Kinder Bueno White

06 Aug

I probably should have reviewed a normal Kinder Bueno bar before the Kinder White I guess. However I’ve chosen to review the Bueno White first, which is a little like reviewing a Twix Fino before a Twix or Rolo Biscuits before actual Rolos… just not right. But hey- the shop I was on at the time didn’t have any milk chocolate Buenos, only their white chocolate alternative.  So screw it- I wasn’t going to go walking around everywhere just to find the same bar but with a different chocolate coating. I’l review the milk chocolate Bueno in the future sometime.

The Bueno is a very popular bar in the UK, and the Bueno White is  essentially exactly the same contents but with a slightly altered outside- it has two fundamental differences to the regular Bueno- firstly, it is obviously a white chocolate covering here, and secondly, the Bueno White is covered with little cocoa pieces for decoration. More about those later though…
Eagle-eyed readers will see that the Bueno White I had has Italian writing on it. I literally have no idea why this is- I bought the bar from a specialist convenience store in Norwich, England. I guess it is a perfect example of globalisation in action that we have an Italian bar, being sold in a Polish shop, located in England!
The wrapper’s colour scheme is legendary Kinder; the red and white combination that you’ll find on everything they sell. Increasingly, chocolate bars are badly marketed/explained to consumers (can anybody tell me what the hell the Cadbury’s Big Race bar was?!) but this was very, very clear…even with my parochial Italian language skills! The pictures of hazelnut and cream represented, well, the hazelnut cream centre I’m guessing! Just as a random bit of chocolate info, whilst this is branded Kinder, Kinder chocolate is actually owned and produced by Ferrero (yes- the Rocher people.)
You’ll see above that the Bueno White comes in two individually wrapped sticks. That’s a decent idea from Kinder, because A) it means that you can eat one stick at a time if you just fancy a few pieces of chocolate and B) the cocoa nibs don’t all pour out into your lap when you open the outer wrapper.
The cocoa nibs are, to be frank, a MASSIVE irritation. They look really nice, with the colour contrast between the white chocolate and brown, crumbly nibs. But they didn’t taste of anything and go absolutely everywhere when you try and eat the bar itself. I don’t just mean that a few bits go on the floor etc, but instead that it will go in your pockets, on your clothes, in your shoes… they end up everywhere!
The Bueno White smelt much like the regular Bueno. A really intense creaminess came from both the cream filling and the white chocolate, along with a smaller amount of hazelnut. It was a really attractive smelling product I have to say. Sure it was a little sickly and definitely sweeter than the normal Bueno bar, but I damn well wanted to eat this after smelling it- always an encouraging sign.
For those of you who haven’t seen/tasted a Bueno of any kind before, it’s a hazelnut cream in a wafer shell and then covered in chocolate. The wafer here was nice and crispy. It was portioned just right, so that it gave an initial crunch before melting away in the mouth. Too much wafer can very quickly ruin a bar as it’s obviously tremendously dry in large quantities, but Kinder got it right here.
After the crunch of the wafer came the hazelnut cream, which was delicious. There is far more emphasis on the cream element rather than the nut; it’s so light, almost like a whipped cream in texture. The hazelnut flavour was not ‘in your face’, but definitely there. I loved the creamy centre- most impressive was that it managed to be both light and quite ‘airy’ yet also felt like a proper treat.
The white chocolate is surprisingly toned down. I had been expecting a real sugar attack, but it was more of an aftertaste than a dominant flavour here. There is a definite difference between the Bueno White and milk chocolate Bueno, with the bar here being sweeter and less chocolatey with the hazelnut cream centre coming through more than with the regular Bueno.
As mentioned earlier, one of the only problems with the Bueno White is eating it! Try and eat this on a bus/train/tube and you will get ‘the commuter glare’ which is that look that we Brits have perfected. We save it for when we absolutely detest what you’re doing, but we’re too British to actually tell you (which is what people from other countries seem to do). So instead we’ll just tell you how disgusting you are…with our eyes. Anyway, because of the cocoa nibs here, THAT is the look which you’ll get if you try and eat it near somebody!
You know what though? I’d eat it anyway though, which is testament to the fact that the Bueno White from Kinder is a good bar of chocolate.
It’s just as good as the milk chocolate Bueno but different. Here, the emphasis is more on the ‘white and light’ as the creamy centre is very much the star of the show. The glorious hazelnut cream coupled with the crunch of the wafer is great. The best thing about the white chocolate isn’t the taste- in fact it doesn’t add that much to the flavour- but the fact that it allows the creamy filling to come through a little more.
There will be chocolate snobs out there who will sneer at Kinder and everything that it produces, but I think that the cream centre alone warrants praise and I’l definitely buy more of these again in the future. Just as a heads up though, if you ever meet a guy called Dave on a bus/train/tube and he pulls out a Bueno White- run, unless you want to get showed in cocoa nibs.
Rating- 8.1/10.

3 responses to “Kinder Bueno White

  1. PC

    August 6, 2012 at 10:03 am

    I haven't had a Bueno White in ages, but always used to enjoy them. Your review has tempted me to go pick one up again! 🙂

  2. The Snack Review

    August 7, 2012 at 10:10 am

    Go for it PC…but just don't eat it too close to me because i'm wearing my favourite jeans!

  3. Hannah thereviewaddict

    August 7, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    I didn't know there was a Bueno White! I love Buenos anyway but white chocolate if my favourite chocolate so I will have to look out for these!


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