Lucky’s Dreamy Lemon Tweedle Twins

05 Sep

This is a first review from Lucky’s. I had the pleasure of trying some of their stuff before I set up this site, but hadn’t ordered anything from them since- so I was delighted when I was asked to take a look at their some of their new range-  titled ‘the Tweedle Twins’. Tweedle Twins are basically cakes. In jars. Yep, that’s right- little jam jars stuffed to the brim with a combination of luscious cake and flavoursome ‘add-ons’ (including salted caramel, hazelnut brittle, coconut& chocolate and finally the flavour featured in today’s review- white chocolate ganache and lemon.) To top it all off, Lucky’ s even throw in a little spoon with each pot you get, so there is no washing up associated with these either…happy days!

To be a tad more specific, these are the Dreamy Lemon flavour variety, and are ‘35% white chocolate and lemon caramel with poppy seeds, topping crushed lemon shortbread’. All of the flavours from the Tweedle Twins range come in twos- unsurprising of course, because these are Alice and Wonderland themed and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee are the inspiration for them (as the packaging shows.)
I took a lot of photos here because I thought that the product looked tremendous- so I’ve tried to give you guys as much to look at as I can.  They look fascinating and innovative- when you eat and review as many dull, boring products as I do, it’s a joy when something like these jars come along. Love or hate the flavours involved, I don’t see how anyone could class these as uninteresting. I mean seriously- a cake, in a jar? Regardless of what these taste like, you have to give some kudos to Lucky’s for showing genuine originality and creating the Tweedle Twins range.
The product’s look was (aptly, given the theme behind these) wonderful. The outer box oozed class; no boring wrapper or copycat box- instead a simplistic but beautiful package. The windows in the cardboard showcased the stunning jars themselves, and the ribbon which attached the two spoons to the product was that extra bit of ‘wow factor’. How many companies use ribbons in their packaging these days?
The Dreamy Lemon flavour Tweedle Twins themselves really caught the eye as well- the cream coloured topping and the golden shortbread base looked light and enticing; perfect for the warm August summer’s day when I opened these up. To be honest, as a 21 year old man these are words I don’t often use… but the overall appearance of these was delicate and even *shudders* cute.
It’s a slightly unusual way to go about eating a product, but I unscrewed the lid from the jar and was greeted with a very sharp lemon smell. The citrus notes were strong and very much the dominant aspect. There was some creamy sweetness from the white chocolate as well, but I didn’t get any of the butteriness from the shortbread base that I had expected. That said, the more I thought about it, that was always like to be the case- purely because there was such a thick layer of the white chocolate and lemon between the lid and the shortbread.
Once again though, as after looking at the Dreamy Lemon Tweedle Twins, the smell made me want to dive in which is always a promising sign. So I grasped one of the little spoons that came tied to the jam jars, and took a decent sized mouthful, making sure to get some of both the top layer of creaminess as well as digging to the bottom to get some of the shortbread base too.
The topping was exactly as the name suggested it would be- utterly dreamy. The white chocolate ganache and lemon layer was relatively firm when prodded with a spoon, but it melted away very quickly in the mouth, still managing to unleash quite a powerful lemon punch. It was almost like ice cream in the mouth texture wise; the poppy seeds periodically breaking up the softness. Against the sharpness of the lemons was the sweet white chocolate. The classic bittersweet flavour combination in other words, and done fantastically well with a good flavour balance.
The base (which took a little digging to reach) was equally as well done by Lucky’s. Nice and crumbly in consistency, it carried quite a buttery taste as you’d hope for from a shortbread biscuit…but also brought a lovely, further citrusy flavour to the overall Dreamy Lemon Tweedle Twin. It was a little odd- I’ve never tried a lemon shortbread biscuit before, but I’d be keen to after this.
I loved the overall flavour and texture of the Dreamy Lemon Tweedle Twin. The key is how well Lucky’s balance the many aspects in play here- there is sweetness and creaminess from the white chocolate but any danger of it becoming sickly is offset by the semi-bitter lemon flavours. The buttery base is never too cloying, probably because of the extra citrus flavour that it has packed within it.
This is a stunning product from Lucky’s in my opinion. The idea behind the product (cake in a jar!) is innovative and thoughtful but, equally importantly, they execute it brilliantly with strong and punchy flavours. The ingredients all appeared from their taste to be of the utmost quality.
At only 40g in weight each, I thought that these were going to be far too small before I tried them. In actual fact, one Tweedle Twin was the perfect portion size for me- definitely indulgent and luxurious but not ‘too much’. Would I have carried on eating if the jar had been larger? Yeah, probably- but I would have ended up feeling sick! One jar was just enough to feel like I’d treated myself to something.
I’l have another of the flavours up on this site next week, and I’m really excited to try it having eaten one of these- huge credit has to go to Lucky’s here for well executing a terrifically original product.

Rating- 8.8/10.

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