Heavenly Cakes Lemon Bakewell

26 Jul

Pizza, Pasta and olive oil are some very Italian foods. Thankfully, Heavenly Cakes didn’t pick any of them when deciding which Italian food would feature as the Italian representative in their Olympic range, because let’s face it… nobody wants to eat a pasta cake. Instead, the company have taken what I think is traditionally an English food (the bakewell cake) and added a very Italian twist- this Lemon Bakewell contains real Sicilian lemon oil to give it that ‘citrusy kick’.

This was very obviously different to most of the other cakes from the Heavenly Cakes’ Olympic range- it was softer looking and slightly moister than the other cakes I’ve tried. The top surface felt almost crystallised though- much like that crunchy top surface that good Lemon Drizzle cakes have. A kind of ‘glazed sugar’.
The picture above isn’t a particularly good one so don’t judge the Lemon Bakewell on it- it had just come out of the fridge so had some slightly condensation and therefore doesn’t look particularly attractive in the wrapper.
Once out of the packet, it looked quite  a lot nicer- the orangey coloured upper half looked suitably zesty with the top layer having that ever so slight ‘crust’ to it, which was a good sign. Meanwhile, the bottom half was a very pale looking sponge which looked delightful.
After commenting on it yesterday, I had to stick this cake on the scales. 95g in weight the wrapper informed me. Yeah right! It was actually 110g. Once again, Heavenly Cakes doing wonders for your wallet, if not wonders for your waistline!
Oh, and of course it had the standard, charming little Italian flag attached to get me in the Olympic spirit (it is the opening ceremony tomorrow you know!)

The smell was of zesty lemon, which was bitter-sweet and (given that it’s bloody warm outside today!) enjoyably refreshing.  There seemed to be a slight earthiness to it as well, although whether this came from the almond element, or whether it was linked to the weather (sorry- that sentence was a dyslexic’s nightmare!) I’m not sure.

I had expected the bottom, spongy half to carry a bit of a buttery aroma, but it was surprisingly plain smelling.  As it was an ‘in between’ cakey/biscuit, the lack of a buttery smell suggested to me it was closer to being a cake than a shortbread base- The Heavenly Cakes’ shortbread is like dipping your head in a tub of butter (in a good way…if you can imagine that? Haha) so I thought I would have recognised their shortbread if it had been used.


The lemon layer was sensational in taste. With a very strong, tangy flavour, the bittersweet flavour was perfect for a 30 degree summer’s day. I really like when a cake/dessert gets the lemon flavour just right- mostly sweet but with a semi-sourness as well to stop it becoming too much… it was nicely balanced here.
The citrusy flavour was quite reminiscent of a lemon drizzle cake- soft, sweet and sour- with just a bit of firmness from the top layer.
I’m still not entirely sure what the bottom layer was supposed to be- it’s best described as a ‘cake-biscuit’! Made with plain flour (traditionally the sign of a biscuit base) it was closer to a cake in texture- soft and a bit squidgy. However it didn’t have the sponginess that most cakes have either- so I’l hereby refer to the base as a ‘cake-biscuit’.
It tasted nice but the consistency meant that the overall cake was just a little soft for my liking. It needed exactly the same flavour but with a tad more firmness I thought.
This Lemon Bakewell does Italy proud, even if the bottom half isn’t quite perfect. The juicy lemon element is packed with flavour and makes this a delightful snack on a warm day when ‘heavier’ options like chocolate and caramel seem unappealing. The zesty lemon is fantastic, and the Sicilian lemon oil (which is of course what makes this Italian) really works.
Much like the Peanut Butter Jelly Time cake from Heavenly Cakes, the only negatie thing about the cake is the execution on the biscuit/cake- with a little more firmness, this would be a 9 out of 10- the topping was THAT good. But it needed more solidity to make it a truly satisfying snack- I could have eaten this without using my teeth it was that soft!
Enjoyable from Heavenly Cakes once more though, and another contender to be added to their range more permanently when the Olympics are over.
Tomorrow is THE Olympics! And what better way to round off my Heavenly Cakes reviewing week than with our very own Team GB cake.
Rating- 8.3/10.

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2 responses to “Heavenly Cakes Lemon Bakewell

  1. Kev

    July 26, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    It sounds like this would have been better with a crunchy biscuit base, but nevertheless it still sounds lovely. Does anyone know when Heavenly Cakes will be selling these on their website? I've looked but can't find them.

  2. The Snack Review

    July 26, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    Hi Kev,I've had a couple of other people email me the same thing, so I have emailed Maeve over at Heavenly Cakes to ask her and i'l let you know the answer as soon as i can. Best wishes,Dave


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