Cadbury’s Mini Rolls Strawberry

13 May


My first ‘mainstream’ review is of a snack which I have fond memories of from years ago! Mini Rolls played an integral part of my school lunchbox when I was a growing boy, but I haven’t eaten one since then and so was intrigued to revisit them and see if there was any nostalgia to be had. The Wispa Gold made me feel like I was 12 all over again, so could these Mini Rolls accomplish the same?

So what exactly is a Cadbury’s Mini Roll Strawberry? Well, they describe it as “Golden Sponge with strawberry jam and a vanilla flavour filling, covered with milk chocolate.” Sounds familiar, and upon seeing the wrapper, I must admit a few school memories did some flooding back. It isn’t a particularly remarkable wrapper aesthetically speaking, but it is attractive enough I think. Luckily, the wrapper did the job on this occasion of protecting the product too- the bar arrived in decent condition. I’m sure that a few Mini Rolls from my schooldays ended up as mini pancakes having been sat on; used as a make-shift football… you get the drift. 11 year old boys don’t respect their food!

My initial thought was that these were far smaller than I remembered. Maybe that has something to do with my hands growing, or perhaps Cadbury’s reducing the size. The smart money is probably on a combination of the two I guess. After opening the wrapper, the immediate smell was of a mixture of ‘that’ sweet Cadbury’s chocolate, and also a cakey aroma. Nothing too strong, but certainly pleasant enough.

So, the taste. Well, first of all- this thing is SWEET. All of the components are sugary, which to be fair is pretty much exactly how I (fondly) remember a Mini Roll being. The outer chocolate layer is thin and flaky, but packs enough of a punch to give you some flavour. However it is the vanilla cream filling which is most strong. And I have to be brutally honest, it isn’t that great. There is very little by the way of an actual vanilla taste, more just brutal sweetness. The sponge is soft but doesn’t offer too much in the way of flavour sadly.  And apart from a little hint of fake, chemically strawberry, the Mini Roll didn’t deliver the Strawberry element that it had promised. Despite the above sounding very critical, it wasn’t horrible, but just a bit disappointing. I remembered it being much better.

The summary is that these Cadbury’s Mini Rolls Strawberry pretty much deliver what you’re expecting. They are a sweet and milky hit with not too much in the way of flavour beyond that. And that’s fine, because sometimes you don’t want a delicate and subtle flavour… you just NEED some sugar or some chocolate. The 4PM crash when you need some energy? That’s exactly what this is for I think.
And the nostalgia factor? Well, I didn’t like them as much this time round (changing tastes I suppose), but I won’t even try and deny that one bite of this took me back to bottle-cap football, psycho P.E teachers and mental arithmetic lessons with a Maths teacher who had to use a calculator!
Nutritional Information: (per Mini Roll)
Calories- 120
Protein- 1.3g
Carbs- 16.7g
Of which sugars- 13.1g
Fat- 5.5g
Of which saturates- 2.8g
Fibre- 0.3g
Sodium- 0.06g
Score- 6.9/10.

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