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Kinder Country


I wasn’t actually intending on reviewing the Kinder Country bar today. Instead, I was wondering around attempting to find a regular Kinder Egg- the semi legendary Egg is normally everywhere in the UK, but I went into half a dozen shops and only found one selling them…and they were all smashed in. Sad face. Fortunately, just as I was beginning to contemplate giving up and buying something boring to review, a corner shop turned up this beauty. The Kinder Country.

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Hershey’s Take 5

I haven’t reviewed a U.S import bar for quite some time, so I swung by at CyberCandy last time I was in London to pick up something exciting. On top of a few gifts for others (my little brother is hooked on energy drinks at the moment and loves their section of ‘heart attack in a can’ caffeine drinks!) I found myself being up sold to. Now, that’s pretty rare. Because I’ve worked in sales before, I’m normally very alert to being sold stuff that I didn’t intend to buy originally. However after a brief interchange with the two ladies in the Covent Garden based shop and I was leaving with a new chocolate bar. Namely Hershey’s Take 5 bar.


Zotter Bacon Bits

Today I’ve got my first ever review of a Zotter product. Now, for those readers who haven’t heard of them, Zotter are…well bonkers. They’re a company famed for some seriously bizarre flavour combinations, which have included cheese, carrots, green tea, hemp seeds and potato vodka. See what I mean? Zotter are basically mad. And to prove that madness further, I got my hands on one of their Bacon Bits bar. As you might guess from the name, the Bacon Bits bar has…well, bits of bacon in it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nestle Lion Peanut

Roooooooar. Bet that scared you right. Anyway, the obvious reason for the roar is that today’s review is on a Lion product. Not the original Lion bar, but an alternative that I found in a local corner shop the other day- the Lion Peanut. I’d never actually heard of this before; I knew of the Lion and the semi-legendary Lion White, but never the Lion Peanut. The wrapper proclaimed it to be ‘new’ but given that none of the wrapper was written in English (or even in a language that I could recognise at all!) I can’t actually even say which country this is new to exactly!


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Frey White Chocolate Almonds


One of the occasional perks of running a site like this is that individuals and companies send the odd thing for review. Well normally it’s just a bar here or a bag of something there. Having read my review of the Dark Lemon and Pepper bar which I bought whilst on holiday however, a very kind and generous man from Frey called Marc sent me some of their range to take a look at. Now it’s always nice to receive sample chocolate, but Frey sent me a relative treasure chest! There were so many shapes and sizes, colours and flavours that I’m going to be able to introduce you guys to some chocolate that I’d never previously even heard of before never mind tasted!


Milka M-Joy Peanuts and Flakes

I can’t quite believe that this is my first Milka review that I’m writing. The company, owned by Kraft, have been around for more than 40 years in Europe and has managed to gain a foothold in the UK market over the past 2-3 years and become a supermarket shelf regular. Instead of one of their usual 100g bars from a supermarket though, I’ve got something a little different of theirs to review- the M-Joy Peanuts and Flakes. I found this hidden away in a weird Eastern European specialist store in Norwich and snapped it up straight away, although I did think at the time it was a bit of a weird flavour combination…I mean, Peanuts and cornflakes? Righhhhhht Milka, good one lads.


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Kinder Cereali Summer

Well I’m coming towards the end of the ‘holiday collection’ of chocolate that came from Malta about 3 months ago. I’ve tried to save some of the more interesting and odd stuff until later, and interesting and odd are definitely adjectives that can be used to describe the Kinder Cereali Summer. From the description alone, this actually sounds fairly straight forward and run of the mill- ‘A top layer of milk chocolate with creamy white chocolate and cereal pieces.’ Just sounds like a normal Kinder bar with a few cereal bits chucked in right?