15 May


The Twix has always been the mainstream bar, along with a Mars Bar, that I trust. When you walk into a newsagents or past a vending machine, you’re hungry and you’ve got a quid in your pocket, everybody has a ‘regular’ that they’ll turn to.

There is just something about the wrapper for a start. Shiny and golden, it always catches my eye whilst bars which offer similar elements (caramel and biscuit) get ignored. But I’ve never really critically reviewed the bar before…I normally just guzzle it. How good (or not) really is a Twix?
The Twix is, according to the eye catching wrapper, is “milk chocolate covered caramel and biscuit.” Whoever was in charge from Mars of choosing the description obviously liked their flowery language eh…

When I cracked the wrapper open, there was a really strong smell of sweet chocolate. A similar kind of essence to advent calendar chocolate if you will. I couldn’t detect any biscuit or caramel whatsoever- just the outer layer of milk chocolate.
The Twix itself, once out of the wrapper looks a bit boring to be honest. Many other bars tend to have some kind of design or writing on the chocolate, but Mars tend to stick with the most basic of designs with most of their stuff (by that I mean the Mars bar, Snickers, Twix etc). Not a problem but I’m sure there’s an old saying about part of eating being done with your eyes…
But enough about the smell and look. As you can see from the above close-up, the bar consists of a layer of biscuit, then a topping of pretty thick and solid caramel, then covered in chocolate.  How does it taste together?
The answer is pretty good. The best bit by far is the caramel in my opinion- the consistency and the flavour are both spot on. A buttery taste, kind of like a Werther’s Original sweet gives you. The texture is important too though- it doesn’t pour at you and leave you looking like an idiot with runny caramel all over your face. This bar is definitely PUBLIC TRANSPORT SAFE. (Note- unsafe snacks for public transport include Flakes, Curly Wurlys and Galaxy Caramels. They cannot be eaten with any subtlety or grace.)
The biscuit is crucial too- It doesn’t actually taste very strongly of anything (I was expecting for a shortbread type biscuit) but it is nice and crunchy which is important for the overall bar. All of the best bars have contrasts in textures- the Twix has got the soft-ish caramel and chocolate, but then has the biscuit to offer some resistance.
The chocolate is the worst part of the bar. Luckily it is a relatively thin and weak tasting coating. It just seems a bit nasty- fair enough, you know the cocoa solids is going to be low in a bar like this, but when your hands are warm, you expect your chocolate bar to melt in them. Instead, it just left a grease on my finger tips which is a little bit nasty when you think about it. The flavour of the chocolate isn’t offensive but it could just be much better; I’d love to try exactly the same caramel and biscuit but covered in Dairy Milk even.
Overall, it’s a pretty good bar though, and it’s certainly staying near the top of my ‘need a chocolate bar and only have a limited choice from this vending machine/corner shop/newsagents’ list. I think the key to the bar is the proportioning- the caramel and biscuit are absolutely perfect. Just enough biscuit to give you the crunch, but as a mouthful, the bar is never dry.
It certainly smashes the frankly abysmal Twix Fino into oblivion for taste, texture and enjoyment ratings. Whether it can beat a Peanut Butter version that my brother tells me exists in the States, I’m not so sure.
Nutritional Information: (Per 58g bar)

Calories- 286
Protein- 2.8g
Carbohydrates- 37.2g
Fat- 14.0g

Score- 7.9/10.

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