Heavenly Cakes Baked Chocolate Cheesecake

20 Jun

It’s a slightly unnerving moment when you open up a chocolate product and it smells of cheese. It’s an experience I’ve had twice in a short space of time now as well; first with the Philadelphia Cadbury and now with the Baked Chocolate Cheesecake from Heavenly Cakes.

As you will see above, Heavenly Cakes swirl chocolate and cream cheese, and then bake it on top of a crumbly biscuit base.
This was one of the more intriguing products that Nigel and Maeve sent me to review. I mean, let’s face it- brownies, flapjack and the like are ‘normal’ things. You see people eating them on a regular basis; in the office, on the tube or wherever you happen to be. Chocolate and cheese, on the other hand, is out of the ordinary.
And that’s why it interested me so much- when you see as many products to review as I do, you start to seek out the strange and more unorthodox.
The look didn’t do much for me, I have to say. The marbling effect of the dark (chocolate) and light (cream cheese) is a nice idea, but it appeared to be too mushy and battered to me; would I have picked this off a shelf (well, out of a fridge in this instance)? No, probably not- I would have plumped for the Billionaire’s Brownie being honest. However that is an occupational hazard of cream cheese I think- it can be smashed around and squidged a bit.
I got the feeling straight away that this was going to be one of those ‘marmite’ products that would divide opinion. When it came down to the ‘A-Team’ testing (once again consisting of myself, brother, sister and mother) that proved to be exactly the case.
As mentioned earlier, the strongest scents coming from this were without doubt the cheesy notes. The smell was akin to Philadelphia cream cheese; very ‘dairy’ heavy with real creaminess coming through. There were a few hints of rich cocoa coming from the chocolate, but the emphasis was far more on the cheese than the chocolate.
So, with the family congregated around this slab of Baked Chocolate Cheesecake, the tasting began.
And, as predicted, some loved it and some hated it.
I thought the top was absolutely dreamy. The creaminess of the cheese is delightful, and those dairy flavours are sweet and very, very light. That is in stark contrast to the very rich chocolate, which is heavy and dark. It was the classic Yin and Yang concept for me. The two flavours’ success was mutually dependent on the other; the chocolate alone would have been too bitter, and the cheese alone too sickly. Swirl the two together and you’ve got (what I thought was) a winner.
The slight disappointment for me was the biscuit base- rather than offering a firmness to the cake, it was too moist and a tad soggy, meaning that, when bit into, the gooeyness of the cheesecake topping didn’t have any textural contrast. It was just one texture all the way through.
My sister took two bites and wouldn’t try anymore! She thought that the flavours just didn’t work; with the cheese and chocolate clashing rather than working together. Nick, my brother, wasn’t convinced by the texture- in his opinion the topping was slightly ‘mealy’ and lacking a smoothness of melt.  Both of them agreed with me that the biscuit base needed more crunch to it.
This is the part when I sum a product up. I honestly don’t know quite where to start with the Baked Chocolate Cheesecake from Heavenly Cakes.
I enjoyed it. Would I buy it again? Probably. I thought that the gooey, cheesecake topping was delicious and I could forgive the slightly wet biscuit underneath I enjoyed it so much.
Other members of my family were not convinced at all though. My sister thought that I was insane for liking it. I thought that she was insane for disliking it.
Ultimately, it’s a product which HAS to be tried if you eat cheesecake. It is a really clever idea from Heavenly Cakes; an utterly unique product I think, as I’ve never seen a snack like this anywhere else before.
Rating- 7.9/10.

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