Aero Orange

28 May

I love those £1 introductory offers that shops use. In fact, truth be told, I guess I’m a bit of a sucker for them. Which means (at the moment, given the Jubilee celebrations) I’m buying A LOT of stuff with union jacks on it! This review is one of the rare products which wasn’t draped in red, white and blue wrapping.

The 40g Aero Orange bar wasn’t quite in the £1 range, setting me back 58p; apparently a special offer although it seemed about a normal price to me. Anyway, I digress.
I don’t eat Aeros very often; I’ve always chosen the Wispa over the Aero when I’ve fancied some aerated chocolate. However the words ‘limited edition’ on this wrapper lured me in, so Nestle won the battle for my money over Cadbury.
The outer wrapper was quite nice looking I have to say. The normal Aero wrapper (that is to say just milk chocolate) is a rather drab and boring affair; totally brown in colour. The bright orange colour on this contrasted nicely with the brown writing for me.

The bar was described as “Smooth milk chocolate filled with orange flavoured bubbles”. I’m not madly in love with orange flavoured chocolate- I’l have a piece or two of Terry’s Chocolate Orange at Christmas time (don’t most people) but the orange flavoured options in chocolate and biscuit selections aren’t my first pick.

I don’t dislike it either though, and my hopes for a good offering from Nestle were raised when I opened the packet. The smell was mouth-watering- extremely orangey but far less artificial than I had expected. It could actually be described as genuinely fruity! (Unfortunately a bit of a rarity with fruit flavoured chocolates from Cadbury/Mars/Nestle in my experience.)
I was also delighted, when I broke the perfectly sized pieces up, to see that the middle was actually orange too. There is something not right about eating (for example) strawberry flavour sweets when the supposedly ‘fruity’ middle is bleached white.
It tasted pretty nice too. I was undoubtedly better than I had predicted. I would compare it to the Terry’s Chocolate Orange in flavour, but (as you would expect given the Aero branding) this bar was much lighter and really melted in the mouth. The texture was actually superior to the Terry’s offering in my opinion.
The orange element was well executed by Nestle too- as with the smell, I feared that it would be that horrendous chemical tasting flavour. Not so. I’m not going to lie and claim that it tasted like eating fresh oranges, but it was a pretty decent attempt.
I only have one major criticism with the Aero Orange to be honest, which is (as with all aerated chocolate) that it isn’t much on a snack. As described earlier, the taste of this bar is very pleasant. However it is very much a bar you should eat for the (relatively good) flavour. If you need something more filling, this bar won’t cut it. Of all the adjectives to describe it, ‘substantial’ is about as far away from applicable as you can get!
This product is billed as limited edition by Nestle. Now many companies will use that slogan to sell chocolate, with every intention of adding it to the permanent range. I think that the Aero Orange is probably best left as a limited release myself- it is a decent bar; offering an orangey flavour which not many bars have. A perfect bar for a warm day when heavier alternatives like Boosts and Double Deckers seem unappetising.  However it isn’t quite good enough or unique enough to sell permanently.
A good attempt by Nestle.
Nutrition: (Per bar)
Calories- 221
Carbohydrates- 25.2g
Of which sugars- 24.9g
Fat- 12.3g
Of which saturated- 7.4g
Salt- 0.13g
Rating- 7.8/10.

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