Heavenly Cakes Billionaire’s Brownie

19 Jun

Continuing on with the daily reviews on Heavenly Cakes’ produce, we have their ‘award winning’ Billionaire’s Brownie.

The Heavenly Cakes’ Billionaire’s Brownie is a chocolate brownie base, covered with a layer of caramel, and then topped with Belgian milk chocolate. On top of ALL of that, are a couple of large white chocolate discs as you’ll see above.
The company proudly describe this product on their website as the ‘award winning’ Billionaire’s Brownie. Whilst it certainly sounded like an award winning combination (come on- chocolate brownie, caramel and TWO types of chocolate!)I did wonder if it might become too sweet and rich. All of those flavours are normally big, bold and sweet.
The look was pretty attractive I thought. The brownie was moist looking and ‘squidged’ when pressed- which usually the sign of a good chocolate brownie from my experience. When you pick a brownie up, tap it on a table and it makes a ‘thud’ sound, you’ve got problems! The caramel was once again a mouth-wateringly golden colour as was the case with the Marathon Flapjack yesterday. The white chocolate buttons were a pleasing contrast on top- every other component of the Brownie was dark and heavy looking; the white buttons just brightening it up nicely.
After assembling my ‘A-Team’ of tasting (myself, my brother, sister and mother…not sure which one of us is BA Baracus!) we moved on to the next two sensory experiences- the smelling and tasting.
We all thought it smelt great. It had an amazingly rich aroma. The only smell, overpowering and enticing, was of deep and dark (and dangerous!) chocolate brownie.
Rubbish brownies are sadly all around- you know the kind; you’re at a school bake sale, one of the child’s mothers thinks that she is a bit of a Delia, and then you bite into the brownie she has made and find out that it tastes like an old shoe.
Well, Heavenly Cakes can certainly bake a brownie, and in doing so win the Snack Review award for ‘not being like one of those mums who thinks she can bake when she really can’t.’ (Catchy name for an award right?)
The words that my carefully assembled family tasting team used most to describe the taste were ‘gorgeous’, ‘moist’ and ‘moreish’.
The bottom layer of brownie tasted as it smelt. Tremendously deep and dark, it had enjoyable cocoa notes. I wouldn’t go as far as ‘bitter’ to describe the darkness of the chocolate, but it was significantly less sweet than most chocolate brownies are. That is the sign of quality ingredients I think- the darker chocolate in the brownie had a genuine depth of flavour.
Those deep and rich flavours were balanced against the sweeter elements of the Billionaire’s Brownie- the milk chocolate and caramel.
The Belgian milk chocolate covering offered a much lighter and milkier chocolate taste than the base layer brownie. It was also a good consistency; all of us agreeing that it was nice to have something to ‘get your teeth into’ when biting into the Billionaire’s Brownie.
The undoubted start of the show (in spite of the terrific brownie) for us was the caramel though- the flavour was buttery but never too heavy and sickly. It was gorgeously soft and smooth as well; slowly melting away in the mouth.
I’ve barely seen a negative review of a Heavenly Cakes product anywhere, and that trend continues with this Billionaire’s Brownie. It was mint. (That’s mint in ‘young person speak’…for you ‘olden daysers’, translation: very good! J)
My family could understand exactly why this is an award winner- the dark, moist brownie goes well with the sweeter milk chocolate topping. It’s worth buying just for the caramel though really which annihilates most other caramels on the market. The only (ever so slight) disappointment was that the white chocolate buttons on top were decorative and didn’t add to the flavour. However I’l be reviewing a Heavenly Cakes white chocolate product later this week, which will allow me to comment on the quality of the white chocolate more fairly.
This was great from Heavenly Cakes (again), and even better than the Marathon Flapjack reviewed yesterday. I’l have another Heavenly Cakes review for you guys tomorrow.
Rating- 8.8/10.

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