Ritter Sport Strawberry Yoghurt

03 Aug

Ritter are a German chocolate company who have finally broken through in the UK a little recently. Having seen virtually nothing of theirs on sale here previous to about 2011, I’ve seen Ritter chocolate increasingly popping up- albeit only a few of the bars from their huge range which comprises of nearly 30 different flavours (including pear brandy mousse, cappuccino cream and butter caramel cream!)

The bar I’m reviewing today though wasn’t found in England, instead being found in Italy and brought back to me by a friend. This Ritter Sport Strawberry Yoghurt (I’m spelling yoghurt how I want to spell it…and what?) is ‘filled milk chocolate with a cream of skimmed yoghurt, strawberry crispy rice and strawberry pieces’. It sounded pretty good to me- we don’t exactly have an abundance of either yoghurt filled bars OR strawberry filled bars in the UK, so this was a little out of the ordinary for me personally.
The other weird thing about the bar (and all Ritter bars) is the shape. A square. Even though this bar weighed in at 100g (think of Dairy Milk/Lindt bars etc which are rectangular shaped but weigh the same) it seemed somehow smaller than other 100g stuff I’ve seen.  However I did actually like the presentation in general- the bright colour and odd shape made it seem quirky and fun. It is, aesthetically speaking, out of the ordinary in pretty much every way.
The pale brown milk chocolate was very similar in colour to Cadbury’s Dairy Milk- in fact if the individual pieces had not carried the Ritter branding, I would have guessed that this was Dairy Milk chocolate.
Ritter’s milk chocolate also smelt a little like the Cadbury equivalent as well, with a lot of milkiness coming to the fore straight away after getting the chocolate out of the pink wrapper. There was also, secondary to the milky chocolate, a sort of generic fruitiness present as well. It wasn’t particularly a strawberry smell (I’m now trying to remember what strawberry smells like… is it actually possible to remember specific smells? I know what strawberry smells like, but I can’t imagine it now…weird) but a pleasant enough authentic summer fruits aroma.
The best part about this bar for me was undoubtedly the mixture of textures that were present in each piece. First there were little pieces of rice which were uber-crispy. Then there was the main pinkish yogurt filling; soft and melt in the mouth. Finally, there were odd bits of what I’d describe as freeze dried strawberries, which were chewy. Every mouthful had such massive variance in textures which made it interesting to eat.
The milk chocolate was very nice. Ritter achieve a really good balance with it in my opinion; pretty sweet and creamy but with a bit of a cocoa kick and certainly more chocolatey tasting than Milka/Cadbury/Nestle.
The rest of the flavours didn’t quite match the pleasant chocolate though. The rice pieces were a great crunch but had no taste whatsoever (I had expected them to taste like cereal but they didn’t at all) which was disappointing. The freeze dried strawberries were too bland, bringing only a nominal amount of that sweetness that strawberries should have.
The dominant flavour- by quite some margin- was the yoghurt filling, which is the fluffy looking pale pink layer you’ll see in all of the photographs. It’s best described as tasting like a strawberry milkshake; creamy, fruity and sweet. It was a bit ‘fake’ tasting and wasn’t even remotely like a strawberry (more a summer fruits taste) but was strangely pleasing. You know when you taste something and know in your head that you shouldn’t like it…but you still kind of do? That’s what was happening here.
I’m not entirely sure how best to sum up this bar from Ritter. There is so much going on- some of it is good and some of it less so. Probably a little too sickly for me personally, I’ve no doubt that this would go down a storm with the sweet-toothed and children alike.
Despite falling some way short of the Lindt Strawberry Intense I reviewed last month, this isn’t a bad bar at all. I was impressed with the milk chocolate from Ritter, but the strawberry element just wasn’t right- neither strong enough, nor quite strawberry flavoured either.
With the strawberry and yoghurt components here, this is unlike a lot of stuff in the UK chocolate market and well worth a try if you see it anywhere. However it isn’t outstanding and I won’t buy it again if I see it having tried it once.
Rating- 7.2/10.

6 responses to “Ritter Sport Strawberry Yoghurt

  1. Grocery Gems

    August 3, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Hi Dave,This looks very interesting, I've certainly never seen this anywhere. The different textures within the filling look scrummy.I saw a Milka Strawberry Yogurt bar in an asian supermarket a few days ago and made the snap decision not to buy it. Just realised it's a German import only so I'm obviously regretting that decision!Katherine

  2. Hannah thereviewaddict

    August 3, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Hi DaveMy personal favourite Ritter Sport bar is the white chocolate with Hazelnuts, very nice!Not sure if you have seen them but Aldi sometimes do a little tray of mini Ritter Sport bars and at one point the strawberry yogurt flavour was in there…can't say I am a massive fan and agree with your "fake tasting" comment. Have you ever tried Milk Mouse also from Aldi? I highly recommend them!

  3. The Snack Review

    August 4, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Hey guys,Katherine- gaaaahhhh, that frustration of buying/not buying something. I didn't know Milka had a strawberry yoghurt variety- I guess it must be fairly similar to this bar from Ritter. I'l keep an eye out for it.Hannah, funny you should mention the white chocolate with hazelnuts as that's the other Ritter bar that my friend brought back from Italy for me. I'm excited now! He knows i'm not big on white chocolate so i think he was trying to tease me a little bit, but maybe the joke will be on him and i'l love it haha.

  4. The Snack Review

    August 4, 2012 at 9:28 am

    And no Hannah, i've never tried 'Milk Mouse'. What the devil is it?!

  5. Hannah thereviewaddict

    August 4, 2012 at 9:41 am

    They are little chocolate mice with a creamy white hazelnut filling. They are a bit like those little kinder bars but with actual bits of hazelnuts in them. They do a few different versions, there is one with caramel too which are AMAZING! Aldi does some really good chocolate bits.


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