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Aero Orange

I love those £1 introductory offers that shops use. In fact, truth be told, I guess I’m a bit of a sucker for them. Which means (at the moment, given the Jubilee celebrations) I’m buying A LOT of stuff with union jacks on it! This review is one of the rare products which wasn’t draped in red, white and blue wrapping.

The 40g Aero Orange bar wasn’t quite in the £1 range, setting me back 58p; apparently a special offer although it seemed about a normal price to me. Anyway, I digress.

Snickers Pods

These bad boys were the other thing I picked up whilst visiting Cyber Candy in Covent Garden last week. And to tell you the truth, these excited me as much as any snack I’ve bought for quite a while. I like Snickers; LOVE peanuts and couldn’t wait to get home and try them.


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Cadbury Snack Shortcake

I saw these lying on a shelf in the supermarket the other day, and thought i’d try them out. They are something that you don’t really see other people eating right?! I mean, walking around and seeing folks chowing down on a Mars, Twix, or Kit Kat is normal. The Snack Shortcake from Cadbury’s on the other hand isn’t really seen ‘out and about’ in my experience.

The Snack Shortcake is a very simple idea. And it is pretty much as you would guess from the name… shortcake biscuit enrobed in Cadbury’s milk chocolate.
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Zero Bar


I was in London last week, and couldn’t resist a visit to Cyber Candy. Granted, there are similar places doing the ‘foreign candy thing’ dotted around, but there is something about the lay-out in their Covent Garden store which excites me. There is a simply amazing plethora of new and eye catching products from all over the globe which the UK has never had on our shores.

One such bar, produced by Hershey’s, is the Zero candy bar.

Truly Chocolates No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate

Truly Chocolates kindly sent me over a sample of their own blend of milk chocolate to review this week. Now normally, I’m not the kind of guy who gets ‘turned on’ by plain old chocolate. When I’m looking at chocolate bars in a shop, I tend to very rarely choose regular Dairy Milk/Galaxy/Yorkie bars; instead plumping for the more adventurous stuff on offer.


Chocolat Chocolat Salted Caramel Chocolate

This product was brought back to me as a gift from a chocolate/sweet shop in Cambridge called Chocolat Chocolat. I’m not actually a regular visiter to the city, but luckily enough i’ve got a relative who obviously loves me enough to consistently bring me back gifts from the shop! I haven’t actually got round to reviewing something of theirs until today but i’ve tried some of their produce in the past and always been impressed.




The Twix has always been the mainstream bar, along with a Mars Bar, that I trust. When you walk into a newsagents or past a vending machine, you’re hungry and you’ve got a quid in your pocket, everybody has a ‘regular’ that they’ll turn to.

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