Heavenly Cakes Very Berry Meringue

21 Jun

Today I’m bringing you yet more variety from Heavenly Cakes- in the form of their Very Berry Meringue. It’s made up of a shortbread bottom covered with mixed berry jam, and then topped with a thick layer of white chocolate and meringue pieces.

I think it looks tremendous. As with the Lindt Strawberry Intense bar reviewed a couple of weeks back, this cake is the colour of summer. There is something about the red and white colours together (even though I’m a Sheffield Wednesday fan!) which just looks great; the Eton Mess style colour scheme working yet again on this product.

Earlier in the week I reviewed Heavenly Cakes’ Billionaires Brownie, which was adorned with white chocolate buttons. The white chocolate was overpowered by the other, stronger (and delicious!) flavours on that cake, so I was interested to review this Very Berry Meringue, as the white chocolate here is a dominant flavour.

This was also my first experience of the Heavenly Cakes’ shortbread, which Jim at Jim’s Chocolate Mission has rated very highly in the past. It certainly looked appetising; crumbly and golden.
Scent wise, this was nice. The creamy white chocolate along with the buttery smell from the shortbread definitely ‘did it’ for me. As I’ve said on here before, when white chocolate is done well, I really, REALLY enjoy it. Hopes were high here given the standards Heavenly Cakes had set with their other products this week.

There weren’t many fruity notes, but I had been expecting that- white chocolate and shortbread are both intense and muscular ingredients. It was like Mr. Bean getting into a boxing ring with Mike Tyson.
I thought that the make- up of the cake seemed about right- the jam layer looks fairly thin relative to the layers above and below it, however jam is one of those foods which is stronger than it looks in my opinion- a little bit of jam is normally enough.
The first surprising thing I’l say about the taste is about an ingredient I haven’t mentioned thus far- the scattering of cranberries on top. They’re so small, but so damn fruity, sweet and juicy.
The jam layer you can see in the photo above was also terrific- it brought sharpness and zing to the cake. The amount was sufficient as well- strong enough to ensure the Very Berry Meringue was indeed ‘very berry’, and also taking the edge off the sweetness of the white chocolate.
The shortbread base was well executed by Heavenly Cakes- as the smell suggested, it was pleasantly buttery and not too sweet. The tart mixed berry jam worked in combination with the semi-savoury shortbread to balance against the white chocolate and meringue topping.
The meringue pieces aren’t a strong flavour, but their texture is one of the nicest elements of the overall cake. The line between ‘chewiness’ and ‘sogginess’ is a VERY fine one. And nobody in the world wants to eat soggy meringue. Heavenly Cakes absolutely nail it though; the meringue pieces are chewy without being too wet or dry. It’s a wonderful texture when you bite into the cake; the crunch of the shortbread, the moist jam and then the firm white chocolate and chewy meringue mixed together. There is a bit of everything going on.
Left until last, deliberately, is the white chocolate element. Given my views on most white chocolate, I’m sure you’re all fearing the worst at this point.

I’m delighted to say that this is in fact, one of the best white chocolates I can recall eating. Many white chocolates taste the same; brutal sugar and nothing else. Heavenly Cakes’ white chocolate is miles away from that however- it has a smooth melt which most white chocolate doesn’t. Additionally, it has more to taste than just sugar, with there being milk and vanilla flavours present.

It’s, simply put, delicious.

Overall, this couldn’t be any more perfect for the summer season. (Not that I’d be turning it down in the winter either!) The other products reviewed this week have been big, heavy flavours. The Heavenly Cakes’ brownie, for instance, is delectable but not suitable when it’s 30 degrees outside. The Very Berry Meringue is the antithesis of those richer and ‘heavier’ cakes that Heavenly Cakes produce.

Delicate and light, this was seriously enjoyable. Heavenly Cakes’ range has really impressed me so far this week, and the Very Berry Meringue is a fine part of it; tangy fruit, buttery shortbread, chewy meringue and great white chocolate. I’d definitely recommend this.

Tomorrow I’l have the final instalment of my daily Heavenly Cakes reviews. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed them so far.


Rating- 8.6/10.

2 responses to “Heavenly Cakes Very Berry Meringue

  1. Grocery Gems

    July 1, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    Hi, I love your descriptions for these Heavenly Cakes and your photos are just divine! The Very Berry Meringue especially looks gorgeous. Yum. Great review 🙂

  2. The Snack Review

    July 2, 2012 at 8:56 am

    Thanks for your kind words!Dave


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