Cadbury Snack Shortcake

23 May

I saw these lying on a shelf in the supermarket the other day, and thought i’d try them out. They are something that you don’t really see other people eating right?! I mean, walking around and seeing folks chowing down on a Mars, Twix, or Kit Kat is normal. The Snack Shortcake from Cadbury’s on the other hand isn’t really seen ‘out and about’ in my experience.

The Snack Shortcake is a very simple idea. And it is pretty much as you would guess from the name… shortcake biscuit enrobed in Cadbury’s milk chocolate.
To be honest, it’s quite lucky that I even found this to review, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I quite rarely see these on shelves. And secondly, I don’t really know what made me pick it up when I did see it- it isn’t packaged in a particularly attractive way, and the name is definitely lacking something.
None the less, the two biscuits arrived in satisfactory condition (i.e. they weren’t in bits!)
Opening the wrapper up, there was an enticing smell of milk chocolate. I’m a sucker for Cadbury’s so this was good news in my book. There was just a slight biscuity hint as well, although it wasn’t at all buttery which did make me doubt the shortcake credentials of this snack.
Those initial thoughts pretty much sum up the taste of the Cadbury’s Snack Shortcake.
The milk chocolate layer around the biscuit is nice, as is to be expected from Cadbury. It’s sweet, milky and generally enjoyable. However the biscuit is seriously lame. I was hoping for decent shortcake, which for me is a crumbly, buttery biscuit. This middle didn’t deliver that at all though- it was so bland and didn’t offer much texture either; any hopes for a nice crunchy biscuit to contrast the softer chocolate were dashed. The biscuit wasn’t horrible; it was just ‘meh’.
The proportions on the Snack Shortcake were all wrong for me- it either needed to have more chocolate surrounding the biscuit, or less of the Shortcake. Had either of these been the case, it would have been less dry and more flavourful.
There were positives though. The nutritional information is a major one. I’m not huge on calorie counting and the like, but for those of you who are, a pack of these Shortcakes has only 105 calories. This is less than half of what an average chocolate bar contains, and much less than most bags of crisps and nuts. So if you’re craving a snack and fruit won’t cut it, these are probably worth a try with a cup of tea.
These things aren’t particularly good or bad. In fact everything about them is average I think- the branding; image; appearance; name; and taste are all just ordinary. By all means, give them a try, so long as you keep your expectations fairly low, and you won’t be let down.
Nutritional Information (per 2 biscuit packet):
Calories- 105
Sugars- 6.4g
Fat- 5.4g
Of which saturates- 2.9g

Salt- 0.13g

Score 6.5/10
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