Grown Up Chocolate Company Crunchy Praline Wonder Bar

12 May
As with the previous product review from The Grown Up Chocolate Company, I think the initial conclusion you can draw from their products is how classy they look for a ‘fun’ bar. This isn’t just some cheapo wrapper like a lot of the bigger companies use, but a thoughtful and well put together box. Not only that, but it did the job as well- the bar arrived in perfect condition. So, talking of the bar…let’s move onto that.
It came described as ‘’Caramelised wafer enticingly slathered in sumptuous praline encased in real milk chocolate.” I don’t know about you, but whoever is in charge of descriptions at the Grown Up Chocolate Company has done a cracking job! Enticingly? Slathered? Sumptuous? Where do I sign?!
As with the Salted Peanut Caramel Cracker bar, the outside of the bar was a regular bar shape, but decorated to give it a bit of a difference. This time, a sprinkling of glistening wafer adorned the chocolate coating. For me, I think it’s a good look- it’s something that cheaper chocolate brands never do, and that’s probably what sets it apart from them.
Once again, the most remarkable thing on picking the bar up was the weight! When I read the word wafer in the description, I assumed that the bar would be light in the style of Milky Way Crispy Rolls or something. Instead, the 70g serving was very chunky. In fact it’s far chunkier than a Kit Kat Chunky!
The initial smell was of the milky and creamy chocolate covering, with just a hint of nuttiness coming through as well. The chocolate is hard to describe- it is of higher quality than Cadburys or Galaxy chocolate and tastes like it has a much higher cocoa solids content. But there is still a milky quality to the chocolate which is pleasant without being too overbearing. Now onto the REALLY important part. The eating.
The first thing you can see from the cross section is that there was a LOT of praline. From the weight, I expected the dominant flavour to be the chocolate. Not the case at all. The praline was very evident, and the best part of the whole bar was the texture of the middle section. As you might remember from the description, the inner part of the bar is a combination of nutty praline and wafer. This is not only delicious, but allows you to eat the bar in two ways- either by melting the chocolate coating and soft praline leaving you with crunchy wafer, or by chewing the whole bar up into a milkshake-y consistency and then slurping it!
Once again, the freshness of the bar is obvious. The wafer is crisp and cuts across the other two softer textures brilliantly.  I would describe the wafer as similar to Kellogg’s Frosties (when they’re dry, not in milk!) Very crunchy and pretty sweet. The photo below allows you to just catch a peek at the golden wafer within the praline.
As a whole, the Crunchy Praline Wonder Bar from the Grown Up Chocolate Company is once again very impressive.  The freshness of the ingredients is key- I would guess that this might have been made just days before it arrived at my door…and you can totally tell. Additionally, there isn’t a bar exactly like this that I’ve seen before- ‘praline in milk chocolate’ bars are ten a penny, but the wafer element here is a really unique textural improvement on your standard praline bar.
If you want to just get a sugary energy boost, there are much cheaper and much more sugary bars on your nearest supermarket shelf than this. But if you enjoy good quality praline, and like to buy from companies which create fine chocolate with care, then this bar is most definitely worth a try.
Nutrition: (Per 70g bar)
Calories- 366
Protein- 5.3g
Carbs- 38.9g
Of which sugars- 36.9g

Fat- 20.5g

Of which saturates- 7.4g
Fibre- 2.4g

Sodium- 0.07g

Score- 8.4/10.

One response to “Grown Up Chocolate Company Crunchy Praline Wonder Bar

  1. paula

    May 5, 2014 at 10:06 am

    I tried this. It was sweet and did not taste of chocolate or praline. It was like the candy chocolate you get overseas in warm countries. None of my children liked it and other friends sampled it and thought the same. Good packaging but poor product.


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