The Grown Up Chocolate Company Salted Peanut Caramel Cracker

12 May

What better place to start for a food review blog than of a product which has pretty much all of my favourite things! Chocolate, peanuts AND salted caramel.

The bar came in the above format- a very secure outer box, with the bar wrapped in cellophane safely within. What can you say about the packaging? Well to me, it was not only very efficient (the bar arrived in perfect shape despite the battering that most mail receives!) but also more importantly it was classy. The company name implies that you’re buying into something a bit more than just a bog standard bar, and the outer packaging very much ties in with that- when did you last see something like the above on a supermarket shelf?
But enough about the box, because they don’t taste very nice (well, I guess not, I didn’t actually try it to be fair.) The product is described as “Sumptuous salted caramel enveloping a row of peanuts on a bed of peanut praline encased in luxury milk chocolate.” As I say, these are some of my favourite flavours, so expectations were high!
The bar itself had a bit of a Mars/Snickers look about it in terms of shape, but the nibs on top suggested that a bit more care and attention had gone into the bar than a machine could deliver. Even just a few nibs scattered on top gave it more of an artisan look than a mass produced bar has. Another huge difference is the weight of the bar- I believe these to be 70g, a fair bit heavier than main stream rivals like the Snickers (57g), Twix (58g) and Mars Bar (58g). And you can feel the difference big time- just from holding the bar in my hand; I could tell this thing must be DENSE! It was remarkably weighty for a bar of very regular size.
Upon taking the bar out of its wrapper, there wasn’t a particularly strong smell. I half expected an overpowering nut aroma, but all I could pick up on was the rich chocolate above anything else. Now, the important thing: the taste.
Upon biting into the bar, it immediately became apparent that the chocolate was going to take a back seat. That isn’t too say that it was poor quality (it wasn’t) but it was just a backing singer in the choir. The lead vocalist was the peanut, and MY GOD it was good. The initial taste was just regular, average peanut- much like you’ll taste in a Snickers Bar. But then…
BOOM! A punch of fresh, strong peanut hit you, and it hits you twice; initially from the beautiful praline, and then again with the crunch of a whole peanut. And that textural contrast is possibly the best thing about the whole bar, and it’s something that a mass producing company could never provide you with- the soft praline against the really fresh crunch of the whole peanut. I could tell this thing had been made recently, and that The Grown Up Chocolate Company had used proper ingredients.
Downsides and negatives? Well, not many for starters. The chocolate was very much a secondary flavour, but you’re not buying a chocolate bar, you’re buying a peanut-y bar which is covered in chocolate so that is not really a negative. The only possible problem with the bar is that the salted caramel layer (which is DELICIOUS on its own) can’t really shine through because of the strength of the praline and fresh peanuts. That is a bit of a shame because the caramel itself is fantastic too- that well balanced flavour between the sweet and salty that we all love so much.
All in all, I can’t recommend this bar highly enough. Sure, it costs a bit more than you’d pay for a mainstream chocolate bar. But my word is it worth the extra- it’s fresh; the care and love which has gone into the bar can be tasted with every bite, and most importantly, the taste is absolutely fantastic and blows other peanut based chocolates away (I’m looking at you Reese’s and Snickers!)
Nutrition (per 70g bar)
Calories- 352
Protein- 6.2g
Carbs- 36.3g
Of which sugars- 35.5g
Fat- 19.8g
Of which saturates- 9.7g
Fibre- 1.8g
Sodium- 0.6g
The score- 8.9/10.

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