Chokablok Assorted Box

12 Jul

Chokablok are a pretty new company as far as I’m aware, and their wide variety of chocolates and ice creams are available for purchase exclusively at Tesco at the moment. Seeing this box of 12 chocolates on introductory offer at £2.99, I swooped. The box itself is an assortment of four different flavoured chocolates: 1) Gold Digger Dynamite, 2) The Rocky Road Of Love, 3) Cookie Crumb Mon-Star and 4) The Chocolate Extremist.

The sole reason I bought the box was because it was on offer. To be frank, I thought that (given Chokablok describe themselves as a ‘luxury’ company) it looked cheap and tacky. £3 isn’t a lot of money for a box of 12 chocolates, so I thought that they represented decent value for money…but luxury they were not. In fact, in a big purple box with a see through window, I’d categorise the presentation as closer to novelty than luxury myself.
As for the chocolates themselves, I’l review them on an individual basis. This is the first variety box of chocolates I’ve taken a look at, and if I give them each their moment in the spotlight, I’m hoping that the review will be more all encompassing and useful for readers. Any thoughts on the format though- fire away!
So first we have the Gold Digger Dynamite:
Chokablok describe this as “gooey caramel locked in a thick milk chocolate shell, studded with crunchy chunks of honeycomb and drizzled with white chocolate.”
First and foremost, the milk chocolate shell was surprisingly thick and of a decent quality. Some chocolates crack open as soon as you touch them, but the outer layer’s thickness meant that you really had to bite into the chocolate to get to the ‘gooey caramel’ centre.
The caramel middle was indeed gooey- a very similar colour and consistency to the Cadbury’s Daily Milk Caramel. Sadly Chokablok couldn’t mirror the taste of Cadbury however, as this caramel was limited to say the least. Had it been a bit buttery, this could have been really enjoyable, but there was no flavour development whatsoever.
The honeycomb pieces were a nice idea, but were utterly drowned out by the other components of the Gold Digger Dynamite. Without the crunch of the honeycomb, this was essentially just a basic caramel chocolate.
2) The second chocolate in this Chokablok box was The Rocky Road Of Love.
If you’re a bit bemused as to the weird shape, the odd looking dome you’ll see in the photo above is a marshmallow poking out from the chocolate. This Rocky Road themed chocolate is “milk chocolate truffle and marshmallow in a thick milk chocolate shell with crunchy shortcake balls and drizzles of dark chocolate.”
This was just a bit bland and disappointing really. The dominant flavour, as you’d expect from reading the description, was milk chocolate. With a milk chocolate truffle centre, and a thick shell made from milk chocolate as well, neither of the other flavour aspects stood a chance.
Simply, there was just too much chocolate here (and you won’t hear me saying that too often!) The shortcake pieces could not be tasted at all, and failed to change the consistency up. Rather than really crunchy biscuit, they were a bit soggy and just wilted as you bit into them.
The one interesting aspect of the chocolate was the marshmallow lump. Squidgy and chewy, it meant that the Rocky Road Of Love did at least have a slight variety of texture. Marshmallow and chocolate go together quite well in my opinion (Teacakes are awesome with a cup of tea) and whilst the marshmallow didn’t taste of anything in this instance, it did keep my brain a little more engaged. Rather than “oh great, more bog standard milk chocolate” I was thinking “what the devil is this”… for a split second at least.
All in all, the Rocky Road Of Love was just a bit boring. The milk chocolate is ok, but I’ve grown up being told that Rocky Road is LOADED with all sorts of bits and bobs thrown into it. Whereas with just a few tasteless shortcake balls and a small marshmallow on top, this didn’t cut the mustard for me.
3) The third chocolate in the box was the Cookie Crumb Mon-Star.
The only predominantly white chocolate offering in the box, this was “thick white chocolate filled with our creamy white truffle and packed with mini chocolate chips, milk chocolate stars and cookie crumbs.” Having just read a similar description with the Rocky Road chocolate but with milk chocolate instead of white chocolate, hopes were not high for this as a result. White chocolate (even good white chocolate) is obviously very, very sweet. And that description sounded like a hell of a lot of white chocolate to me!
Sadly those initial fears were pretty much all correct.
This was horribly sugary, to the point of my throat getting a burning sensation after swallowing the chocolate.
There are a couple of redeeming features in spite of the poor taste. The truffle centre is a nice contrast in texture against the firmer outer shell, and the cookie pieces deliver a little crunch and crispiness albeit no real cookie flavour.
The milk chocolate stars are attractive from the outside but can’t be tasted, whilst the choc-chips are in a similar boat… aesthetically quite nice (the colour contrast of darker milk chocolate against white chocolate) but not noticeable to the taste buds.
It was a pretty bad chocolate to be brutally honest.
4) Finally we had the sole dark chocolate in the box; The Chocolate Extremist.
Chokablok’s packaging told me that this was “a thick dark chocolate with a gooey chocolate caramel centre, sprinkled with mini brownie pieces and drizzles of milk chocolate.”
This chocolate was undoubtedly the best of the lot for me. The dark chocolate shell was enjoyable, with the 70% cocoa it offered coming through nicely. That semi bitterness contrasted very nicely to the rich centre; the chocolate caramel blend was well balanced, with neither component too overpowering. In fact the chocolate caramel centre in The Chocolate Extremist was my favourite thing in the entire box.
The brownie pieces on top were a let-down. Which was a shame because the rest of this chocolate was pretty good; the pleasant dark chocolate shell and the rich and gooey centre.
This box of chocolates from Chokablok was really disappointing. They describe themselves as a ‘luxury’ company on their website, but these chocolates are a huge way short of being luxury. They’re not inedible, but they are extremely average and just a bit ‘meh’ really.
The Chocolate Extremist was enjoyable, but the other three options in the box were all flops. The various toppings (honeycomb, brownie pieces, choc-chips, shortcake balls etc) sounded delicious but were all decorative at best, failing to offer anything at all to the actual taste of the chocolates.
You generally buy boxes of chocolates to give to people as presents. I can safely say that if I were given a box of these as a gift in the future, I’d be disappointed. It’s not just that I wouldn’t buy them again, but I wouldn’t even want them for free…which is a pretty damning indictment of the Chokablok box.
Rating- 5.8/10.

2 responses to “Chokablok Assorted Box


    July 3, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    Your posts make me hungry! I love your photography too, this is something I really must work on! I personally love Chokablok chocolate but haven't seen this gift box before. I know you mentioned the ice creams, have you tried any of them? Peanut Butter Nutter is heavenly!

  2. The Snack Review

    July 3, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    Hey Hannah,Yeah, i've tried their Peanut Butter Nutter. Well- i've tried both the one out of the tub and the one on a stick! I loved the peanut butter flavoured ice cream and chocolate covered peanuts, but the chocolate ice cream didn't do much for me. I wish we had more peanut-y ice creams here in England. In fact just peanut butter flavoured things in general. Damn those lucky Yanks who have a peanut butter version of everything!And i'l keep trying my best to make you hungry with the photos! 😉


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