Heavenly Cakes Marathon Flapjack

18 Jun

Heavenly Cakes are a company based in Hertfordshire, England. They offer a huge, varied selection of cakes and tray bakes, which can be bought by the whole tray, or individually wrapped. I first saw them on the blog ‘Jim’s Chocolate Mission’ and was delighted when Nigel and Maeve sent across some samples for me to review. I’l be reviewing a different product from them every day this week…and first up, we have the Marathon Flapjack.

What is it? Well a base layer of flapjack is covered with caramel, and then a layer of milk chocolate. Then a few pecans are liberally scattered on top as well. Fans of the Marathon Bar (or a Snickers as it is today) will be wondering where the ‘Marathon’ element comes into it? The answer to that is that Heavenly Cakes add peanut butter to the flapjack layer.
I think that’s terrific myself. As a huge fan of peanuts and peanut butter, I think it is massively underused in the British market. American companies seem to have a peanut butter version of just about everything they sell, whereas in England we’re offered a Snickers, Peanut M&M’s and now a Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunky as reviewed last week. That’s about it. So fans of peanut butter- this product will interest you for sure.
The serving size of the Marathon Flapjack is generous to say the least! Its tall, it’s wide, and it’s long. One of these would easily serve two people, or maybe even three dependent on appetites. I’m sure Heavenly Cakes chose the name Marathon Flapjack as a homage to the old Marathon Bar, but the word marathon could also be used to describe the effort needed to eat this on your own!
Luckily the company sells individually packaged cakes as you’ll see above. This means, should you be unable to eat the cake in a single sitting, it is really easy to fold the wrapper over the remainder of the cake and save it for later.
Hopefully the photos accompanying this review will capture just how tasty it looked. The thick layer of golden caramel was trying to escape the sandwich between the sticky flapjack and firm milk chocolate topping.
To be honest, it normally takes a lot of effort to get decent photos of the snacks I’m reviewing. Quite often the product looks dull or stale. Thankfully, the photos hardly took me any time at all because this looked magnificent in virtually every shot. I say ‘thankfully’ because that meant I could move onto the eating stage quicker than normal!
After opening up the wrapper, I was met with the powerful smell of sweet flapjack. There wasn’t a strong smell of nuts which disappointed me a tad, but as sweet smells tend to dominate more savoury scents, I wasn’t overly concerned.
I was right not to be concerned. This was superb.
There were beautiful combinations, and contrasts, in both flavour and texture throughout the Marathon Flapjack.
The first bite into the Marathon Flapjack offered so much; my mouth didn’t know what was going on! Sweet, salty, chewy, melt in the mouth, firm and soft. There was ALL of that going on at the same time.
The flapjack was sticky and tremendously chewy. The caramel layer was delicious. Remarkably soft and smooth, it offers a pleasant sweetness but isn’t overbearing as soft caramel can often be. As a combination, the two were good together- the initial saltiness of the peanut butter element fading away to an aftertaste of sweet and slightly syrupy flapjack.  
The milk chocolate topping is reasonable enough. To be fair, it was never likely to be the star of the show when up against the strong flavours of flapjack, peanut butter and caramel. It did give the snack another dimension though- with the soft caramel and soft (ish) flapjack, there was a danger of this being too mushy. The solid chocolate and crunchy pecan covering stopped that happening though. The pecans in particular were a great success- fresh and crunchy; exactly how nuts should be.
This is a super product from Heavenly Cakes. Starting the week-long daily review of their products with the Marathon Flapjack has made me optimistic for the other 4 products of theirs I have coming up.
The reason for the success of this flapjack is probably the great balance between the varying textures and flavours involved. Texture-wise, there is the chewy flapjack, soft and dreamy caramel and firm milk chocolate. Then with crunchy pecans thrown in as well, there is everything texturally you could want in a bar- it melts, chews, crunches AND bites. How many things offer all of those?!
The flavours are also handled well- the salty peanut butter is initially prevalent, but gives way to the sweetness of the caramel and the flapjack before it becomes overly savoury. There was no depth of flavour from the chocolate, which could have been richer and darker, but I think that could potentially over complicate the Marathon Flapjack anyway. There are just enough different things going on already; one more flavour might ruin it.
Readers and members of the online reviewing/blogging community will have seen how Heavenly Cakes’ produce has already got very positive reviews. I can undoubtedly confirm that this is well deserved with the Marathon Flapjack. Check back every day this week to see if their other stuff reaches the same lofty heights.
Rating- 8.5/10.

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