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Cadbury Pretzel and Peanut Butter

I was elated to get my hands on this bar from Cadbury. To be honest, I had never even known it existed until I saw it glistening in the sun light on Cyber Candy’s shelves in their Covent Garden store. My desperation to make sure I bought it (there weren’t many left on the shelves and the shop was busy) made me do some pretty immoral and borderline illegal things…so if you’re the elderly Chinese lady I elbowed in the face, or the small child that I pushed over, I’m sorry. But I don’t take chances.


Saffire Peanut Crunch

Having been seriously impressed with Saffire’s Pop Chocswhich I reviewed earlier in the summer, I was eager to get my teeth into another one of their range- so after paying a visit to their shop, I came away with a much more conventional looking product in the form of a Peanut Crunch bar of chocolate. I know I waffled for a bit last time I reviewed their stuff about how cool their shop was…but I’l do it again anyway. There was an abundance of shapes, sizes, colours and flavours on display and it was generally pretty cool.


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Thorntons Milk Chocolate With Fudge

Moving on from Thorntons’ new and limited edition summer range reviewed recently, today I’ve got something a bit more traditional- Thorntons are semi-legendary for their toffee and fudge and it seems to have been around for as long as time itself. Their toffee is also very popular amongst dentists…for keeping them in jobs. It isn’t their toffee I’m reviewing now though, but their fudge- in the form of their fudge milk chocolate bar.


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Lindt White Lindor Bar

This was a good find right here. Normally I start my reviews with a bit of information and preamble, but to get straight to the point- this was a delicious bar of chocolate from Lindt.

You’ve probably heard of their Lindor range before- however you might not have seen their White Lindor for sale in bar form. I stumbled across a bar of it last week and it was goooood.

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Cadbury Boost

Boost bars are huge. I mean, not just ‘oh, this Kit Kat is pretty chunky’ but genuinely bloody massive. When you pick one up, they’re not actually that big in the hand, but you can just feel how dense they are from the weight. Cadbury’s Boost bar is very regularly sized (roughly equivalent to a Starbar in shape and size) but weighs in at 60.5g- significantly more than nearly any other chocolate out there- even your Kit Kat Chunkies and Yorkie bars, which make a big deal out of being supposedly huge, lag behind the Boost.


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Nestle Lion Pop Chocs

Having heard about the existence of ‘Rolo Sticks’ (literally long, thin sticks of Rolos) I immediately dispatched a London based friend to go to Sam’s 99p stores, where they were rumoured to be, and buy me some. Unfortunately they didn’t have them (if any readers know where they can be found- please do tell!) but my friend picked up something else for me instead… Lion Pop Chocs. I knew that Nestle had released Kit Kat Pop Chocs in England already, but these Lion Pop Chocs appeared to be a French import.


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The Grown Up Chocolate Company Tasting Box:

Among the very first reviews I wrote on this site were The Grown Up Chocolate Company’s Salted Peanut Caramel Cracker and Crunchy PralineWonder Bar. I loved them both and they’re both among the highest scoring bars on here- they were packed with flavour, very fresh and a joy to eat. So it was with real excitement that I learnt that The Grown Up Chocolate Company also ran a chocolate tasting club, similar to that of Hotel Chocolat.