Nestle Boci Aero:

13 Aug

Well, for the second review running, I have somebody else to thank. Rather than winning today’s product in a competition, I was sent this bar out of a reader’s kindness and generosity. You’ll see ‘Choc It Out!’ in the ‘blogs I read’ down the right hand side of this page. Marcus, who runs that site, saw this bar and, knowing that I wanted it and couldn’t find it in any of my local shops, posted it to me. So huge thanks to Marcus for sending me this ‘Boci Aero’- a chocolate bar made by Nestle.

I’m (guessing) that this comes from Hungary originally- from the wrapper, I can tell you that it was produced in the Czech Republic and distributed by Nestle Hungary. So I am going to make the presumption that, whilst Marcus found the bar in London, it hails from Hungary.
Essentially, the key information though is that this is a strawberry flavoured Aero bar- something that we don’t have here in England. I think we’ve got mint, orange and chocolate but no strawberry. The orange bar got quite a favourable review (it was one of the first ever reviews on here if I remember correctly) so hopes were high for this bizarre looking foreign concoction.
The reason I call it bizarre looking is because it’s a strawberry bar. So Nestle Hungary’s decision to make green the predominant colour on the wrapper was an odd one I thought. That said, it was still pretty easy to identify this bar as a strawberry aero…mainly because it said Aero in pretty big letters and there was a large picture of a strawberry.
Aside from the odd choice of colour scheme, the look was a bit ‘dated’ I thought. It somehow managed to look like an 80’s bar of chocolate! It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, just that it was sort of old-fashioned looking. Inside the wrapper, it was a regular looking Aero bar with the bubbles design on the light brown coloured milk chocolate.
The initial smell wasn’t actually that strong- there was a small amount of strawberries and a bit of milkiness from the chocolate…but nothing extraordinary or remarkable. However it was when I broke the bar in half to take photos that things kicked off smell-wise.
As soon as it was snapped open to reveal the pinkish interior, the entire room I was in was filled with a dreadful fake strawberry smell. It was similar to Strawberry Nesquik- extremely artificial and not at all attractive (Nesquik is also owned by Nestle… the incredible likeness between the smells suggests to me that the two products might share flavourings or something?)
I’l talk more about the flavour of the centre in just a minute, but first and foremost- the texture is, as ever with the Aero, excellent. Delightfully light and bubbly, it melted away in the mouth as is the norm with the Aero range from Nestle. I’m a fan of aerated chocolate bars and this was right on the money.
The milk chocolate coating was ok but I would have preferred a bit more chocolate flavour. It wasn’t bad at all, just not particularly flavoursome. I’d best describe it as like Mars’ Magic Stars- very sweet and with a slight chocolate hint, but someway short of being what I’d consider genuinely ‘chocolatey’. None the less though, it was still a 6 or 7 out of 10 chocolate coating so I’m not going to be overly critical- this is a ‘fun’ style bar so it was never going to have gourmet ingredients!
Now, onto the strawberry flavoured centre. It had smelt gross and I was worried it was going to be virtually inedible before eating a piece. Thankfully, I’m more than happy to hold my hands up here and say I was wrong. Though undoubtedly artificial tasting, the key here was that Nestle didn’t make it too overpowering. Had it been strong, it would have ruined the Aero Boci.
Instead, it struck a pleasant balance- offering a little fruitiness but not so much as to become the dominant flavour of the bar. In fact both of the flavour elements (the milk chocolate and the strawberry centre) were as prevalent as the other ensuring enough fruitiness to add to the flavour, but not so much as to get into the ‘danger territory’ of the Cadburys’ Roses Strawberry Dream which always makes me want to gip!
The Boci Aero is a good bar of chocolate, and it turned out to be significantly better than I had anticipated initially. In fact, after smelling the pink strawberry centre, I thought this was going to be disgusting. Nothing of the sort- I enjoyed every bite of this bar. Alright, the strawberry isn’t going to be win any awards, but it’s relatively fruity and well proportioned against the chocolate coating.
That balance makes the bar what it is; more of a chocolate bar with some strawberry flavours than a strawberry bar with some chocolate flavours. Had it been the latter, it wouldn’t have been as nice in my opinion.
I really think that this bar would do well in the UK, and I’m surprised Nestle haven’t attempted to release it here before. Or perhaps they have and I’ve missed it. Anyway, I’d like to say a big thank you to Marcus once more for sending me this totally selflessly- top man!
Rating- 7.6/10.

2 responses to “Nestle Boci Aero:

  1. Marcus Chocitout

    August 16, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    Great review Dave. Yeah, what is it about that 80s feel? It's like in mainland and eastern Europe the chocolate bar brands employ designers who have just discovered computers and art packages 🙂 The feel may also have something to do with the very thin wrapper which is unlike the thicker silver-lined wrappers we have for our Aeros?I found that the balance between chocolate and strawberry wasn't too bad either and usually I steer clear of strawberry flavoured stuff because it's so sickly. I will confess to having eaten about 5 of these, but I admit I probably did this in too short a space, and I've had my fill. For a while. Oh and yes, they did used to be around in the UK. In the late 70s I am told, for a limited period. Before our time eh……..

  2. The Snack Review

    August 17, 2012 at 7:50 am

    'Before our time eh…' Just a little bit! I guess I did technically miss the limited release then, but as it was 10-15 years before I was born, i'l let myself off…There will presumably be kids around in 35 years time who will look at pictures of bars like the Cadbury's Big Race and all of the losers from Nestle's Kit Kat Chunky competition and think "wow, this stuff is amazing, I can't believe I didn't get to try it…i'm going to go and ask Grandpa Dave what it was like."


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