Mars Milky Way

29 Jun

Where to start with the Milky Way? Well, probably my clearing up a bit of name ambiguity I guess. Here in Britain, we have a Milky Way made by Mars. In the United States, there is also a chocolate bar, made by bars and called a Milky Way. Now I know what you’re thinking (namely that they must be the same bar and I’m an idiot for rambling on about it). Well you’d be wrong.

You see, the American Milky Way is what us Brits would call a Mars bar- a layer of nougat, covered with caramel and then milk chocolate. The BRITISH Milky Way (that I’m reviewing today) is “milk chocolate with a light whipped white centre”.
I would attempt to explain what the planetary Milky Way is as well, but to be frank: 1) this would be immensely boring, and 2) I did my Physics GCSE a long time ago and probably couldn’t tell you what it was even if I wanted to try!
Our Milky Ways are very much viewed as kid’s chocolate. To prove that point, I hadn’t eaten one in a long time before picking a bar up for this review.
The wrapper design plays on the shared name, using a ‘space’ theme. Stars surround the bar name which is in the style of an actual, planetary, Milky Way. It’s a nice idea in my opinion- alright, it isn’t going to teach kids anything about planets or the solar system, but at least there is a theme here.
The other thing I liked about the Milky Way is the serving style- there are two smaller bars in the wrapper, as you’ll see in the accompanying photo above. This gives you the option of eating it in one go or in two. Actually giving you two mini bars means that, if you decide to stop half way through and save the rest for later, you don’t have to try and fold the wrapper over a half chewed and sticky bar which ALWAYS ends in disaster and results in the second half of the bar ending up as a squished mess!
The smell was very much like the bar name. Milky. Dairy notes came through very strongly, although it was just a general creaminess rather than any distinct smell. I have no idea what the middle of a Milky Way is made up of (the wrapper just describes it as a “light whipped white centre” which, apart from sounding a bit dirty, doesn’t help much!) but it had that strong milky aroma as well as some sugary sweetness coming through.
To be up front about the taste, I hadn’t eaten one for a while until this review, and I’l be unlikely to eat one again especially soon. I didn’t hate it, but it just wasn’t as exciting as it seemed when I was growing up. I found the Milky Way to just be a bit one dimensional in terms of the flavour.
First up, the milk chocolate. It is incredibly sweet and barely tastes of actual ‘chocolate’ at all. There is a slight creaminess to it, but virtually no cocoa taste at all. It’s a much worse version of Mars’ Galaxy milk chocolate I think.
The middle part, as mentioned, is odd. If any of you have ever tried or seen a U.S ‘Three Musketeers’ bar, it’s vaguely similar to that.
As you’ll see in the above photo, the centre is very fluffy. It is an uber light nougat I think. Flavour wise, it’s uncomplicated but strangely addictive. It melts in the mouth very quickly, dissolving away and leaving you with an unsubtle aftertaste of sugar.
I ate both mini bars very easily as they’re so light that they don’t take much eating at all for a grown man. That said, one of these bars would be more than suitable for a child in my opinion.
In the above photo, I removed the chocolate covering so you can all see exactly what the middle looks like.
I’m not going to buy too many Milky Ways in the future for myself. The whipped and fluffy centre is actually quite pleasant, but the milk chocolate coating is really poor and bland to say the least.
The Milky Way as a whole is just lacking something. There isn’t much texture to it (which explains why it isn’t particularly satisfying) and the chocolate and whipped centre melt away so quickly. Additionally, there is a lack of flavour dimensions; this can be summarised perfectly with the words ‘sweet and milky’. There is no other flavour involved at all which is disappointing.
 Children continue to love Milky Ways. And I’m more than happy to leave them to it.
Rating- 6.6/10.

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