Heavenly Cakes Eton Mess

27 Jul

And here we are at the end of a very cake filled week- and the ONLY way to end the Heavenly Cakes’ Cake Olympics is with our very own entrant- the UK being represented by the Eton Mess cake. Eton Mess is a popular British dessert of meringue, cream and strawberries…well, messed up and served together. I love it during the summer- it’s a really light option. Whilst the UK has a reputation for serving heavy, fried dishes all year round, Eton Mess bucks that trend- it’s perfect in the summer as we can use our freshly grown strawberries to create a light and more ‘delicate’ dessert.

Quite similar to the Heavenly Cakes’ ‘Very Berry Meringue’ reviewed a while ago, this is ‘shortcake, meringue, white chocolate and real strawberries’. To break it down layer by layer, we have a shortcake base, adorned with crimson coloured jam, and a combination on top of white chocolate, meringue pieces and strawberry pieces.
The combination of colours created a sumptuous look; snow-white chocolate, golden shortcake, crimson jam and the top layer of crimson strawberries. This cake (well, it’s not a cake…tray bake I guess!) looks about as pure and good as a tray bake possibly can. It’s a little beauty and undoubtedly does the British Union Jack flag which came stuck to the packet’s outside proud!
As you might expect having seen a few pictures, the Eton Mess bake smelt of fruit, fruit and more fruit. The intense fruity sweetness was easily explained- with both a healthy portioning of jam, as well as plenty of strawberry pieces on top, this was bound to smell like British summer in cake form- and that’s exactly what it did smell like.
The white chocolate and shortcake very much took a backseat as far as the smell went- which was fine by me; Eton Mess should be strawberries first, everything else second as far as I’m concerned. Nobody wants to eat a dessert which is 90% whipped cream (well, if you do, you’re probably the same kind of person who likes squirting whipped cream from a can into your mouth. In fact, on a loosely related note, I have a friend who once ate a sandwich in which the only filling was canned whipped cream. Odd right?!)
Whilst it didn’t smell particularly strongly, the white chocolate was very prevalent on the first bite. And it is absolutely sensational- one of the best white chocolates I’ve ever eaten. It beautifully replicated the cream flavour that a genuine Eton Mess would deliver, and that was because the white chocolate had that perfect creamy vanilla taste to it. Really, the chocolate was of sublime quality.
The jam brought moisture to the Eton Mess tray bake that was desperately needed- with the other components being so dry (as chocolate and shortcake should be) the well-portioned and tart flavoured jam was an extremely nice change in texture. I had a bit of a moan about Heavenly Cakes’ Very Berry Meringue which was slightly too dry and needed more jam- well that wasn’t a problem here at all- so either Heavenly Cakes have been listening to yours truly…or more likely I was just in a moaning mood when I tried the Very Berry Meringue last time!
The strawberry pieces on top were a great colour but looked a little… well, wrinkled! However they delivered a fantastic flavour punch- it is always pleasing when you get a natural fruit flavour rather than that God awful chemically, artificial rubbish. *Cough* Cadbury’s Roses- Strawberry Dream. *Cough*
And the shortcake was just as good as when I’ve commented on Heavenly Cakes’ shortcake before- crumbly, buttery and delicious. Two of my recent Heavenly Cakes reviews have criticised the lack of a firm texture- well that went out of the window here, as the shortcake was flawless and well baked.
The London Olympics 2012 start tonight, and I hope over the next few weeks we’ll see Team GB perform as well as Heavenly Cakes have with this Eton Mess. It is excellent balanced in flavour and texture, well-suited for the warm summery conditions taking into account the light and delicate flavours involved, and well executed in terms of the portioning and baking.
This is the part when I’m supposed to say ‘good luck to Team GB, but of course, good luck to everybody taking part.’ Well I’m not going to say that at all- instead I’l say ‘good luck to Team GB (and to a couple of other ‘favoured’ countries of mine!), and screw everybody else!
All joking aside, it has been immensely enjoyable reviewing all of the Heavenly Cakes’ Olympic themed cakes over the past 6 days, and I think they’ve created some exceptional new products to add to their permanent range. The Banoffee cake and the PB& Jelly Time particularly impressed me along with the Eton Mess reviewed today, but they’re all interesting to look at, smell and taste (even if I’m not convinced by the Nanaimo Bar myself!)
I would thoroughly recommend trying some of these if you can- I’m not sure how long the Olympic range is likely to be around (one would guess not too much longer after the Olympics ends!) so if you’re able to- I’d get them to try, either to eat at home, or (given how generous the portion sizes are) to cut up into two/three pieces per cake and dish up at a summer BBQ.
Rating- 8.7/10.

One response to “Heavenly Cakes Eton Mess

  1. Hannah thereviewaddict

    August 3, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    Hi DaveI tried Eton Mess today, loved the combination of the white chocolate and the meringue but I personally prefer a softer, less crumby shortbread. Other than that I absolutely loved this cake! Thanks again for introducing me to Heavenly Cakes!


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