Lindt Swiss Classic Double Milk

13 Jun

I love Kinder chocolate. That might seem like a strange way to start a review of a Lindt bar, but all will become clear over the next 2 minutes of you reading this.

This ‘Double Milk’ flavoured Lindt product comes described as ‘Swiss milk chocolate with a milky filling.’ Now, apart from sounding a bit dirty, I was intrigued as to what this actually meant when I picked this bar off the shelf.
I was hoping that this was an adult version of Kinder chocolate, carrying a more sophisticated image to it. For those of you who have never tasted it, Kinder chocolate is essentially a creamy centre covered by unbelievably sweet milk chocolate made by (who’d have thought it?!) Kinder. Me and my siblings went nuts for the stuff as children, and one of us will still occasionally pick up some of it for us all to enjoy.
The problem is though, Kinder chocolate is undoubtedly aimed at children. A 20 year old bloke like myself then has to weigh the situation up- can I buy it without looking overly stupid. (The answer to this question is normally dependent on A) the look of the shop assistant, B) the size of the queue and C) how accessible the shop exit is.)
Anyway, this is supposed to be a Lindt bar review so I’l get back to Lindt. The relevance of the rambling story above is that this bar seems to be remarkably similar to that produced by Kinder.
This was good news. Here is a product that would enable me to swagger up any shop counter and buy with absolute confidence.
After opening the bar up, I was amazed. The smell was odd to say the least. The scent was almost exactly the same as Caramac bar. The aroma was of sweet caramel and nothing else. Which struck me as a little strange given that this bar doesn’t have any caramel in it!
That didn’t concern me too much though. As commented on this blog before, I have always found that Lindt deliver quality chocolate.
So, ploughing on through the incredibly sickly smell, I popped half a square into my mouth.
Having done so, I can comfortably conclude that this is the single sweetest non- white chocolate I’ve eaten in my entire life. However it was also immensely enjoyable.
The milk chocolate covering is pretty sweet on its own. Upon checking the packaging, I was surprised to see that the cocoa solids were 30%- it sure didn’t taste it! The middle ‘milky filling’ was beautiful in small doses. Very creamy and smooth, it was much like a soft white chocolate. There was a slight vanilla flavour but fundamentally this bar is sugar and cream first; everything else second.
Put simply, the Double Milk bar from Lindt is dangerous. That is because it’s extremely tasty, but also one of the most sickly bars around if you overeat it.
The differences between this Lindt product and Kinder chocolate are few. The milk chocolate used by Lindt is of a higher quality and offers a little more than just a sugar assault on your taste buds. Additionally, the ‘milky filling’ does have a slightly more developed flavour than is the case with Kinder- there are hints of vanilla present here.
Make no mistake though, this bar is sugar and cream dominated. My sister even suggested that this bar was so sickly that it was prime diet chocolate! Her reasoning being (logically I guess) that whilst it is more-ish, it is so sweet and sickly that after two or three squares of it, your taste buds are crying out for a rest. Whilst I probably wouldn’t go as far as suggesting this stuff as a weight-loss tactic, both me and my brother found the same thing; eating this stuff in bulk is damn difficult.
All in all, the Double Milk bar from Lindt’s Swiss Classic range is very enjoyable in small amounts though. It is a creamy and sweet treat. If those are your favoured flavours, you’ll adore this product. (I’m thinking predominantly of Galaxy chocolate eaters here.
And best of all, because of Lindt’s more sophisticated and classy look on this bar, me and my siblings (as well as any other grown-up Kinder chocolate lovers out there!) can confidently walk into shops and buy it without looking weird. Sorry Kinder, as a result of me finding this product, you’ve lost a few customers who will now be buying this stuff when we want to feel sick on sugar!
Rating- 8.0/10.
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