Lindt Luscious Caramel

10 Sep

I’m slightly behind the curve with this in that I bought all four bars of the new Lindt Creations range about a month ago and hadn’t got round to eating any of them until Saturday. Lindt have created 4 new bars of chocolate and I’l be reviewing them all in the near(ish) future: first up is the Luscious Caramel bar. I bought this from Sainsburys for £1.99, which puts it bang in the middle of the highe quality chocolate that is available in supermarkets- along with the likes of Green and Blacks and Divine etc.

The Luscious Caramel bar is described (very theatrically!) by Lindt as ‘A golden heart of divine caramel and smooth truffle wrapped in heavenly milk chocolate’. This sounded delicious to me. I’m amazed to say (given how much chocolate I eat) I’ve never actually tried either of Lindt’s runny caramel, or their truffle…so eating this was something totally new for me.
All of Lindt’s new bars come in 100g format, with the bar comprising of 10 generously sized pieces.
I say it every time, but Lindt so consistently deliver quality chocolate that I had sky high expectations for this bar. Most companies seem to have the odd disaster bar which makes you think ‘how the hell has this made it onto the market without somebody stopping it?!’ but Lindt just don’t seem to make bad bars of chocolate.
The packaging and design of the product was sublime, and probably the best (for the price range) I‘ve seen. The outer cardboard box was beautifully styled in quite typical Lindt style- very subtle and ‘quiet’ almost, but oozing discreet quality.
Lindt used the colour gold on the front of the packaging but sparingly thankfully. Gold can go one of two ways- it can make something look outstanding, or make it look like the cheapest, tackiest product in the word. I think that Lindt have nailed it here though.
I ripped open the cardboard box and then the inner foil wrapping to reach the chocolate. It smelt similar to many of the milk chocolate Lindt products that I’ve tried in the past- remarkably creamy. That continental lightness to the smell was accompanied with some vanilla notes as well, but there wasn’t any caramel immediately evident. 
As you’d expect from a product with blatant creaminess to the chocolate and then a caramel and truffle interior, the bar screamed indulgence. Which is kind of good really- if you buy a rich and ‘heavy’ product, you want to feel like it is a real treat and not just another chocolate bar. It was obvious from the way the bar was styled and packaged that this was meant as a ‘special’ bar and it smelt exactly that.
The truffle centre is superb here. I said at the start that I’d never actually tried a Lindt truffle before this…well I’d like to again in the future after trying this. It was initially very firm but melted on the tongue very easily giving off a delightful chocolate flavour and a milky, rather than thick and creamy, taste as well.
The milk chocolate is, as you’d expect from Lindt, very good. It tasted much like it had smelt- there was a nice chocolate flavour and a really, really strong and blatant creaminess to it. Definitely very enjoyable.
The bar as a whole delivers a pleasing array of textures- the caramel is thick and sticky, the truffle centre is nice and firm whilst the chocolate casing is firm as well but has a quick and velvety smooth melt to it.
However, for once, I have a large bone to pick with Lindt- which is the caramel’s flavour. Or lack of it…It is short of what I’d expect and hope for from Lindt. I had expected some real flavour development from the sticky caramel but apart from a sugary sweetness, there wasn’t a lot going on.
With a bit of buttery flavour from the caramel, the bar would have been complete. However despite the terrific texture of the golden caramel, the blandness of the flavour really stopped the bar becoming a knockout.
The Lindt’s Luscious Caramel is a rarity from my experience- a Lindt bar which isn’t quite all there. Still a satisfying bar to eat, it disappoints in that Lindt have named it the ‘luscious caramel’ bar when, in actually fact the caramel is the weakest element of the chocolate bar. With a great variety in textures and a high quality truffle centre, this is far from being a bad product though.
I’d best sum it up by saying that it’s good, but it isn’t great and it isn’t as good as it could be.
There will be more to come from the other three bars in the Lindt Creations range in the near future, and hopefully Lindt will be back on top form with the remaining new bars (Divine Hazelnut Milk, Sumptuous Orange Dark and Vanilla Almond Milk.)
Rating- 7.4/10.

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3 responses to “Lindt Luscious Caramel

  1. PC

    September 10, 2012 at 9:26 am

    I pretty much agree with your comments on this bar. I thought it was nice, but could have been much better.

  2. Lot-O-Choc

    September 11, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    Shame you didnt enjoy this bar – it was one of my favourites of the new range. Will look forward to seeing what you think of the other ones as well.

  3. The Snack Review

    September 13, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    PC- You and I seem to have similar taste buds from the sounds of it! Have you tried any of the other bars from their new range?Lot-o, It wasn't that I didn't enjoy it…it was still nice, but just not quite at the level that Lindt normally reach. Good to hear that you really liked it though.


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