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Mars Milky Way

Where to start with the Milky Way? Well, probably my clearing up a bit of name ambiguity I guess. Here in Britain, we have a Milky Way made by Mars. In the United States, there is also a chocolate bar, made by bars and called a Milky Way. Now I know what you’re thinking (namely that they must be the same bar and I’m an idiot for rambling on about it). Well you’d be wrong.


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Cadbury Choc’ Full Of Popcorn

I don’t know what it is about living out ‘in the sticks’, but new products seem to take aaaages to arrive here. This new popcorn product from Cadbury had seemingly arrived on shelves all over the country apart from Norwich. However at long last I found a bag in Tesco last week, on introductory offer for £1.


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Hotel Chocolat Raspberry Jam Truffles

Hotel Chocolat have sprung from nowhere in the last few years. The high street chocolate market had always been dominated by Thorntons, but Hotel Chocolat (at a slightly different price range) has taken Thorntons to pieces. The reason for that is the mixture of good quality products, but also fresh ideas. Hotel Chocolat manages to create new and exciting food every year, and these Raspberry Jam Truffles followed that trend.


Heavenly Cakes Lumpy Bumpy Brownie


Concluding this week’s five Heavenly Cakes’ reviews, we have their ‘Lumpy Bump Brownie’. I’ve eaten a lot of cake this week (it’s a tough life right?!) but after testing their delightful brownie earlier in the week- when trying their ‘Billionaire’s Brownie’- making room for another slice was not a problem at all!


Heavenly Cakes Very Berry Meringue

Today I’m bringing you yet more variety from Heavenly Cakes- in the form of their Very Berry Meringue. It’s made up of a shortbread bottom covered with mixed berry jam, and then topped with a thick layer of white chocolate and meringue pieces.


Heavenly Cakes Baked Chocolate Cheesecake

It’s a slightly unnerving moment when you open up a chocolate product and it smells of cheese. It’s an experience I’ve had twice in a short space of time now as well; first with the Philadelphia Cadbury and now with the Baked Chocolate Cheesecake from Heavenly Cakes.


Heavenly Cakes Billionaire’s Brownie

Continuing on with the daily reviews on Heavenly Cakes’ produce, we have their ‘award winning’ Billionaire’s Brownie.