Hershey’s Reese’s Whoppers

11 Jul

I picked these up from Cyber Candy’s Covent Garden store last week. Whoppers are an American candy very similar to Maltesers- a malt middle surrounded in milk chocolate. These are the Reese’s peanut butter variety- so these Reese’s Whoppers from Hershey’s were a malt middle with a coating of what was described on the box as ‘peanut butter flavoured’ covering.  

I’ve never eaten Whoppers before so I didn’t have a clue what to expect. The only thing I know about Whoppers is A) they look exactly like Maltesers, and B) they always seem to be eating them in American cinemas in films. Any American readers with more to add on them, please feel free to comment and further my Whopper related knowledge!
I’m in two minds about Reese’s peanut butter stuff. From my experience, it can be quite enjoyable to munch on if you’re not really concentrating. However if you’re actually looking, smelling and tasting what you’re eating…well, it’s not that great. All the words you associate with poor quality confectionary (oily, greasy, waxy etc) normally seem to apply unfortunately. They have made a few really tasty things as well though, so as far as I was concerned, these had the potential to be decent (well, obviously…otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them!)
The box was a bit retro looking. ‘Whoppers’ in 80’s style writing and some really badly drawn cartoony drawings on the Whoppers themselves…I should hate it, but it actually kind of works for me! Like I say, the outer design has a cool retro look to it. You can tell I really liked the packaging because I picked it off the shelf in Cyber Candy and bought it. For those of you who have never been into one of their stores before, it’s like a Willy Wonka inspired dream- the walls are rammed, head to toe, with wacky chocolates and sweets from all over the globe. So for me to see these and actually buy them shows that product’s look is a success.
The slightly more bizarre thing is that the box smelt. It was a pleasant smell, but a little unnerving because if a packet/box/bag is sealed, you shouldn’t be able to smell the contents! After opening the box up at one end, it became apparent why the Whoppers’ aroma was leaking out- they were loose in the box. That, for me, was a major packaging fail- it’s a huge hygiene problem if the Whoppers are ‘open’. Perhaps the law is different or something, but in the UK, products are always either sealed in a box, or in a sealed bag inside an unsealed box. The USA seems to have different rules on that one.
They didn’t smell of peanut butter at all. The smell wasn’t of anything in particular, just a gentle, generic sugary scent. It was actually an enticing smell, although I had expected and hoped for a stronger nutty element being really honest.
 The Whoppers themselves, as you’ll see above, weren’t exactly beautiful! In fact they looked a bit grim really. The dull mustard colour didn’t really do much for me, and the specks in the coating made me think of vomit as much as anything! (I bet you didn’t expect to see the word vomit appearing on this website!)
The Whopper centre was, as suspected, very similar to that of our British sweet, the Malteser. The middle was extremely crunchy at first, but as it was so airy (each Whopper is very light) it melted in the mouth very quickly. All in all, I enjoyed the malted middle- there wasn’t a huge malt flavour present, but it was a lovely texture with the initially crunchy ball dissolving away and leaving a pleasant sweet after taste.
Of course though, the key flavour here is in the coating- these are Reese’s variety Peanut Butter Whoppers, so it is their peanut butter element which is the most interesting part.
It’s mixed news. These Whoppers didn’t have a nutty smell at all…the good news is, they delivered on flavour. The initial flavour was a slightly creamy, almost Caramac style, sweetness. There was almost a white chocolate taste to the coating to start off with, though this soon gave way to the nutty taste. That genuine peanut butter flavour then left an enjoyable salty finish in the mouth. (No sniggering over there!)
The downside is the textural element of the coating. Let’s be brutal- it’s absolutely gross. It’s like uber cheap chocolate; horribly waxy. It actually has a pleasant taste as described above, but it’s horrible to melt in your mouth. Crunch these in your mouth whole and they’re tasty and moreish but make the mistake of sucking on them and it’s like licking a bloody candle!
These Reese’s Whoppers were a satisfactory product to try as a novelty, one off snack. I’m glad I picked them up from Cyber Candy, and actually I thought, considering there were 53 (yes, I bothered to count them out just for you guys!) Whoppers in the box, the £2.40 the box cost me was very good value for an import product.
For British readers, ‘a nuttier Malteser’ is an ample and accurate description of these. They’re nowhere near as creamy as our Maltesers, but do have a delightful salty component which gives the flavour another dimension in my opinion. I’d probably prefer these to Maltesers, even though the waxy outer coating is a little unpleasant in textural terms.
I’d definitely eat these again; would I buy them? Probably not. It’s nice to experiment with new products and I’d encourage anybody to try them as a one-off, but they’re not remarkable enough to justify a repeat purchase amongst the mountains of fascinating import stuff available.
Rating- 7.0/10.

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