into the ‘sensational’ category.
I already mentioned that the description was terrific in theory, but so is a lot of stuff on the market. The difference between those other things (which are stranded in the 6 or 7 out of 10 categories) and the Toffee Groove Tweedle Twins is without doubt the execution.
The caramel topping is so good. The consistency is velvety smooth and (whilst I’ve never eaten silk before) like silk in the mouth. Golden brown in colour, it has a really intense buttery flavour and a perfect balance between the sweet and salt aspects- there is enough saltiness to ensure that the luxurious buttery sweetness doesn’t cross the line into sickliness.
One of my first thoughts when I saw the jam jar for the first time was that the caramel looked over portioned- it was such a big layer that I couldn’t see how this was going to work. In reality though, I could have just eaten a lot more of the caramel on its own (and would have done had the jam jar been bigger!) Instead though I still needed to get down towards the ‘70% cocoa dark chocolate and toffee cake base layer’.  
The cakey layer is magnificent too. I was taken aback (bearing in mind it has had sticky, gloopy caramel sitting on top of it for weeks in the jar) by how firm and solid it had managed to stay. Whenever I’ve baked something and then put something else with moisture on top (e.g. Millionaire’s Slices etc) the cake/biscuit layer always ends up horribly congealed and soggy within about 48 hours. Lucky’s avoid this and instead deliver a beautifully rich chocolate cake. The relatively high cocoa solids percentage ensures a dark, chocolatey taste to contrast the caramel layer…with just a hint of sweetness which was more like butterscotch than toffee- a warming brunt caramel flavour.
Lucky’s make a big deal about using great quality chocolate, and you can really taste it in the cake- the flavour definition is tremendous. They use Valrhona chocolate for their other product ranges and I wouldn’t be surprised if it had been used here too- I’d best describe the base layer as the most grown up chocolate cake in the world. It was enjoyable as well (for the first time in a while) to eat something which was supposed to be chocolatey and for it to be…..well, intensely chocolatey.
Lucky’s Toffee Groove Tweedle Twins really were stunning. The ingredients are of the very highest quality and that totally comes across in the taste.
The caramel is gorgeous; well balanced and wonderfully textured, whilst the chocolate and toffee cake is impeccably delivered. Then the two layers together combine to produce a staggeringly good taste.
The idea of these Tweedle Twins is super, and the final execution is equally well done. Brilliant concept + quality ingredients = winner. It’s as simple as that.

Rating- 9.1/10.


4 responses to “Lucky’s Toffee Groove Tweedle Twins

  1. Grocery Gems

    September 12, 2012 at 8:47 am

    Oh my, these sound absolutely divine. Yay for getting into the "9" scores!What with this review, and watching too much Great British Bake Off, I now have the overwhelming desire to eat cake. I'm off to check out Lucky's website!

  2. The Snack Review

    September 13, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    They're tremendous Katherine. Relatively pricey but so, so tasty and totally worth the cost!


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