Heavenly Cakes Rum and Raisin Tiffin

23 Jul

Continuing on with the Olympic theme, we’ve got a Jamaican special from Heavenly Cakes in the shape of a Rum and Raisin Tiffin. What’s so Jamaican about that I hear you shout? Well the team over at Heavenly Cakes have chucked in some real Jamaican rum into the recipe to give it some kick! What’s not to like? Cakes- good. Booze- good. Cakes + booze- excellent.

This Tiffin came with a 55% cocoa dark chocolate topping, which covered a blend of chocolate, biscuit and raisin. Having only ever tried milk and white chocolate cakes from Heavenly Cakes before, I was intrigued to see how the richer, less sweet dark chocolate would work.
I also have to drop in my very limited knowledge of Jamaican sports, which basically consists of: A) knowing that Usain Bolt likes chicken nuggets, and B) the film Cool Runnings. In fact Cool Runnings is one of my favourite sports films of all time- the scene when the Jamaican Bobsleigh team meet ice for the first time always has me in stitches of laughter without fail!
Once again, this cake was packaged in an individual wrapper and weighed in at 90g. Apart from the addition of the bright Jamaican flag to the outside of the wrapper, the Rum and Raisin Tiffin looked far ‘moodier’ than the Banoffee cake reviewed yesterday. The much darker chocolate coating means that the cake will probably appeal far more to adults than children unlike some of the other Heavenly Cakes’ products.
It smelt incredibly rich and deep. There was a little bit of that baked scent that biscuit gives off, whilst I couldn’t pick up on any raisins at all…not that that is particularly unusual for dried fruit. I couldn’t smell any rum at all, just the intense chocolate which was semi-sweet.
However my Dad- who is very much the seasoned drinker in the house- said he could smell alcohol. And I definitely trust my Dad on booze- he is a bit like a super-hero in that he can seemingly hear a corkscrew squeaking from several miles away, or smell when our next door neighbours have taken the stopper out of their whisky bottle!
Distributing the cake amongst my elite tasting panel (my Dad and my siblings!) we all agreed on one thing- the taste is ‘toned down’ in comparison to other Heavenly Cakes’ stuff we’ve eaten in the past. That isn’t to say that the Rum and Raisin lacked flavour at all, but it was much less flamboyant and sweet, with more focus on rich, cocoa flavours from the chocolate.
The generous spread of biscuit pieces throughout the Tiffin supplied an initial crunch before slowly melting away in the mouth. The amount of biscuit was just right I thought- there was enough of it to give the Tiffin some pleasant texture but not too much as to make the whole thing too dry.
The raisin bits were excellent, but we all thought there needed to be more of them- the dried fruit was packed with flavour and extremely plump and juicy. However slightly more of their fruity flavour wouldn’t have gone amiss- for all of our taste buds anyway.
As for the rum, my Dad immediately claimed to have detected an alcoholic twist to the Tiffin. My brother and myself weren’t as sure. The only way you can be sure is to try it yourselves I guess!
The Rum and Raisin Tiffin is a much more ‘laid back’ product from Heavenly Cakes, which probably makes it perfectly suited to represent Jamaica in their Olympic range. With the gentle sweetness of the raisins thrown in against bold, deep chocolatey flavours and the semi-sweet digestive style biscuit pieces, the Tiffin is a ‘semi-sweet’, richer option than the Banoffee cake reviewed yesterday.
I preferred the lighter, brighter flavours of the toffee and white chocolate from the Banoffee yesterday, however my taste preference always leans towards the sweet. For any of you who prefer the subtle and complex over the blatant and sugary, I’d recommend this to you.
Tomorrow, I’l have a cake from the good old U.S of A. It’s a cake based on the most stereotypically American food I can think of!
Until then peeps!
Rating- 7.6/10.

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