Ferrero- Tronky

20 Jul

Ferrero Tronky. Let me guess- you’ve never heard of it right? Well neither had I until about 2 weeks ago. Bought in Malta, but with the labelling and nutritional information written in Greek, this is a ‘Crunchy wafer filled with hazelnut and chocolate cream’.  It was actually the first time in ages that I saw a bar on a shop shelf which I had never seen or even heard of before- probably a sign that I know too much about chocolate I guess?

I know the name Ferrero, of course, for the Ferrero Rocher. I grew up thinking that the Rocher was the height of indulgence, probably as a direct result of their effective advertising campaign. Then about 4 or 5 years ago, I ate one and it hit me that Ferrero Rochers were about as sophisticated and classy as drinking alcohol out of a brown paper bag.
Enough of my Rocher related ramblings though.
The flavours of the Tronky sounded quite similar to the Rocher, in that the creamy centre here is a combination of hazelnut and chocolate. The difference here though, is that Ferrero have covered that nutty centre in a wafer, rather than milk chocolate. That makes this a rarity then- a chocolate bar where you’ll find chocolate on the inside, but not on the outside.
If you’re looking above thinking “it can’t have been that colour- the eejit photographer has obviously messed up” you’re wrong. The wafer really was a weird, unappetising grey colour. It basically looked and felt like grey cardboard. Delicious…
The wrapper was clear and easy to understand if a little tacky. Without the pictures of hazelnuts and chocolate on the front I would have been screwed because, shocking at this may sound, I don’t speak the best Greek in the world. So the Greek description was unlikely to have been much help to me! (Although there are just a few Greeks looking for employment at the moment, so I’m sure I could have found a translator!)
The Tronky was flopping pretty badly at this point. Not only was it extremely light in weight (and less = bad) it looked horrendous from the outside.
Cutting it in half to take a photo of the middle reinvigorated me though- the chocolate and hazelnut centre smelt enticing. Very similar to the Ferrero Rocher I talked about earlier, there was a pleasant blend of sweet and light chocolate coupled with a prevalent nutty element. The smell was, much like the bar, quite delicate and dainty.
 The Tronky may have been made by the same folks as Ferrero Rocher, and it may have smelt like a Ferrero Rocher, but the taste was very much of the Kinder Bueno. Given that Ferrero, a company based in Alba, Italy, also produce the Kinder Bueno (and all Kinder chocolate for that matter) I probably shouldn’t have been surprised by that.
Incredibly light and airy, it was easy to see how the Tronky only had 96 calories in it. It was too wafer dominated which unfortunately made each mouthful extremely dry, even with the moister filling.
It is that choco-hazelnut cream filling which saves the Tronky from being a total disaster.
Despite being much firmer and more solid than the Bueno bar, the flavour was pretty similar. The taste is probably a 50/50 split between milky, moderately sweet chocolate, and subtle hazelnut. The difference between the Tronky and the Bueno though, is that the Bueno filling is reminiscent of whipped cream; very fluffy and light. The centre here though was actually chewy rather than melt in the mouth.
It was a good taste though, and with crunchy pieces of hazelnut dispersed throughout, it periodically gave the bar a little crunch, which was welcome relief from chewing away at the outer layer of wafer. Normally you’re hoping for the wafer to be crispy and flaky, whereas by the last couple of bites of the Tronky I was gutted that it wasn’t a bit soggier and easier to chew!
The Tronky was a disappointment though. I essentially found the bar to be (to paraphrase the old cliché) a bar of two halves. The wafer is awful; bland, dry and over portioned relative to the filling. However the cream filling inside the wafer is enjoyable, with a well balanced combination of hazelnut and chocolate. I’d like to have a little more cocoa flavour to give the Tronky a greater depth of flavour, but the Nutella-esque flavour pairing was tasty.
I guess I shouldn’t have expected much from the Ferrero Tronky; at only 96 calories and weighing in at around 20g, it was never going to be heavy and indulgent. But given that a Kinder Bueno has so much more flavour, creaminess and sweetness despite only containing an extra 15 calories per stick, this was just really unsatisfying in comparison.
I wouldn’t buy the Ferrero Tronky again, and being honest, I probably wouldn’t even eat it again for free. I’d much rather eat a Bueno. Apart from containing a slightly lower number of calories, I see no other benefit that the Tronky has over the Kinder Bueno. Not that Ferroro care I guess- they make both of them so they’re getting my money either way!

In other news, pop back to the Snack Review EVERY DAY from Sunday for some Olympic Specials in the run up to the big opening day next Friday!

Rating- 5.9/10.

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2 responses to “Ferrero- Tronky

  1. wew

    February 5, 2014 at 7:02 am

    You’re a disappointment

  2. Divya

    February 16, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    Really? maybe the one you bought was a bit stale? or maybe its quality has declined. I used to eat a lot of tronky growing up in the middle east. absolutely loved it! I’ve been looking for it lately, without much success. it did have this dry wafer covering but the inside was so delightful, the combination tasted wonderful to me. I agree on its similarity to Bueno, which I think came later. maybe it’s a case of liking whichever one you had first better, because I definitely prefer tronky to Bueno (tho I have to say, love Bueno too!). anyway, sorry about the long and rambley comment! really hope I get to have a tronky again some day soon 🙂


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