Butlers Honeycomb Crisp

01 Jun

As far as I’m aware, Butlers are an Irish chocolate company based in Dublin. They seem to have their chocolates stocked in a couple of the supermarket chains but I haven’t seen it in many other places in England…making it all the more bizarre when I stumbled across this Honeycomb Crisp bar in a garden centre shop in rural Norfolk!

I shouldn’t really be surprised though- having visited quite a few of the rural garden centres out in Norfolk and Suffolk, I’ve realised that they only seem to deal in strange, unorthodox and occasionally extraordinary chocolate.
Butlers describe the bar as ‘milk chocolate with honeycomb and crisp rice pieces’.  These sorts of bars always tend to hit or miss in my experience. The element which has to be perfect is the ratio between chocolate and honeycomb. Too much chocolate and you can’t taste anything else; too much honeycomb and the bar becomes ‘bitty’ (not in the Little Britain sense!) and unpleasant.
After opening the simple looking wrapper, I was greeted with a rather neutral sight. As you’ll see below, it was impossible to guess how much of the honeycomb and crisp rice pieces there was in the bar. Sure, the picture on the wrapper suggests that the bar would be packed…but I ordered a Big Mac from McDonalds last week and that didn’t look anything like the picture either!
The bar smelt of uninspiring chocolate to be brutally honest. You know the type- chocolate that you can eat all day but not particularly enjoy.
However it was upon turning the bar over that things began to get interesting. After seeing the front of the Honeycomb Crisp bar, I assumed that this was going to suck. It just looked so dull, and smelt so dull.
Then I flipped it.
I’l admit to thinking ‘Thank the Lord, this bar might just be interesting yet!’
It was, as you’ll see above, packed with honeycomb and crispy pieces. Butlers call this the Honeycomb Crisp, and I’m not going to lie, I doubted the ‘crisp’ credentials of this to start off with.  Now my expectations were boosted once more.
One last fear remained. These crisp pieces needed to actually offer some texture. Where smaller businesses that I’ve tried (like Lucky’s, Heavenly Cakes and the Grown Up Chocolate Company etc) can easily deliver fresh products with really vivid flavours; larger companies often fail. So the chance of some soggy ‘crisp’ pieces remained a distinct possibility…basically like Rice Krispies which have been sat in milk for too long.
I’m delighted to say that Butlers more than deliver on taste here though. Let’s get the one negative out of the way first- the chocolate is decent enough but fairly unremarkable. It doesn’t offer a great deal of flavour; more just a sweet taste.
The best part of the Honeycomb Crisp, without doubt, is the texture. For me, the texture was perfect- as you bite in, you initially get the very crunchy ‘crisp pieces’ as promised. Then as the chocolate melts, the honeycomb flavour becomes apparent and combines nicely with the sweet chocolate. There was potential for the bar to become overly sweet; with both honeycomb and low- cocoa solids milk chocolate. However the crispy element breaks up the soft and sweet dominance.
This bar isn’t particularly subtle or clever. Yet it is most definitely enjoyable. The reason for that is the textural success- Butlers have nailed it. The list of ingredients gives the crispy pieces as 5% of the total bar. That doesn’t seem like much, but it is the perfect amount; just enough that the bar has a pleasant crunch and isn’t too sweet, but never dominating the bar either.
I don’t too often see products from Butlers as mentioned at the start of this review. Having now eaten this Honeycomb Crisp from them, I’m certainly going to be keeping an eye out for their stuff in the future. If you see this Honeycomb Crisp bar whilst out and about, give it a try- you won’t be disappointed.
Rating- 8.3/10.
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