Thorntons Bakewell Tart Chocolate

08 Aug

After reviewing the Thorntons’ Banana and Custard Chocolate, and Jam Roly Poly Truffles a few weeks ago, I finally got round to buying and eating the other bar in their ‘Best of British’ range. Bakewell Tarts are- for those of you who haven’t encountered them before- pies with a jam and almond sponge filling. This chocolate bar was an attempt from Thorntons to imitate those flavours, and was described as ‘almond flavour milk chocolate with raspberry and waffle pieces’.

The raspberry pieces are obviously representing the jam here, and the waffle pieces trying to recreate the shortcrust pastry element that would normally be present in a traditional British Bakewell Tart.
It’s a great design and theme for the packaging from Thorntons- we’re not all that patriotic in the UK really, and it is a nice change to see a company celebrating our national identity. Bearing in mind this bar cost me less than a couple of quid, I think it looks seriously impressive for that price range- it looks good, it feels good in the hand with a solid box… the packaging and everything here is just really well done by Thorntons.
In fact now is as good a time as any for a bar with a British theme like this- our country is currently going bonkers with patriotism as we celebrate the London Olympics and our national heroes achieve outstanding results for a relatively little island compared to many of the other countries competing. I’m a little surprised, having walked past my nearest Thorntons shop (which is in a busy shopping centre) that the staff haven’t been pushing their British range to shoppers.
The chocolate itself here was fairly reminiscent of a proper Bakewell Tart. There was a really strong smell of almonds as well as a sort of sour fruitiness. The difference, in smell, between the Thorntons’ Bakewell Tart chocolate and their attempts at the ‘Banana and Custard’ chocolate and ‘Jam Roly Poly Truffles’ is that this did actually replicate a Bakewell Tart. I could never have guessed the other two from their aroma- but it was clear here what Thorntons were trying to do.
Above is the back of the bar- flecked with little nibs of raspberry and waffle pieces. I swear that the waffle pieces look like they’re straining to escape the chocolate.
Initially, the most prevalent taste from the chocolate was very intense nuttiness from the almonds. When I read that the chocolate had ‘almond flavoured milk chocolate’ I had expected Thorntons’ base milk chocolate (which is very nice by the way) to carry just a slight amount of almond flavour. Instead, there wasn’t any of the milky taste that their milk chocolate has- it was totally dominated by the nut flavouring…which was actually fitting given that a Bakewell Tart doesn’t contain any chocolate, but does have an almond flavour.
After the powerful almond chocolate, there was (thankfully!) a calming influence from the raspberries. They were tart and semi-bitter, but also brought a bit of sweetness to the chocolate as well. The chocolate probably could have done with a bit less of the almond flavour because bakewell tarts, whilst containing almonds, aren’t normally SO overpoweringly dominated by nuts…but this was a decent enough impression of a bakewell tart from Thorntons.
Finally, there were the waffle pieces embedded in the bar too. After the chocolate had melted in the mouth (which wasn’t all that smooth sadly) the crispy nubbins of waffle were left to chew away at. They were a really great texture- very crunchy indeed. The waffle bits weren’t akin to the pastry that a bakewell tart would have, however they were just as successful, bringing a change in texture and an almost savoury taste.
As far as I’m concerned, this is a hit and miss bar from Thorntons. There are plenty of positive things to say, but also one (fairly large!) negative.
Well, starting with the biggest positive, this Bakewell Tart chocolate is a pretty good imitation on a bakewell tart- which is where the other chocolate from the Best of British range failed. The balance isn’t quite right for me- with a little too much almond and not quite enough raspberry- however it ticks the boxes of flavours that a bakewell tart would have so fair play to Thorntons for that.
It just wasn’t that great tasting though. The melt was a bit rough and bitty; the almonds overpoweringly strong. I enjoyed the raspberries’ bitter-sweetness, and really liked the waffle pieces…but I just didn’t want to eat any more of the chocolate after a few pieces.
If you want a bar of chocolate which best replicates something else, this Bakewell Tart chocolate is pretty successful. But if you want a bar of chocolate which tastes nice, I’d try their Jam Roly Poly Trufflesor Banana and Custard chocolate. They might not achieve the same level of imitation, but they were more enjoyable to eat for me.
Rating- 6.8/10.

3 responses to “Thorntons Bakewell Tart Chocolate

  1. Grocery Gems

    August 9, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    I absolutely hated this chocolate. One of the few that I had to throw away after a few bites. My husband couldn't stomach it either. I like almonds but this had a really overpowering almond taste. It's a shame because I like Bakewell Tarts but this chocolate bar just didn't work for me.

  2. The Snack Review

    August 10, 2012 at 8:28 am

    Stop sitting on the fence Katherine- tell me what you really feel! Haha.Dave

  3. Grocery Gems

    August 11, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    Perhaps I was a bit harsh lol. In the interests of balance – I had some Thorntons Strawberry Milk Chocolate Block today and that was delicious!


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