Heavenly Cakes Lumpy Bumpy Brownie

22 Jun

Concluding this week’s five Heavenly Cakes’ reviews, we have their ‘Lumpy Bump Brownie’. I’ve eaten a lot of cake this week (it’s a tough life right?!) but after testing their delightful brownie earlier in the week- when trying their ‘Billionaire’s Brownie’- making room for another slice was not a problem at all!

The Lumpy Bumpy Brownie is jam packed with just about everything…other than jam I guess. It has (in the form of fruit, nuts and chocolate) three of the four vital food groups. Heavenly Cakes just need to stick some alcohol in there now to complete the set…
What is it exactly though? Well the bottom two layers are exactly the same as the Billionaire’s Brownie- a rich chocolate brownie topped with caramel. After how great the Billionaire’s Brownie was, that was a great start to proceedings. It is the layer above the brownie and caramel which is where it kicks off here though- there are cherries, pecan nuts and huge chunks of brownie slathered in more chocolate. As you can see from the photos, the name ‘Lumpy Bumpy Brownie’ is a very apt description of how the cake looks. (As is the point I think!)
There are bits and pieces sticking out everywhere and it’s a pretty eccentric looking cake to say the least! The presentation is something which certain types of people will absolutely love, and others won’t. Whether you prefer the style of the Billionaire’s Brownie or the Lumpy Bumpy Brownie probably has a lot to do with your personality.
What do I mean by that?
Look down at yours clothes. Do they match? If they do, you’re probably going to lean towards the Billionaire’s Brownie. If, however, you’re wearing odd socks or your clothes are a mish-mash of colours…I think you’re more of a Lumpy Bumpy type of guy/girl!
The smells were once again mouth-watering. If Heavenly Cakes could bottle that deep and rich brownie aroma, it would definitely sell as a perfume. I’m being serious- I can categorically state that I would date a girl who smelt of these brownies! As well as the cocoa notes, there was also a nutty element too, I presume coming from the crunchy looking pecans.
Before we move onto the tasting, just look at the photo above one last time. Towards the left of the cake, you’ll see a brownie base covered with caramel…and then another giant chunk of brownie…and then covered in Belgian milk chocolate. I don’t think you can get much more indulgent than this!
As from Tuesday’s review, the brownie was once again delicious. It had that same lovely deep cocoa flavour, and was nice and moist as well.
The caramel was also successful once more, although it only came through in some of the bites (as is likely to be the case with as many different ingredients as this cake!) A mouthful with all of the toppings (brownie x2, cherries and nuts) drowned the caramel, however it could be tasted for the most part.
For the brownie chunks on top, see the comments on the brownie base- absolutely delicious. It’s strange, but in a good way, to take a bite of a cake which has two layers of brownie in it!
The fruit and nut components offered a nice change in texture as well as flavour. The cherries were sticky and chewy, whilst the pecans were crunchy. Taste wise, the cherry bits were crucial, as their sharpness and tanginess cut through the very rich brownie and sweet caramel. The pecans brought a gentle nutty aftertaste to the cake rather than delivering an in your face ‘nut-punch’.
I loved the randomness of the flavour whilst eating the Lumpy Bumpy Brownie. No two mouthfuls were ever the same, which I think is really cool. For instance my first bite delivered brownie, caramel and crunchy pecans. The very next, on the other hand, was dominated by a slightly acidic and tart chewy cherry. It’s great to see products which are ‘alive’ in this regard. There is nothing worse in the food world than stale produce which lack innovation.
The ‘bit of everything’ nature of the Lumpy Bumpy Brownie is both a major strength and weakness. If you like simplicity, this isn’t for you- there are so many different flavours and textures in every bite that you have to love variety to love the Lumpy Bumpy. If you want great quality but also simplicity, I’d recommend the Billionaire’s Brownie instead.  
However if you are the type of person who eats a couple of Revels/Mars Planets at the same time to mix the flavours up, then this is probably perfect for you- it’s fresh, it’s tasty and most of all it’s alive with a multitude of flavours and textures.
Which one do I prefer? I’d probably lean slightly to the Billionaire’s Brownie myself. However that is my personal preference for simplicity; one thing impossible to deny is that both of the products from Heavenly Cakes are of an extremely high quality and both are hugely enjoyable to eat.
Hopefully you guys have enjoyed reading the five Heavenly Cakes reviews this week. The company have impressed me with the variety of cakes they offer, and the quality of ingredients with which they bake. I would thoroughly recommend giving their stuff a try.
Rating- 8.6/10.

One response to “Heavenly Cakes Lumpy Bumpy Brownie

  1. Jay

    February 15, 2014 at 12:52 am

    And here is the tasty cake in all its glory ^^


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